Amita Ka Amit 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 20th May 2013 Written Update

Ammu is arranging the fengshui stuff in her room (wind chime, fish bowl, laughing plant, bamboo plant, incense sticks, candles, etc.). amit enters and starts sneezing badly.
He looks around and questions Amita about it. Why have you let so many incense sticks and candles when there is so much light? She tells him it is fengshui stuff. It is used to increase love, harmony and happiness of a home. Amit gets hyper looking at the fish as well. She tries to calm him but in vain. He tells her family’s happiness doesn’t sustain or increase because of any of this. For that you must have a little common sense which is missing in you. And if you do, then use it. You know that I don’t believe in any of this. Ammu tries to make him understand that it does make a difference. He shows he the walls

and curtains of the room. He says when they get dirty he gets them clean but doesn’t change them. He doesn’t like change. She tries to reason out it can help in your business too. He doesn’t buy her logics and tells her that he is content with where the business is right now. she points out then why are you going to US. He gets frustrated. You know the reason very well and looking at your actions I think I have taken the right decision. When I leave from here then you can have the complete aquarium here. No one will tell you anything then. The servant interrupts them. He tells Amit that his dad has called him outside. Amit nods. Before leaving he tells her to remove all these things by tomorrow.

Kirath comes out and sits with his Baa and Fallu. Baa and Fallu have a cute convo regarding Fallu’s saree.

Ganesh (the servant) is coming out with tea for everyone when Tina takes the tray from him. Ria wonders and Tina explains to her that they need to be careful of what Kirath bhai talks to Amit. We can use things to our advantage. Ria understands (finally!!).

Tina brings tea for Fallu and Kirath. Fallu is surprised. Tina dismisses it as a gesture of care for her dear bhabhi. She sits back to listen to their convo.
Amit enters looking down. Kirath hands him a file. Its of their new client – Mr. Bakshi. The file contains all details about the client. You must keep it with you carefully for they will need it in the meeting. Amit nods and gets up to go. Kirath stops him. Amit turns with bowed head. Kirath apologizes for being so rude to him yesterday. Amit tells him not to. It was my mistake. I shouldn’t have done so. I shouldn’t be so careless. He apologizes to him. They both share a hug. Baa and Fallu give the credit of this great start of the day to Amita’s fengshui stuff.
Tina and Ria are clueless about fengshui. Amit questions Fallu about what she just said. Fallu dismisses him and tells him to go.

Ammu is removing the fengshui stuff from their room’s doorway by stepping on the stool. She is speaking to herself. I wish it was written in fengshui as to how to arouse love in her husband’s heart. She is about to fall down when Amit comes in time and holds her in his arms. Mera mann plays in the background as they continue to look at each other. Ammu is looking at him lovingly and they share a long eye lock. Amit notices her hand on his chest. He tells him she can remove it now. she wont fall. Ammu apologizes. Amit taunts her. Do more of such stuff. You could have got hurt just now. She continues looking at him with a broad smile on her face. She says but you caught hold of me in time. He stands clueless.
She thinks it does work and continues smiling. He asks her if she said anything. She dismisses it. Amit goes inside shaking his head as if she has lost her mind ( ).

Ammu asks what papa had called you for. He shares about his new client. She speaks out in excitement – fengshui works! He looks at her and says things materialise or grow because of hard work and efficiency. Not because of this fengshui (he hands her the laughing Buddha). Ammu says she will remove everything by tomorrow.

Rohan, Tina and Ria are laughing over discussing about Amita’s fengshui inkling. Rohan asks Tina about the file. She says she knows what to do next. This isn’t just a file but another chance to make Amit fall down in Kirath bhai’s eyes.


Amit and Amita lie down on their respective sleeping places. They bid each other goodnight.
Ammu caresses the other side of the bed. She has numerous flashbacks. Amit holding her hands at the time of sangeet when they were at Patel House. Then at night when Amit had unknowingly put his hand on her shoulder in his sleep. At the wedding time how worried he was if she got hurt again as she doesn’t listen to what he says. Last flashback to how she was about to trip but he came to hold her in time.
The wind chimes start humming because of the wind disrupting Amit’s sleep. Amit stares at it irritably. He tries to block the noise by putting pillow on his ear but of no use. Irritably he throws the pillow away. Ammu gets up because of the sound. She asks him if he is unable to sleep.
Amit points out at the wind chime. If they continue playing then no one will be able to sleep. She suggests switching places. He denies and continues trying to block the noise but in vain.
Amita suggests him to sleep on the bed itself. He finally gets up and Ammu smiles. Amit reminds her to put all this out by tomorrow. He lies down on the bed next to her. ammu smiles to herself. Fengshui works…Amit is sleeping next to me.

Amit notices the fish in the fish bowl. He stares at it. He gets up and Ammu asks him the reason. He points out to the fish saying it is staring at me. Ammu denies it being such. He doesn’t agree with her. you wouldn’t have fed it for sure. Tell me where you have kept the food fish I will feed the fish.
Ammu becomes excited. You will feed Nimbupatel? Amit is taken aback. Who is Nimbupatel and why is it patel? She explains to him that the fish’s name is Nimbupatel and she has named it patel for Preeti had given it to her.
He shakes his head and she tells him where the food has been kept. He takes it and feeds the fish. She happily watches him doing so.


Ammu looks at the wind chime. She has flashback of the previous night when Amit came over to sleep on the bed. The sweet tune starts playing in. She takes the fengshui book from the drawer, speaks to Nimbupatel and starts reading it.
The laptop shouldn’t be in the same room where you sleep. She takes the laptop and keeps it in the other room. Next she reads, a husband and wife’s clothes should be arranged in a couple manners. She goes to arrange the clothes in the cupboard. She reads the book again. To maintain a loving atmosphere one must have lovey-dovey stuff around them. She thinks of an idea and gets a balloon.
Amit enters so she quickly hides the balloon in the cupboard. He takes the balloon and asks her about it. He then asks where she has kept his stuff – towel, hanky, etc. She says you like cleanliness that I why I cleaned our room. She goes to get his socks.
He asks her this all is because of fengshui right. She tries to explain but he cuts her off. He reminds her that he needs the room to be clean (of the fengshui stuff) by evening. He cannot find his laptop. She tells him that one must not keep laptop in the room where you sleep. He quietly goes and gets his laptop. Ammu smiles.

Precap: Amit is searching for the file (Mr. Bakshi’s) and asks Ammu about it too. You would only take care of fengshui and nothing else. She tries to reason out saying this isn’t related to fengshui. He doesn’t listen to her and goes out of the room in a huff.….

Update Credit to: pooja

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