Amita Ka Amit 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 20th February 2013 Written Update

Begins with Aarti telling Amita what a strange family Amit has. He leaves you crying and his family leaves you smiling. Amita says such a nice family.. even after I rejected Amit, they are talking so nicely. She tells Aarti not to make any connection between her and Amit and asks her to forget him. Aarti says she will never forget Amit.

A lady stares at Amit and he feels awkward. Lady asks him if he’s gujarati and other information. Amit gets annoyed. He then sees his family and goes to them. He tells them so finally you came. His nani tells him, there are so many good girls here and you were waiting for us? They ask if he talked with anyone. He says with people whom I didn’t want to talk to. Nani says Amita right. She tells him she is not that fat as you were telling us.

Preeti’s mum or Sanjay’s mum then asks Amit to go on the stage and be with Sanjay.

Aarti and Amita come on the stage. There Aarti asks Sanjay how come he is so nice and his friend, Amit, is so khadus. Sanjay says, at first he seems like that, but he is really nice guy even though he seems strict. Aarti cannot believe and asks him if they are talking about same Amit. Amita asks Aarti to stop it now. Rituals begin. Amit’s mother asks him whether he got call from Snehal or no as Amit is supposed to go out with her. Amit says no and asks them to concentrate in the function. Nani tells Amit to keep his eyes open as in next ritual, a single girl from Preeti’s family will come to do the tilak on Sanjay’s forehead. And it’s Amit who comes. Preeti tells Amita they make single girl do this ritual so her marriage gets done faster too. Nani tells Amit, she is not bad either. Amit asks her to stop it. Nani says, fine, I won’t tease you. Now Sanjay’s brother has to go on the stage for some ritual. Amit comes on the stage. Amita tries to leave, but both keep coming in each others way. Finally Amita let him go first. Amita tells Aarti not to do anymore fun now. Rituals continue and right then Amit receives a call from Snehal. Amita tells Aarti.. he teachers manners to others and he himself doesn’t know that he should keep his phone on silent mode. Amit says it is an urgent call and asks Sanjay whether he can answer or no. Sanjay says go ahead.

While he’s talking Aarti and Amita wonder who can call him that urgently. Amita says, “hoga koi”. Aarti says, it could be she too (“hogi koi”).
He finishes talking and then asks Sanjay if he has to stay for any more rituals or no. He says he has to go for some urgent work. Sanjay asks whose call was it and says, you can’t go anywhere. Amit says just for 10 mintues. Sanjay again asks whose call was it. Amit feels shy. Sanjay understands it was Snehal and says, I see it was Snehal’s call.. why don’t you call her here?

Amit says nahi yaar. Sanjay then takes phone from his hand and tells Snehal that it’s his engagement function and he will be happy if she comes. Aarti tells Amita, even Amit found a girl? Good now you can have a relief. Amita

Amit’s Dadi, mother and nani are having a discussion. Nani says I am thinking about Amita. Amit said no to her and now he will be with some other girl in front of Amita. Amit’s mother tells nani what’s wrong in that? All this happen when you search for guy/girl and if she felt bad, then she wouldn’t have talked nicely with us. Amit comes there then now.

Amit asks why Sanjay had to call Snehal here.. what I will talk to her in front of everyone. They then go for the ring ceremony. Sanjay and Preeti exchange rings. After ring ceremony, Kajal comes and congratulates preeti. Preeti, Amita, Aarti, Sanjay, Amita all are there. read full updates with pics only at Sanjay asks Amit if she is Snehal. Amit replies, have you gone crazy? Snehal is 10 times more beautiful than her. Kajal asks Amit if he said anything. Amit doesn’t know what to say.. in end he says I just meant Snehal is little younger.. little blonde. Amit gets a call from Snehal so he goes to receive her. Kajal asks who was that? Sanjay says Amit. Kajal says, what? Amita ka Amit? Amita asks Kajal not to get angry. Aarti tells Kajal, snehal is may be his fiance.

Amit is waiting at the entrance. His mother gives him a rose to give it to Snehal. Amit says it’s so cheap. Finally Snehal comes. Amit cannot stop smiling and looking at her. Snehal takes blessings from Amit’s mother. Amit tells her that he didn’t want her to call, but Sanjay bhi na. Snehal says she loves to attend the functions so not a problem. They go to meet Sanjay and Preeti.

Aarti, Kajal, and Amita are talking. Kajal says she will teach Amit a good lesson. She tells Amita good job for rejecting him. Aarti says Amita even cried because of him. Amita asks them to stop over reacting. She then sees Amit coming in with Snehal and gets shocked. Amit and Snehal pass by Aarti, Kajal, Amita and they all just keep looking at them. Aarti asks Amita if she missed any special thing in Amit that he found girl like Snehal. Amita says, don’t know yaar. Sanjal calls them on the stage. Amita says you guys go. I am not coming. Kajal tells Amita.. why not? It’s you who rejected him.. let’s go with pride. Amita decides to go in end.

Snehal introduces Amita to Snehal. Snehal says so you’re Amita? Amit’s friend? Amita answers yes. Then says no. Snehal then says you’re the one whose phone got lost and you were searching in whole restaurant right? Amit tells Snehal that he wants to talk with her. Snehal says she wants to talk as well. They come on a side now. Snehal says hopefully no one will disturb us here now.

Snehal tells him, I can’t stop myself from telling you this now. Right then Aarti and Kajal come there to disturb Amit and Snehal. They say they came to search for something. Amit and Snehal go to other place now.

Aarti and Kajal are planning to do something. Amita comes there. But they send Amita back saying Preeti was looking for her as she needed some purse.

Snehal asks Amit you were going to tell me something, right? Amit says, yes I have planned a lot.. but don’t know how to start. Let me try. Right then his mother calls him. Him and Snehal go to his mother. Aarti and Kajal quickly come to their table and put fevicol (glue) on Amit’s chair. Kajal asks what if he sits on some other chair. Aarti says, from what I know about that khadus.. he is not the one who will leave his chair.

Amita gives purse to Preeti, but she says she never said she wants one. Amita now remembers what Kajal saying to teach lesson to Amit. She says, oh no and episode ends.

Next episode: Amita asks Kajal and Aarti what they did. They show her fevicol’s (glue) bottle. Amit is about sit down. Amita runs and pushes him.

Update Credit to: Bhumi

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