Amita Ka Amit 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 1st October 2013 Written Update

Everyone is gathered in one room discussing about surprise birthday party for Amu. Amit is unsure but everyone is game for it so Amit agrees finally for Amu’s sake. Fallu strictly warns everyone to keep quiet and let it be a surprise for Amu. They all agree.

Amu is trying to connect with her doc. In the background everyone is busy planning or doing stuff but as soon as she turns, they are back tries to act normal. Everyone disappears as she resumes the call. She is feeling pain in her stomach. Doc tells her to leave everything and come to the hospital with Amit and Fallu. I cannot take any chance. Amu turns and doesn’t find anyone there. She asks the servant but he too is clueless about it.

Decor stuff is all ready. Nani tells her to take Amu for walk so that they can

put the stuff at its right place. Amit is talking to someone on phone. He confirms the number of guests coming over. Varsha too confirms that Hemant and Kajal too would be coming over. Nani asks for something from Ria which she has been making.

Amu is searching for everyone in some room but in vain. She wonders where everyone is. Just as she is about to go she spots what Nani was asking for – Happy Birthday Amita which is to be put up on the wall. She goes to take a closer look.

Ria has forgotten it in another guestroom. Amu realises everyone has been planning a surprise birthday party for me but I will have to act all innocent and feign knowing about the surprise. I will have to bear this pain. Maybe this will be my last chance of giving them happiness. She leaves from there.

Amit assures his dad Amu dint see it. Fallu tells Varsha to make Amu’s favourite dish with her. Amu comes there but doesn’t know how to say it. If I say it now that I must go to doc asap then everyone’s happy faces will turn all sad. How can I see them all sad and gloomy? She thinks and says she was looking for her foot cream but she has found it now. Everyone relaxes. Nani tells Amit to take Amu for a walk today. Amu is a little reluctant to go. Varsha too adds they would be able to spend some time together this way. Amit says we wont go if you don’t want to. Fallu denies. She does want to go I know. Amu agrees to go. Amit cross checks with her and they start walking out. She stops him saying I got a missed call from Jigna so let me check with her first. He nods. She calls Dr. Saroj again but she is busy in a surgery. Nurse asks her when she will be coming as doc had told her to. Amu says she will come in a couple of hours as she got some urgent work to attend to. Nurse tells her to reach before 9 as doc will be leaving for Dubai afterwards. Amu agrees.

AA are out for a walk. Amu is clearly uncomfortable. Amit is happy to take a walk with her on her birthday. Hope this doesn’t end ever. She too agrees with him. she wants to sit for some time and he obliges. He tells her they can go back home of she isn’t well. She declines. I am perfectly fine and how can I give up our time together. They sit. He suggests taking another round if she is feeling better. She wants to go home as everyone would have done the preps for the party by now. He agrees but then smiles…you knew it. She affirms. You people might try to hide as much as you want to but I can find out in no time. He is amazed. I wouldn’t be able to hide it if I knew. Plus I cannot hide anything for so long. She is in pain and holds onto her tummy as he continues talking not looking in her direction. She says…I too am not able to now. She quickly corrects herself. I am waiting to see my promise. Shall we? He agrees and helps her get up.

As soon as they are back home, Amit asks her if she can continue acting as if she doesn’t know about any party. She agrees…I wouldn’t let anyone’s efforts go waste. He gets happy and goes from there telling her to come. She is in very much pain and stands glued to the place. He turns and asks her to come. He leaves while she slowly follows him clutching onto her stomach.

Amu walks inside the whole place is decorated with balloons and stuff. Suddenly light comes on and everyone starts clapping and singing happy birthday song for her. Everyone wishes her one by one and give gifts to her. amu is in pain all the while as she meets and greets each and everyone yet she doesn’t let it show.


The table is set. They all compliment the cake made by Tina. They all tell Amu to cut the cake. She is almost crying now as she bends down to blow the candles on her birthday cake. She is struggling with herself as she smiles at everyone. Everyone is prodding her to cut the cake and she is restless / pained. Suddenly she gives out a scream and faints in Amit’s arms. Everyone rushes to her aid. Kirath and Fallu are driving AA to the hospital. On the way, he keeps telling her to wake up but in vain.

Ria gives a glass of water to Varsha. Nani tells her to be strong. Everything will be all right. Varsha is sad. Being a mother I couldn’t even notice my daughter was in pain. She was in pain since evening. She breaks into tears. Tina tells her to calm down. Why are you blaming yourself? We all were there but none of us could understand it as Amu dint show anything. Baa is upset with Amu and calls her mad. Let her come back I will teach her a lesson. Who does that in such situation? What if something happens to her? nani tells her to think positive. Pray to God to take care of Amu. Varsha too should go to the hospital. Varsha denies. I wouldn’t be able to see her in that condition.

They are wheeling in Amu on stretcher and Amit keeps trying to talk to Amu in an attempt to wake her up. She is in a semi conscious state. He assures her he is with her. Nothing will happen to you. He shouts her name as she almost loses it. She is taken inside the OT. Another doc (who is incharge now I suppose) asks for Amu’s full report from the nurse. Nurse tells her that the pregnancy is very complicated. Abortion could be an option too but Amu wasn’t ready. She gives Amu’s file to her. Amit asks her to do everything to save Amu. She assures him they will do their best and goes inside. The doors close and Amit recalls Dr. Saroj’s warning about the baby being a danger to Amu’s life. He also recalls how Amu had made him agree for taking this chance.

Amu is on the bed while the doc’s go about checking her bp, etc. Amu’s bp is very high. Doc tells her junior to get the anaesthesia injection ready I will be back soon. Fallu who has been praying turns and looks at Amit who is staring blankly ahead. She tells him to pray as well. Right now we cannot do anything other than that. You will feel good too. He tells them to do it. God knows what I want.

Doc comes out and asks for Amu’s husband. Amit immediately goes to her. He asks her if Amu is ok. Doc says I will be straight forward. News isn’t good. You know her pregnancy isn’t good and her bp is very high. Now you will have to decide. We can either save the mom or the baby. Everyone is stunned / heartbroken. We save moms in such situations but I thought that I should tell you. She tells Amit to sign the papers as there is very less time. Amit asks for the papers. I wouldn’t let anything happen to Amu. He gets flashback of when Amu has broken the news to him and then to everyone else…how happy everyone had been thinking about the baby especially Amu who was knitting dreams for the baby from the beginning and then Varsha’s slap in the morning. He finally signs the papers. Doc goes back inside to continue the operation. Amit walks as if in a trance and Fallu gets heartbroken to see the condition he is in and plus Amu and the baby. She breaks down. Kirath consoles her. amit looks at the pen in his hand.

Doc asks her junior about the injection. Amu is mumbling. Doc assures her she will be fine just relax. Doc gives anaesthesia to Amu. Amu dreams of the same baby girl calling her mom. She calls her baby to come near her but the girl waves at her saying goodbye. Amu tries calling her baby girl but in vain. She is crying now when the doc again reassures her everything will be all right. She gives her another injection.

Everyone is waiting anxiously outside the OT waiting for some news. The operation finally gets over and the doc comes out. She tells them that Amu is perfectly fine. She is unconscious but you can see her. kirath asks Amit to go and see but Amit denies. He gets up and starts walking away without looking at anyone. Fallu stops him. It is your test today of whatever brave act you were putting on for the last few months. You did the right thing. We too would have done the same if either of us was in your place. Go and meet your Amita. I know she would want to see you first thing when she opens her eyes.


Amu is holding the side railing of the empty cradle next to her while she is asleep. Amit comes inside and is pained to see her thus. He recalls how excited she was about getting clicked with the baby every day in different themes and all the other attempts she had made or the feelings she shared with him; her love for him and the way she believed in him that nothing will happen to her. He looks at the empty cradle and then composes himself. As he is about to touch her but stops he recalls doc’s words that they can either save the baby or the mom. He is near tears so turns to go when he hears Amu calling out for her baby. He is a bit shocked but smiles seeing her smile. She asks him why is he still sad. You have become a father now…smile! He asks her if she is ok. She affirms….did you see our baby? She turns to look but doesn’t find her baby. She asks about their baby. Maybe it would have gone for bath right? Who has it taken after especially the nose? Hope not me as mine is very weird. Have you checked with the doc about it’s weight? It’s a girl or a boy? She tells him to answer. Where is our baby? She is getting scared by his silence. She asks him again but then decides to go see for herself. She removes all the tubes attached and goes out to know about her baby. She walks outside frantically talking about her baby. Everyone is taken aback to see her thus. Amu stops a nurse and asks her. She then asks another. Amit watches from afar. Hemant goes to him. We will have to tell her the truth. Amit stand there with his head bowed as Amu continues stopping every nurse asking about her baby. Hemant goes to her trying to calm her down but in vain. A nurse is going from there holding a baby when Amu takes it from her calling the baby hers. Nurse wants the baby back but Amu is adamant not to let go. Hemant tries to tell her out of it but to no use. Amit shouts out from behind unable to take it anymore – this isn’t our baby. Amu is shocked.

Precap: Nani says (to Amit) I know this time is very tough not only for Amu but you too. Your love and support will bring her back only. You will have to revive her spirits. Amit nods sadly.

Update Credit to: pooja

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