Amita Ka Amit 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 1st May 2013 Written Update

Amit’s parents discuss about Amit’s decision to go to America. They fail to understand the reason as to why he took such a big decision. Fallu says I know he loves his work but he loves his family too. He can never leave them behind and go for some business trip. I don’t know why he is ready to go. I guess somewhere Amita is to be blamed for this.
Her husband asks how so. She replies maybe you dint notice. Since they have come back from the movie Amit looks tensed. It must be Amita’s fault. He tells her maybe you dint notice how happy she was when she sat in the puja next to Amit. She retorts why she wont be happy. She has got such a good family. Only Amit is in some kind of dilemma or trouble. He says whenever something happens with Amit you always blame Amita for it. Why do you

always take his side? You must think from a clear head first and then decide the truth.

In Amit’s room Amit is telling Amita, you don’t have to worry about family. I will manage everything. You can tell your father about all this if you want to. I know it is tough for you to hide things from him. He goes aside. Ammu says did you not forgive me for what happened that day in front of papa? This means yesterday’s fight and today your decision to head to America – the reason for all this is that only.
Amit turns to look at her. He denies it being so. I know how to take care of relations, fights or any problems happening in a relation. I am a simple guy. I live a normal life. Whenever I hurt you I feel bad and hurt for myself. This decision is the perfect way out for them. This way they wont have to show the world that they are an ideal couple in love. Both can stay happy separately. We will be together in front of the world but separate in our own world. You are right at your place and I too am right at my place. Its just that we are not right to be staying together. Sad background music starts playing in the background and Amit leaves from there.

Ria and Rohan compliment Tina on her plan. They dint have to do anything and Amit has agreed to go to America on his own. Once he gets out of their way they can do anything they want to. They can earn in crores. Tina smirks Amit wont get to know what we are going to do.

Hemant comes at Shah House to tell them about Atul’s wedding. Everyone congratulates him. Nani adds that after Atul gets married his responsibility would be over. Hemant agrees that he got Kajal as his daughter–in-law and got a son-in-law like Amit Kumar. Everyone goes quiet hearing this.
Hemant asks if everything is well. Fallu manages yes everything is. Tina enters with sweets hearing the news and congratulates him.
Hemant asks for Amit as he wants to talk to him about something. Tina in a light teasing way asks about the same. He tells he just wished to invite both of them at their house for sometime so that they can help me in the wedding preps.
Tina finds her golden chance. Amita can come for sure but I am not sure about Amit. He must be busy in some work as he has to go to America too. Hemant is taken aback, what, America?
Amit’s dad assures him that Amit would love to come over at his place. After all it is his brother-in-law’s marriage. Hemant asks he is going for how many days?
Everyone else fumbles but Tina answers for one year. Hemant looks shocked. Fallu adds that this has been mutually decided by Amit and Amita. Hemant is taken aback. He wants to speak with Amita and heads towards their room after Nani tells him to go. Fallu thinks I will have to speak with Amit what is actually going on in his mind.

Ammu is removing her bandage and thinking about Amit’s words. I am a simple guy. I live a normal life. Whenever I hurt you I feel bad and hurt for myself. This decision is the perfect way out for them. This way they wont have to show the world that they are an ideal couple in love. Both can stay happy separately. We will be together in front of the world but separate in our own world. You are right at your place and I too am right at my place. Its just that we are not right to be staying together. She keeps her bandage aside and starts pacing in her room.
Hemant opens the door and calls out for her. Ammu has her back to him. She quickly wiper her tears and turns to smile at him. She shows him that she can walk without the help of walking stick.
He looks at her and nods. But what is this about Amit Kumar going to America? She goes to hug him and cries. I am sorry. I promised you that all will be well between me and Amit but…. I am sorry.
He tells her not to blame herself for everything. She says because she hurt Amit with her words. Hemant comforts her.

Fallu asks Amit to tell her the truth. Why is he so interested in going to America? Is Ammu the reason behind his decision? Amit flatly denies and terms it as a business trip.
She says if this is so then he must look straight into her eyes and say it. I can see the pain / hurt in your eyes. He replies she is thinking it all. You just want to see what you are thinking. Fallu again tells her to look into her eyes and tell the truth. He says it wont make any difference. His mind is lost in the preps for the business trip. He isn’t going there to settle down. He is just going there for some months only. He leaves. Fallu thinks you dint say anything but your eyes said everything.


Hemant shares his doubt. What if Amit doesn’t return from America? What is left for her here?
Ammu replies belief – only belief is left. Amit’s, my attempt’s and Kanha’s belief is with her. Amit cant do this. Though he doesn’t love me, though this relation isn’t what it should be but he is a good human being. When I was hurt he took utmost care of me. He doesn’t show anything but he worries about everyone. Yes there are some things which irritate me but his heart is pure.
Hemant is still doubtful. I cant agree to leave you here like this. Ammu tells him he cant give up. Your strength is mine. There is Atul’s marriage too. If he gets to know about this then he wont marry. You have to think about him too. Hemant still is unable to understand anything.
Ammu says trust me. Not only Amit but I too have made some mistakes. But now I will fully try to work out things between us. I will do everything I can to make things better in this one month’s time. Maybe I couldn’t understand him. If in this time things don’t change for good then I will agree to it that we aren’t made for each other. I will accept whatever is in my fate.
This time Hemant too supports her. If you are so sure and believe so much then you must try everything. I wish God too helps you in this endeavour of yours. But you must remember you aren’t alone in all this. Your papa is with you. He was, is and will always be with her.
She smiles I know. But now whatever she has to do she has to do it alone. You just keep your trust on me that equal my strength. Hemant kisses her on her forehead. He turns to leave and Amit was just entering at that time.

All three look at each other. Amit says he was coming to meet him only. Hemant says I got to know about your going to America.
Amit says he is just going for a few months for some important work. Hemant agrees. I know it will be tough for you to stay away from your family. But this will help you in facing the challenges ahead. See I understand you must be having work and preps to do for going to America but if he gets some time then he should come over to stay with them and just watch the wedding preps.
Amit assures him they will come for sure. Ammu too nods in a yes. Hemant leaves.

Amit asks about his visa form from Ammu. She tells him it is in the drawer kept next to table. He looks at her and asks if it is still paining? He waits for her to answer. She tells no she is fine. He goes.


Tina shows Ria some of her expensive jewellery. Ria at first denies to take it as Tina loves the set too much. But Tina insists so she agrees. I don’t love it anymore than you. You both have to win that Advert Event. I want it to happen.
Fallu comes there and asks which competition they are talking about. Tina says the Millenium Youth Club have sent passes for the best couple competition like every year. She knowingly taunts her. Last year Ria and Rohan won it. Falu asks Ria they would have sent tickets for Amit and Amita too this year. Ria agrees. But she dint knew that Ammu would be interested in anything like this. Both Ria and Tina smile cunningly at each other.
Fallu doesn’t like it and asks why not. why wont Ammu be interested to participate?
Tina says this isn’t a sweet (mohanthaal making) competition. This is best couple competition and not about keeping fast, making sweets or eating. If that would have been the case then Amita would have won for sure. Ria tries to control her smile. Tina continues this is a different event bhabhi. See Ria and see Ammu. Ria says I thought if two daughter-in-laws of the same house participate then it would look weird. Should I take my name back?
Tina says she is so proud of her. This is Ammu’s first time she should be given a chance. Fallu says what difference does it make? Tina says nothing. It would be interesting to watch this competition. Plus we don’t participate to win or lose but just for the fun of it. We shouldn’t be scared or there should be no enmity if either wins or loses. Fallu agrees for the condition. Both stand looking challengingly opposite each other firm with their decision.

Precap: Fallu is telling Ammu, this is your chance to prove yourself to Amit that you are the right choice for him. If he sees respect and acknowledgement for you in others’ eyes then he would appreciate you. Amita agrees and accepts to take up the challenge. Fallu reminds her that this time the competition is with Ria. She musn’t forget this.

Update Credit to: pooja

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