Amita Ka Amit 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 1st July 2013 Written Update

Lighting strikes. Ammu tells him to go inside as it is about to rain. She turns to leave but he calls her. I haven’t finished yet…in fact I haven’t even started yet. She declines. I have a lot to do. He tries to stop her again but in vain. I have to prepare khakra and thepla for you to take with you to US. She leaves. The rain starts pouring in. He sits on the chair sadly, takes off his specs. He moves towards the other side when he hears Ammu calling to him. He turns to face her (such a big smile….today was the day when he smiled so much…guess it must be the first epi where he would have smiled so much ). Tum se hi starts playing and they both enjoy the rain dancing romantically looking into each other’s eyes all the time. FINALLY AMIT KISSES AMITA ON HER FOREHEAD. His dream break

as he realises he is all alone on the swing (poor soul). Amita, I don’t know why you are angry but I know this much that you wont be able to stay angry with me for long.

Ammu is her room. She wonders what Amit must be doing upstairs. He must be talking with that Antara. Hope she too gets drenched in the rain and falls ill. No, why should I think badly for someone. But Amit too would be getting drenched on the terrace. She takes out a towel and night suit for him. He wanted to tell me that he is leaving me for forever by arranging a candle light dinner with my favourite food and favourite song? It is good that I know the truth or else I would have thought that he too has started loving me. Later on he would give me divorce papers. Hope not even an enemy is meted out the same fate.
She hears a noise and lies down on the bed and pretends to be sleeping. Amit comes there happily. amita it is such a beautiful weather and you are sleeping already? She tells him that it would rain the whole night then should she stay awake whole night (lol…my kind of reply ). He goes speechless. She tells him to change his clothes or he might fall ill. He sees his night suit, towel and thanks her. He tries to strike a conversation with her. I will sleep on the couch. But she again misinterprets. You sleep here I will sleep on the couch. Its your home after all. He tells her that he dint meant it that way. Ammu lies down again. Amit wonders what has happened to her. He goes to change his clothes.

Nani and Fallu are arranging the dining table. Fallu is finding something weird in Amit and Amita’s relation. Nani comments that Amit is looking like a hero these days. Fallu tells her that she feels as if they are staying apart even after living together. There is something brewing for sure. Nani assures her that they both are intelligent people. And if there is any problem then Amit will handle it. We must not interfere between a husband and wife. Life will teach them. Fallu says that she too doesn’t want to come in between a husband and wife. Nani advises her not to think about the candle light dinner then (moms know everything ). Fallu is surprised.

Amit comes back. He keeps looking at Amita. He coughs to catch her attention while taking the pillows. He coughs again but on finding no response from her asks her if she has slept. She doesn’t reply. He lies down on the couch sensing no other option. He is not able to sleep. He keeps looking at her and smiles seeing her sleeping peacefully.
He dreams of both of them sleeping together on the same bed hugging each other. He falls from the couch (hilarious scene couldn’t stop laughing). He lies down again and sneezes. Ammu gets up immediately asking if he is ok. He smiles. Yes I am actually AC is directly in front of the couch. She gets up and switches the AC off. I too don’t want it. She lies on the bed again. He sits up again thinking hard. He shouts and fakes killing mosquitoes. Ammu gets confused. I changed the cushions today itself. She gives him a mosquito repellent telling him to apply it. He again thinks and smiles to himself. He gets a hammer and starts pounding on the couch’s legs. Ammu wakes up with the noise. He tells her that the sofa is uncomfy so he is adjusting it. She tells him to sleep on one corner of the bed while she will on the other end. He smiles broadly (lottery lag gayi!!). he turns towards her but she is facing the other side. He moves his pillow near hers and takes his hand almost near her face but stops himself from touching her. He sleeps happily.


Next morning, Amit wakes up only to find that Ammu slept on the floor. He comes up to her and covers her with quilt. You slept here at night? What shall I do to come closer to you Amita?
Ammu phone rings. Amit picks it up. Preeti is surprised to hear him. She tells him to convey it to Ammu that they will be meeting at 11 am today. Amit agrees to tell her.

Amit, Batuk and Sanjay are sitting in a cafe. Amit says, whatever I try to do she doesn’t understand. I guess I will have to put a board in my neck saying I love you (lol….would look so cute). She doesn’t even let me come near her. Batuk and Sanjay laugh at him. He reminds them that he has come here to take help from them not to be laughed at. Batuk tells him that girls enjoy playing such games. Sanjay adds that if they straight away tell you then their game will be over very easily. She is handling such a person (khadus) like you what else do you expect from her.
He affirms (that he is khadus and oh so sweetly) but what next? Batuk suggests him that their is an all time favourite things that can make girls happy – shopping (are guys actually that dumb to think that everything can be sorted by shopping….ok, we love shopping but emotions are a different thing :O ).


Ammu, Preeti and JIgna come to the same cafe. They sit opposite Amit’s table hidden from their view by the wall. Ammu is unable to understand Amit’s behaviour. You only tell me does anybody create such a romantic setup / environment to tell that they are divorcing someone? Jigna is still not convinced that she is misunderstanding something in this whole thing.
Before Ammu can say anything she hears Amit’s voice. How do I tell her? I always get so nervous. Sanjay tells him to tell her straight. There is no other option. Ammu asks Jigna if she still thinks there is some misunderstanding. Preeti gets angry at Sanjay. He knew everything and is also advising Amit. She is about to go give him a piece of her mind when Ammu stops her. Sanjay is saying the right thing. a bitter truth is anyways better than 100 lies. And you only promised me that you wont talk to Sanjay about any of this.

The waiter comes to take their order but they decline. They get up to leave when Amit notices her. he gets up excitedly and they come to the girls’ table. I dint knew that you were coming here. She too retorts, even I dint knew it. Sanjay holds Preeti’s hand and asks about their plan. She takes her hand off his angrily. We have some important work. Amit echoes the same. Amita call me when your work gets over I will pick you up. She tells him that she will go on her own. Amit tries to repeat when JIgna says that she will drop Ammu on her way home. Batuk notices the environment getting serious. He whispers in Amit’s ears that you will have to go on shopping for sure. The guys leave from there.

Precap: Amit is holding a heart shaped pillow in his hands and is speaking to himself. No one takes so much time to speak their heart out. Why do I get stuck in troubles all the time? Tell me what to do (to God)? He hears some noise and thinks that it is Amita. He decides to tell her all. He practises how to say it to her fumbling and mumbling all the wrong things (its called love dude no preps will suffice). He finally sits on his knees facing the door and says, I….I…. He realises something and looks up.

Update Credit to: pooja

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