Amita Ka Amit 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 19th July 2013 Written Update

Amit, Amita and Kajal are heading to Shah House. Amit tries to lighten Kajal’s mood. When Ammu feels upset she eats ice-cream. Do you want one as well? She declines. (Ok, missed a few minutes here…sorry) Kajal tells him about her inkling for pizza. Amit nods. We will take them along on our way to home.

Bell rings at Shah House. Fallu goes to open and here comes Jignesh (Jiggi). He meets around with everyone and speaks in broken language with everyone. He ends up speaking words differently which are hard for people to understand. He tells Ria to take him to the club to-night. Ria understands after some time. Fallu takes him to show him guestroom. Tina comes there announcing AA’s arrival. Jiggi leaves excited. Fallu is about to go to but Tina stops her (aag jo lagani hai 😛 ).

You don’t go please. I’m upset as they brought food from outside even when you had cooked for them with so much love. Plus there is one more thing but that you must see for yourself. Fallu goes to check.

Amit and Kajal enter Shah House with the entire luggage. Jiggi comes running excited to meet his brother and sister-in-law. He compliments Kajal thinking to be Amit’s wife in his own style. I can recognize you with closed eyes even. You are just dream-like bhabhi (everything just flew by my head 😛 ). Amit tries to tell him but Jiggi continues praising Kajal. Finally Amit tells him she is not his bhabhi. Jiggi says then its very bad…who were you roaming with! (lol) Fallu comes there just then. She and Kajal exchange greeting. She asks for the reason of her coming here when Ammu walks-in. She notices the luggage. Ammu tells her that Kajal will be staying over at SH for a few days shocking Fallu (and Tina too…who is watching from far). Fallu wants to talk to Amit alone. He says, everyone present here is family only she can tell. She gets all the more upset (but doesn’t show). Can a mother not talk to her son alone? Kajal gestures him to go for Ammu is here. Amit finally goes with his mom.

Jiggi introduces himself to Amita. She very sweetly says, we would have felt happy if you would have come on our wedding. Jiggi comments they met now…it is same. What I heard about you on phone matches perfectly with you. She gets surprised. He explains I heard you are average looking (very bad). Ammu gets a little sad. He says beauty is in someone’s nature. Kirath comes in. Jiggi meets him. He spots Rohan going out and meets him too. Again a few English remarks (M avoiding for cant write all the words….basically he feels no one knows English except him).

Ammu tells Kajal and Jiggi to sit and talk. She goes to get juice for them and decides to check if the guestroom is ready or not. Tina comments surprise Amita, there is no room for your lovely bhabhi.

Amit asks Fallu not to make a mountain out of a mole. She is mad. You brought Amita’s sister-in-law here without telling me. You or at least Ammu could have told me. Amit says she was stuck or would have called for sure. Fallu comments we made you study MBA but seem like you have turned into a lawyer for your wife. Amit puts his hand on her head / neck to check her temperature. She again gets annoyed. I just wanted to check if you are unwell. Thanks for the way you welcomed Kajal in our home. She wants to know the real reason for Kajal’s coming here.

Jignesh talks to Kajal. He keeps comparing Rajkot girls with Mumbai girls and different unimportant stuff. (Unimportant stuff so avoiding) Tina comes there with juice for both of them. Jiggi asks for pipe (straw) making both of them smile at his English. Tina offers Kajal to come with her to her room. Kajal gets up to go.


Amit lies about Kajal. She was getting bored so we only asked her to come here. Fallu doesn’t buy it. Its not been even 2 months since she got married and she got bored? Tell me the truth. She is the same girl who fought with me before your wedding. Amit tries to make her understand. People change with time. Even I and Ammu dint like to be with each other before our wedding but look now, we always want to be together. She comments how he forgot his mother juts because its about his wife or in-laws. He understands that she is upset over something. Tell clearly. She shares how neither him nor Ammu cared to give her a call. I myself sent you to Pune to that farmhouse so that you too could spend some time together but you dint even sent a sms or called us up. Forget about thank you. Amit says you have been doing so much for me since I was a kid. Did I ever said thank you to you? He cites a few instances and repeats his question. She points out how it was different before his wedding. He asks her if Ammu doesn’t take care of her now. We couldn’t reach you for there was no network. It is just a small thing. Her anger finally douses out. Maybe you are right. She wonders about the guestroom for Kajal. Amit suggests the other guestroom as the first one has been taken up by Jiggi.

Ammu comes there. The bed in 2nd guestroom is broken. Fallu lashes out at her. if you would have told me in advance about Kajal then I could have done something. Jiggi has come here from Rajkot to find a job for himself. He doesn’t know anyone here. Who should I give the guestroom to – Jiggi or Ammu’s bhabhi who has just come here to pass time? She starts to go out to tell Kajal to come after a few days when Amit stops her. Amita is about to tell the truth but Amit diverts. Kajal and Atul will feel bad. Fallu questions him if Ammu’s guests mean more to him than her guests. Ammu answers in a no. Fallu leaves telling them she will have to handle this situation somehow. You both only create troubles for me.

Kajal is talking to Atul over some shorts (:O) which she mixed in the machine that is how his shirt changed colour. Tina overhears their convo and understands the situation. I must get to know the whole story. She goes inside and offers her sandwich. Kajal thanks her. tina makes her talk emotionally. I am a mother too. I can sense when there is some problem. Please tell me what’s troubling you. Kajal denies at first but tells her later that she left that home as she had a fight with Atul. Tina asks for the reason which Kajal declines to share. Even though Tina continues prodding her.

Ammu asks Amit why dint he tell the truth to mummy ji. Amit tells her if she gets to know the truth that she fought with Atul. She will think that we are interfering between their relations which she wouldn’t like. Kajal will be scolded very much by her. She will tell her to go back to Atul only. Ammu says she cannot go back for the issue hasn’t settled yet. Amit comments thankfully she understood this much at least. She pouts. If you wont tell than how would I know. I am a straight forward girl who has been taught good values by her parents. Amit gets surprised. Did you mean I have no good values? She clears the confusion and finally both stand apart pouting. Ammu realizes she dint tell Kajal not to tell mummy ji the real reason for coming here. Amit points out that there first priority should be guestroom.

Precap: Tina stops Fallu from meeting Kajal. She spills the beans how AA lied to her. Kajal came here after she had a fight with Atul. She wont go back till the issue gets sorted.

Update Credit to: pooja

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