Amita Ka Amit 19th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 19th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 19th February 2013 Written Update

Begins with Atul and Kajal making Amita’s profile to post online and find a guy for her like that. Bapuji and Amita are also there. They search which photo to post. Kajal finally selects one, and it is the same one which they sent to Amit. Amita remembers Amit telling her that she looked so different in real than in the photo. Therefore, Amita tells Kajal to post a photo in which she looks like how she is in a real life. Kajal tells her that if she posts photo like how she is in real, then no one will even look at the profile. They then decide to take a new photo, but Amita says tomorrow as today she has to go to Preeti’s wedding function. Bapuji says no to Amita, but Kajal with her sweet talks make Bapuji agree to let Amita go.

Amita is now nervous thinking Amit will be

there too. She calls Preeti and keeps asking her random question. Preeti understands that she wants to ask a question. She tells her to ask direct. Preeti also adds Aarti and Jigna on the conference. Amita then finally asks Preeti whether Amit will be there or no because if he comes then she won’t come as she doesn’t want function to get spoiled because of her. Preeti says are you crazy? Why wouldn’t you come? She says that she talked with Sanjay already and Amit is not coming. Amita is happy and excited now.

On the other side, Amit cannot believe how he can make such a mistake in presentation. He receives a call from Snehal. He gets very happy and cleans the phone before picking it up. Snehal tells him that she can’t go for boat ride today as her design got rejected by one client and now she has to work on it.

Amit returns home and tells his mother that he is going to Sanjay’s engagement. His mother figures out that Amit didn’t like Snehal saying no like this and she feels that Snehal is too busy. Amit tells her it’s not a problem as they are going for coffee tomorrow. Amit also hopes that Amita doesn’t come to the function.

Amita and Aarti are going to engagement’s venue in a taxi. They are listening to Ehsaas’s show on the radio. Ehsaas calls randomly to someone and it turns out to be Amita. He asks her about prince charming. Amita answers saying she wants someone who is cute, handsome, who loves her a lot, and all that. Ehsaas asks her if she found him already or no. Amita says no. Ehsaas says sometimes that person is around you, but you cannot see him. Aarti now takes Amita’s phone and asks Ehsaas if its true that no one has seen him ever. Ehsaas says that’s correct. Aarti asks if she can meet him. Ehsaas says he is coming on Sony TV show from 25th (promoting new show). Amita wonders who could that guy be .. who is around her and she cannot see him. Aaarti says who else.. Amit Shah. They reach the venue now.

Preeti’s parents tell them to welcome everyone and they go inside. Sanjay comes with his family. Aarti jokes with Amita saying she saw Amit with Sanjay. Amita hides under the table right away. After Sanjay and his family go inside, Aarti laughs and tells Amita that she was just joking. Amita says you scared me. Aarti promises her that no more jokes. They are welcoming the guests now. Amita has some perfume bottle in her hand and she is spraying it on all guests. Amit comes and she sprays on him. Amit starts sneezing. He sees her and asks, are you welcoming guests here? He whispers you will make them go away from here. Aarti asks him for a colddrink. But he rushes in. Aarti then asks waiter to go and give him colddrink glass that’s on the table there.

Amita realizes that was the same glass from which she drunk just while ago. Aarti tells her its fine he won’t find out that. But Amita feel that’s not right and she goes to stop Amit. Amit gets angry at Amita for keeping her glass anywhere like this. Amita tries to justify herself, but Amit just doesn’t let her speak. Preeti’s father comes there and says it’s waiter’s fault. Waiter comes and Aarti hides behind Amita. Waiter points to Aarti, but they think he meant Amita. Amita says she came to stop him so why would she tell waiter to give Amit her glass. Aarti accepts that it was her who told waiter and she didn’t know Amita drank from it. Amit tells them if you think I will get confused by you two blaming each other, then you’re wrong and I don’t want to stress this matter. He tells them to stay away from him. Amita almost has tears in her eyes. Aarti tells her you were right.. he’s so rude. You were doing something good and he got angry at you.

At the entrance, Amit’s mother, nani, and dadi arrive. Dadi is angry as there is no one to welcome them. She says, are we beggers or something? No one to welcome her. Aarti and Amita come there. Aarti says we were welcoming but because of some rude person their mood got spoiled. Amita goes to touch dadi’s legs and dadi asks him, what did you pick up? Amita says I was just taking blessings. Dadi asks why? Who are you? Amit’s mother tells her it’s Amita. Dadi says, “oh Amitwali?” Amita is surprised. Amita then gives a rose to dadi and dadi asks why are you giving me that? So the I get hurt by thrones? Amita again cannot believe dadi’s behavior. Amit’s mother then takes dadi inside.

Amit’s nani talks nicely with Amita and asks her if she won’t give her roses. Amita gives her 2 instead of 1. Nani gives blessings and goes inside. Aarti tells Amita what a strange family.. Amit leaves you crying and his family leaves you smiling.

Next episode: Both Amita and Amit are on the stage at the same time. One moves to left and other also moves to left. One moves to right and other moves to right.
Narration says: The distance between Amita and Amit was getting less and then Snehal arrives there.
After that we see Amit walking with Snehal. Aarti, Amita, and their friend are looking at them. Aarti says, so she is Amit’s fiancé. Amita feels somewhat jealous from her expression, I believe.

Update Credit to: Bhumi

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