Amita Ka Amit 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 19th December 2013 Written Update

Everyone at home is trying to get in touch with AA but to no use. Fallu is very sad. Nani tells her to trust Kanha ji. If He wants it then AA will come back with Raunak. Rohan tells them that Amit is not picking his phone. Just then, very sad AA enter. Rohan is the first one to notice them. They all rush to them. Fallu asks for Raunak. They keep quiet. Fallu tells them not to joke on this matter. They don’t answer so she decides to go out and check but Amit stops her. kajri has taken Raunak very far from us for forever. Everyone is sad. Amu breaks down. I have lost my son. I wont be able to see him again ever. Kirath is still hopeful. He is sure they will get Raunak back somehow. Baa too talks positively. Everyone tries to boost Amu’s morale. Suddenly, they all see someone and

have different different reactions on their faces. It is Kajri with Raunak. They are all stunned to see them there.

They all rush towards Kajri asking her a million questions. Kajri looks at all their faces and feels bad. I am not worth your forgiveness that’s why there is no point of apologizing. I only want to say that by the time my bus was moving away from Mumbai I kept realising Amita ji’s truthfulness and good nature. I have behaved so badly with you all. You gave me so much love as well. You (Amu) have taught me about humanity, love. I came to know a long ago that Amu is not my son but I was acting stubborn so couldn’t admit it. Now that I have got my baby then my soul has made me realise I cannot lie to my own self. Your good nature has won over my bad intentions. Amu is happy and so is everyone else. I cannot live like this anymore. This is your Raunak. She gives Raunak to Amu who is very happy to have her son back. Kajri says I know you wouldn’t be able to forgive me but if you will think from the point of view of a mother then you will atleast hate me less. Amu denies. I know your story that’s why there is no hatred for you in my or anyone else’s hearts. Kajri is relieved and hugs her. And I will be very happy if you make Raunak your Suryansh and keep coming here at Shah House to meet him. Raunak will be so lucky to have two mothers who love him immensely. Kajri denies. You know me very well and the same goes for me. But maybe you don’t know about my heart. If I consider him (Raunak) my Suryansh once again then don’t know what wrong will I do. Amu nods.

Amit tells her to let them know if she needs anything. Kajri nods. She compliments Shah family members for their good nature. You are lucky to have a son like Amit and a DIL like Amu. Everything will be all right till they are in this house. Kajri puts a kala tika on Raunak. She leaves from there. Everyone is happy to have Raunak back home. Amit jokes that it is proved once again that the girl I have chosen for myself is in fact wife number 1. Everyone smiles. Nani reminds him how she had forced him to meet Amu. A flashback of the same incident is shown. Fallu and Kirath also share how they are responsible for it. Everyone follows suit. Amu takes the credit. I agreed as I knew I wouldn’t get a better / sweeter family and husband than this one. You have treated me like a daughter instead of a DIL. Thank you very much. Whatever I am is because of you. They all decide to click a family picture.

Next morning, Fallu knocks at Amit’s room but there is no response. The door is open so she walks inside to check but AA are not there. Raunak is sound asleep in his pram. She goes outside and calls out for everyone and tells them about AA not being in their room. They all wonder as to where they could go so early in the morning. Rohan tries to call them but it is not reachable. Kirath too tries to call but to no use. Baa wonders if this time Kajri took both of them instead of the kid. Riya goes to get Raunak. She picks him up in her arms and sees a letter kept there. She takes both Raunak and the letter and goes outside to where everyone is sitting.

Rohan reads the letter. It is written by Amit. Don’t be worried on not seeing me at home. We both have gone for a long drive early morning. They are all surprised and relieved. Plus we want to spend some quality time together as well. Raunak has been fed well and we both will be back soon. They all smile after hearing out the letter. Nani remarks they have got all romantic in the morning. Once I had gone with him (her husband) on a long drive. Fallu stops her. I don’t want to hear your love story. Everyone smiles at this.

AA come to a cliff from where they can have a superb view of the beautiful city. Amit asks Amu if she knows where they are. Amu denies. You dint tell. Amit says this is the most beautiful / romantic place in this city. She asks him then why dint he bring her here earlier. He gets serious. You know I wasn’t like this before? She nods. There came a fairy in my life all of a sudden who taught me about love….how to live life every moment. You taught me how to love and live this life. You only are my life….only you! She gets emotional. He puts his hand forward towards her. She looks confused. He indicates her he wants to dance with her. She shakes her head indicating there is no music. He strums his fingers and they both can feel it. She comments Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. They share an emotional hug.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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