Amita Ka Amit 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 18th July 2013 Written Update

It’s morning and Amit Is watching a sleeping Amita. He lovingly tries to wake her up calling Amu..mAmita wakes up saying Papa… Amit’s enthusiasm gets deflated on hearing it.. Amu apologizes saying she is used to rhis adress only by her family members…. Amit remarks he is henceforth her gharwala.. A little tete-e-tete on the gharwala and gharwali.. As Amita remembers she has not thanked Phallu.. she wants to call her MIL but the network coverage of her mbl is fleeting .She wants to use Amit’s cell but he doesnot allow her as he only has romance on his mind…

Phallu is cooking looking forward for the children’s arrival. Tina enters the kitchen and in her usual manner enquires hasn’t Phallu cooked anything which Amita likes besides Ait’s favorites? On hearing that Phallu

has no spoken to the she further adds .. Now the children will be busy in their own lives and won’t have time for their elders .. The idea doesnot amuse Phallu.

Amit and Amita are on their way back.Amita is still unable to call up her MIL due to poor network coverage. Amit suggests a better idea to please her MIL by taking lunch for the family from Phallu’s fav restaurant.

A call comes from Atul where he sounds disturbed Amita overhears Kajal saying she is leaving the house. Amita is shocked . Amit suggests visiting Patel residence to look into this matter before going home. Phallu calls the couple,and is told by Amit that he will reach home after visiting the Patels.he disconnects the call before Phallu can say something else.
Amit and Amit reach the Patel house as Kajal is about to leave..They stop her and try to resolve the matter with Amita’s parents.. Atul and Kajal are having a clash on the fact that Atul is not paying her attention as he used to do before marriage and doesnot spend time with her. Atul speaks about his responsibilities at their shop as he needs to manage that too.. A problem of balancing priorities in a new way of life and not bale to make adjustmnets seems to have created a rift between Kajal and Atul. Amita is made aware that the ads of discord were there since the marriage but no one mentioned it to her because she was busy with her own troubling issues…

Tina catches a crest fallen Phallu at the dining table and she takes complete advantage of the matter in drilling down the thought that Amit and Amita are alienating her importance in heir life…

Phallucomplains to her mom about the carelessness of his son who doesnot bother about calling her up and lands up in his maika when she had cooked lunch for him…

Nandi tries to calm her down.. Phallu receives a phone call from her elder sister informing that her son jig each is coming to Mumbai for an interview.
Phallu is excited and gets busy with getting the house ready for her nephew’s arrival. she shares her disappointment with Amit to Tina also ( hai ram!! Didnot Phallu find a better person than Tina)

Kajal is adamant on leaving the Patel house .. Amit tries to dissuade her go to her maika .. She then decides to stay in a hotel but not at all ready to give a second try to patching things with Atul. So Amit offers to take her to their house for a few days..this suggestion is accepted by Amita too..

Amita’sparents are worried as this would not sound good as it is not an accepts societal norm…Amit assures them it will not be a problem…( of course it will be a problem .. You wait and watch Amit)

Amita also assures her parents once Kajal is in a better frame of mind she will send her back to the Patel house.

Atul gets a dressing down from his dad of not able to maintain his marital life but embroiling his sister and her husband in to this too…

Jignesh makes a hillarious entry into the Shah mansion and meets Nani and Phallu

Update Credit to: sunshine

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  1. i rly lve this show, please use better englsh since i ant understand

  2. Well,I watch Amita ka Another. But now its dragging. Amita’ s try to stop Amit from going to US and Rohan exposed,and their love all happened at once.Now Kaki and Ria need to be exposed. Problem with Kajal and Atul and Phallus anger will be solved the same day? When people get tired of watching the same old khich khich and Amita getting traumatized.kindly solve Ria and Tuna isssue along with kajal stuff and end the series. As people love to watch happy ending and want to relax but dragging would just end up in low traffic. As it is all the serials are saas vague bikering which make serials montonous and predictable. End this serial with happy note where people want to see romantic couple happy with their families and bad ,corrupt people getting punished. This is not only my opinion but several others,I am just communicating.

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