Amita Ka Amit 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 18th February 2013 Written Update

Begins with Amit and Snehal’s meeting in a restaurant. Snehal takes Amita’s earring in her hand to see and says, beautiful. Amit feels embarrassing. Snehal gives it back to the manager. Manager gives it to Amit saying to give it to Amita when they meet again. Amit says to manager, you can keep this earring because I don’t think that I am going to meet that girl again. Manager says, I can’t believe it because the way you were taking her side yesterday, I feel you definitely will meet her again. Amit tells manager, will you please send waiter to take our order? Manager then leaves.

Amit tries to explain to Snehal that he came with Sanjay, and not with Amita. Snehal laughs and says, you’re so cute.. and it’s okay.. even if you came with Amita, then I understand. Yesterday

I said no for coming, and your searching a girl for you so it’s okay. Amit then orders food. Snehal says that she can’t eat all that so will share with Amit. Snehal says to Amit, I like spending time with you.. why don’t we meet up again tomorrow? We can go to a road trip. Amit checks his schedule and says that he is not busy. Amit then gives the necklace that his mother gave him to Snehal. Snehal says, we just met for the first today, and I can’t take this. Amit says, I am just giving because my mother really likes you since you were kid. Snehal says, your mum is so cute and I can’t say no now either. She takes it and wears it right away. She asks Amit how does she look. Amit answers, perfect!

At Amita’s house, Kajal (Amita’s brother’s finace) comes to Amita’s room and says that Amita only worries about other people’s marriage. Kajal tells her, you should worry about your marriage more because until she doesn’t get married, Atul won’t be able to marry either. Amita says, but my parents said it’s okay if Atul gets married before me and I don’t mind either. Kajal says but that way she would look like a bad person to society nd bapuji. Amita in end says yes to see the guys.

Kajal and Amita come outside and tell bapuji and Amita’s parents about Amita’s decision. Everyone gets happy. Bapuji first says that he will talk with Amit’s parents, but Amita’s mother says.. not Amit. Bapuji then says that he himself will search for a good guy for Amita. Amita doesn’t seem too happy.

At Amit’s house all the ladies are playing cards and Amit’s mother is desperately waiting for Amit. Tina says that always her and her daughter-in-law (Riya)’s team win this card game. Finally Amit arrives to his home. Everyone is too excited to know what happened. But Amit is lost in his own thoughts and he comes in whistling. He finally realizes everyone is looking at him. At first, he says that Snehal was alright, but as his excited mother and grandma ask more questions. he tells them that he liked Snehal and they are going for a road trip tomorrow. He feels shy and leaves.

Amit’s mother tells Riya to put cards away for now, and says, we will only play when Amit’s wife comes to this house. Then we will see who wins.

Amit is in some meeting now with his father, brother, and other staff. He’s lost in Snehal’s thoughts. His brother tells him that it’s his time to give a presentation. Amit gets up and starts his presentation. But instead of real presentation, it’s Snehal’s picture that is projected on the screen. Amit doesn’t notice it and says that this is best property etc.. One of the guys in the meeting asks are you sure this is the property? Amit’s father finally notices Snehal’s picture on the screen. Amit then also sees and feels embarrassed.

Next episode: Amita confirms from Preeti that Amit is not coming in her engagement. Preeti says, he is not. But on the other hand, Amit changes his mind and tells his mother that he will go to Sanjay’s engagement.
At the engagement venue, Amita is spraying perfume on everyone. Amit comes and she sprays on him as well. Amit starts sneezing and then Amita notices it’s him.

Update Credit to: Bhumi

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