Amita Ka Amit 17th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 17th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 17th October 2013 Written Update

AA’s eye lock gets broken as Pinky comes to tell Amu that she will be late for class today as she has drank lassi in the morning. Amu doesn’t understand the logic but Amit does. He tells her to take her time in bathroom. The kid runs off. Amit comments that the morning is good. She affirms…for you it will be as when a man stops scratching himself after one whole day then it indeed is. Amit smiles too which confuses her. She excuses herself for the class.

In the class, Amu tells Pinky to start reading out the story but she has to go to the bathroom again. Pinky finds that the door of the bathroom is locked. She tells Amu but she doesn’t believe her. Amu is confused.

Tina is supporting Ria to come and sit with everyone in the living area. Ria is excited as by the

time her baby will be born its uncle and aunt would be here. Nani adds…maybe! Fallu wonders why she is saying like this. We all are going to get her after all. Nani says if she had wanted to come that way then she would have done that long ago. Plus why did Amit not bring her back yet? Though they are near they are still very far from each other. Till their differences stay put there is no difference if they stay here under the same roof or anywhere all alone separately. Fallu agrees with her mom. Rohan has an idea.

Amu inspects each and every bathroom but they are locked. Pinky wonders what will happen now. It seems like someone has done it knowingly. Amu tries to deny but then realizes Amit is behind him.

She comes storming in Amit’s room. You locked the bathrooms and dint even think of the kids? He too asks if they thought about me. I was in problem and you too were smiling with them. You were the one who sprinkled it. She points out they are kids but he is not. He asks her if she did the logical thing or was it not kiddish. She wants the key and is ready to do anything. Amit has become a fan of her antics. So please give me an autograph on the legal papers. You will have to vacate this place by next week. She cannot believe he could make use of such a situation. He is after all a businessman. She cannot take any action without consulting Father. He says I very well know he has given you the signing authority. He will agree to whatever you decide. She asks for the keys. He has hidden them in a place where she cannot even find. If you want to, then go ahead. She says you have stooped so low that I cannot even tell the kids. They will stop believing in humanity. He only cares for her signatures on these papers and nothing else. She throws the papers on his bed and leaves saying I would never!

Pinky is restless. Amu comes back and she immediately asks Amu for the key. Amu takes it over her. I locked them and couldn’t find them. Kids offer to search. They all start looking around for the keys. Pinky is in a rush but cannot do anything. Now every kid wants to go to the bathroom. Amit watches it from outside. He coughs and smirks as soon as Amu turns to look at him. The kids wonder if they can go to uncle’s bathroom but Amit tells them its locked as well. Amit shows the papers to her but she tells the kids to search thoroughly for the keys. Amit leaves after showing her the papers and the pen. All the kids are holding hard onto their stomachs. Amit comes there and takes their leave. The kids ask him if they all can go with him and go there (bathroom). Amit declines as I have only one car. He is enjoying the situation. Amu follows him.

You can do anything to fulfill your condition. Don’t you feel bad looking at the situation they are in? Why are you trying to act like you are stone hearted when I know you are not? He says I too don’t know what or who I am. And yes, about stone-hearted….the whole credit goes to you. I am indeed that I don’t understand the feelings of people or my own but I don’t care about that just like it dint matter to you when you left that home. She asks him if he is trying to teach her a lesson about that now….by bothering these kids? He tells her to understand it any way she wants to. Till you don’t sign these papers I wont give you these keys. A kid comes and shows her his wet pants. Amit simply tells him to go and change his clothes. She wont mind. He tells Amu to think. This is just one kid and so many more kids stay here. Amu thinks and agrees to sign them. She takes the papers from him. He holds out a pen for her. Before she can sign them they hear a car’s horn. AA are completely taken aback to see Shah family members in the car. Kirath, Fallu and Nani step out first. Amu recalls the happiness everyone had felt when she was pregnant; Amit telling her their baby is no more; Amit pointing out she isn’t happy with Ria’s pregnancy and that she should stay away from Ria for some time. Shah family including Rohan and Baa approach AA. Amit asks them what they are doing here. Kirath wants to go to the bathroom first for he cannot control anymore. Amu looks at everyone’s straight faces and is confused. AA are silent. Amit blurts out that the keys of the washroom are in Amu’s purse. She is surprised and checks her purse. Pinky remarks that if we had found it earlier than maybe Chotu’s pant would have been saved.


Kirath takes the key and heads with the kids for the bathroom. Amit says (to Fallu) you should have atleast called before coming. Rohan answers instead. We were all sitting, Ria was talking about you so we were missing you too so we came here. Kirath compliments the place. He notices that everyone is standing awkwardly. Baa explains him what Amit had asked for. Kirath naively begins telling they want AA together but Rohan interrupts. Doc has advised kaka to go to some cool place. Kirath nods. My health isn’t up to the mark nowadays and at times I feel dizzy too. Amu gets panicked again and starts randomly asking questions and advising what he doesn’t have to do. He assures her he is feeling better already. Rest he will recover here as she is here to take care of him. Fallu speaks up. If you were so worried about us then why did you leave us? Amu apologizes to her. I know I did the wrong thing and have hurt you. But you tell how would you have liked sad Amu or Amu with a plastered smile on her face? I forgot to be happy but I have learned to feel happiness and share it after coming here. I know whatever I did is next to unforgivable but please forgive your Amu. You will right? Fallu gets emotional.


Fallu agrees I have forgiven you…but only because all the other members of the family were missing you a lot…and I too was. They share an emotional hug. Amu says I too was missing you. She asks Rohan about Ria’s health. Why dint Tina kaki come? Fallu tells her to come back home and see for herself. Come back we will all live together! Our family will be complete once again…like it was. Amit interrupts. Rest first you can all talk later. Nani wants to know the facts first but Amu supports Amit. Amu’s parents reach there too. Amu is obviously happy to see her parents and so are they. Amu goes to hug them one by one. AA take their families to their rooms so that they can rest.

AA meet each other outside. Both the families watch them from afar. Amu hands him a list. He is surprised she has made a list of the demands those kids have raised acting like their leader. She remarks this is the list of the things you have to get so that our families can stay here nicely. He retorts that’s my family. If it was yours too then you wouldn’t have left them like that! And for that you don’t have to tell me what I should or should not do. She tells him to stop taunting. He agrees to listen. She lists down the things he has to do to make sure everyone is comfortable and not missing out on anything. She leaves and he tears the list in bits and throws them away.

Precap: Rohan has announced some match. Kirath agrees to go along it and the decision will be made based on that only. Amu and the kids in one team while I, Rohan and Amit will be in the other team. The one who wins the match gets the orphanage. Both the teams get ready for action.

Update Credit to: pooja

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