Amita Ka Amit 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 17th May 2013 Written Update

Amit and Amita return home from the wedding. Amita thanks her husband for helping out Kajal’s dad.. Amit denies doing the good deed( neki kar aur dariyaa mein dal is a virtue of serial leads) But Amita like a good wife manages to wriggle out of him that he had paid Atul’s from a payment that was due to one of their clients.

Amit’s dad inquires from his son why the vlient has not been paid yet.. Amit had given a vachan to Kajal’s dad to seal his lips and not utter a word about the good deed. So he stands with zipped lips as his dad roars and thunders at the lack of professionalism of his son..Amu hears the entire exchange standing at the door.. But she doesnot come to rescue him out of the situation. Rohan does it.. He impresses Kiritbhai saying he had taken care of the payments

when he got to know of the issue.. Adding Amit has not been very attentive on the job and the wedding of Atul had also kept him busy.. Amit looks at Rohan in surprise but still

Kirit bai reprimands Amit and prises Rohan.. Amit too expresses his gratitude to his bro.. The entire conversation is witnessed by Rian and Tina.. Ria congratulates her sasuma in succesfully driving a wedge between father and son.. Tina promises her to distance all the mebers of Kiritbhai’s family from each other..And predictably zero in on the sabse badi darrar for creating more darrar among the family- Amita.

Amita tries to speak to Amit as he tries to leave somewhere.. Amit rudely tells her off but feels bad at his behaviour and apologies. He tells Amita he spoke so as he was disturbed at his dad’s strong rebuke to him.. Amita asks him why did he not tell his dad the real story about being a good samiritan for Kajal’s family.. Amit is not pleased at Amita’s eavesdropping and warns her to not interfere in matters relating to his business or whatever transpired between him and kajal’s dad. As he is quite capanle of handling his own matters without help..

As Amit starts to leave Amita informs him that he is still wearing his towel instead of trousers.. A cute scene follows as Amit tries to hide his embarrasment which has Amita back to smiling again..

Amit encounters Rohan on his way out .. We learn tht Amit wants to pay back Rohan the money he payed out to the client.. Rohan dissuades him saying it was a brotherly act and Amit should not try to make him paraya by offering to pay.. A principlaed Amit states he will pay back Rohan.

Rohan stops Amit from leavign and gathers the whole family to inform of Amit’s visa appliction being accepted and that he will be leaving for US in the next 20 days as his tickets have arrived.

Phallu, Amita and Amit are shocked. Phallu wants the trip to be postponed.She is vetoed on this by her husband and son. Tina congratulates Amita on her husband’s trip. Amita is saved from replying by Preeti’s call. Preeti tells her to inform Amit that she loves him as Amita breaks the news of his departure.. Amita is too dejected to even try that as it’s AMit’s wish to leave. She is sad as her new found love will not have a life beyond he upcoming 20 days.. Preeti consoles and gives her courage to not losse and give up her sapnon ka rajkumar withoout a fight.. The friends agree to meet the next day fpr Preeti to give her a solution to this problem..

Tina ,Rohan and Ria are celebrating their success with sweet treats..They are Amita’s sadness.. The big planned is revealed by Rohan.Once Amit leaves for US .. he will step in to help Kiritbhai in the business and ensure the firm fails.Then they would start their very own business on the ashes of Shah stock traders.. Yina tells her son to be careful bu he is confident of his skills of pulling this coup without letting anyone getting a whiff of the scheme..

Amita wants to broach the subject of Amit’s leaving for US by saying “kya aap iss sab se khush hai?” The stock broker Amit replies in the affirmative. He is happy that the market is on an upswing and his clients will make a profit.. Amita asks Amit to reconsider his decision to leave for US but he declines as Amita fails to say the real reason why she wants him to stay back.

Preeti comes the next day to Amita with fengshui stuff with the hope the troubles in Amita’s life go away..

Amit’s dadi makes a ruckus on seeing the fish bowl..Nani cleverly manages to manipulate her into allowing all the fengshui stuff including the fish bowl to be kept at the Shah residence .. Amita and Preeti are very happy.

Amit is annoyed at the fengshui samman in his room.. He is unable to sleep due to the sound of the wind chimes and sleeps on the bed instead of the sofaat Amita’s suggestion.. Amita is very happy and starts believing in the power of fengshui….

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