Amita Ka Amit 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 17th July 2013 Written Update

Amit is leaving for Pune. He keeps looking around for Amita when Fallu feeds him sweet curd for happy journey. All notice his wandering eyes as he continues looking around. Baa asks if he need more. If not then why are you standing here like an ice cream? He declines. I was only waiting for Ammu as she has my phone’s charger. Fallu gets it for him. She gave it to me before leaving. Amit gets surprised. Where has she gone? Baa again taunts her so he leaves swiftly from there (poor Amit but Baa is awesome with her one-liners 😉 ).

Amit comes out and sits in his car when Ammu appears from behind scaring him. He tells her how he doesn’t like all this. She makes him realise what she is doing here in the car. On his asking she tells him that she is coming along with him. He doesn’t show

any reaction. She wonders about the same. He tells her to get down as I am not going there for a conference. I would be busy with meetings only. I wont have any time for you. Ammu agrees to stay inside the room watching tv. He cross questions her on every possible thing but she agrees. No time, no tv, no shopping, no going outside. She points out that they will have all the time while driving from Mumbai to Pune then while breakfast etc (so cute 🙂 ). He tells her to get down so as to sit in the front. She obliges and hugs him happily. amit is all surprised.

In the car both steal glances at each other. Ammu tells him he need not steal glances anymore. He declines stealing any. She shares what her Baa used to say – stolen mangoes are more yummy to eat. He teases. She must have eaten stolen mangoes so she knows. She pouts but then points out the trip seems like honeymoon trip. He points out he is going to attend boring conference so this is nowhere close to honeymoon. Ideal honeymoon trip would be to a farm house with a swimming pool, barbeque and 2 people enjoying together (aaye haaye Amit Shah 😛 ). She says, this is your problem that you want a perfect life. He is taken aback. Now you see problems in me? Where is your love now? She tells him it was for stopping you from going to US. He halts the car all of a sudden. Hearing your heart’s say I feel like I should go to US now. She pouts again. Lets go back to Mumbai so that you can go to US and I can go to my parents place. He agrees. They both look outside pouting but then end up smiling. He asks her if they should head Pune or go to Patel House. She tells him to drive on.

They finally reach the place. Both get confused looking at the place for it is very beautiful and no trace of any delegate. Ammu again says it is just like honeymoon types. He tells her not to rub salt on his wounds by repeating honeymoon all the time (awww touchy 😛 ). I told you I would be busy with the meeting. They are about to leave when the manager greets them. Amit points out it must be some misunderstanding they had come to attend a conference. The manager reaffirms their reservation. read full updates daily only at Ammu stops him. Mummy papa gave us a surprise. This is indeed our honeymoon trip for they sent me along with you. The realisation dawns on him too and they smile. She thinks of calling mummy ji (seriously :O ) but he stops her. The manager shows him around. The place is just what they had wanted. She again thinks of calling home when he stops her. This is the one evening where there is no one except us. They want us to be together let us not think about anyone else. So don’t go. They share an eye lock. I have been waiting for this since so long. He nods agreeing. Ammu thinks of getting veggies for barbeque. He gets surprised. You are thinking about barbeque? She nods sweetly.

At Shah House, everyone is eating food except Fallu. She is staring blankly. Baa asks if she is unwell. Fallu declines. AA dint call once. Baa points out that they haven’t gone to border but to enjoy. Kirath tells her to call if she is feeling so upset. She declines citing the time. He tells her to concentrate on food then.

Amit is sitting enjoying the pool water and is also busy smiling at Amita (ha ha 😛 ). She asks him to help her but he declines and continues smiling throughout (his jaws must have been hurting since a few days for he never smiled so much in any of the epi’s so far…lol!). she sits pouting. If the veggies get burn then you will have to eat them like that only. The wind blows. Amit gets up and comes to sit next to her. she takes the another stick with veggies for barbeque and he helps her oiling it. He puts the oil in her hand and rubs his hand over hers (awww…blush! <3) they oil the veggies together. Ammu is blushing continuously. They have an eye lock. She closes her eyes again but he gets up from there smiling. She opens her eyes and he asks her in gestures. She is all shy and continues with the barbeque. -Break- AA are sitting enjoying a candle light dinner. Amit is busy watching her. She is about to eat but notices him not eating. She questions him about the same. I got tired driving so I can eat if my wife feeds me. She blushes (stop blushing…this is just the beginning 😛 😉 ). She is about to feed him but impromptu puts the piece (of food) in her mouth. She is about to eat it full when he stops her. she closes her eyes in anticipation (I too would have if I hadn’t been writing it….watching someone’s private romantic moments is like..blush blush 😀 ). He looks at her happily but nods his head indicating no. he takes the piece with his hand and eats it. He goes to stand by the pool. She gets another idea and takes an ice cube. She tries to put it inside his shirt from behind but he turns in time. She puts her arms around his shoulders and puts the ice cube inside. He jumps with a start and is about to fall in the pool but she holds him in time (awwieee….<3). She runs away and he too follows calling out to her. Fallu is not able to sleep (stop playing mummy ji mummy ji for sometime 😛 ). She tells Kirath to switch off the light. I am not able to sleep because of it. Kirath senses that her mood is not good. He prods her to share what if troubling her. I have been reading like this only since last 25 years then all of a sudden why are you acting so differently today. She gets upset. Yes I have changed just like everyone else does. He insists on knowing. She gets up. The truth is I am feeling bad as AA dint call once. They could have at least called to inform us that they have reached safely. They fogot their elders must be waiting at home. Her hubby points out she is not doing right (we agree…let our AA enjoy some romance). You only sent them to be spend some quality time together. Let them be happy there and you too should be happy here. It is very important for them to be together. She nods reluctantly (mummy ji they are anyways coming back tomorrow…be happy for their happiness!). -Break- Amit is lighting candles in the room (wow serious businessmen also know romance…I’m impressed 😉 ). Ammu comes out of the bathroom wearing the black and red lacey nightie (stunning she looks 🙂 ). Be intehaan starts playing as he keeps looking at her mesmerised. Both come closer. They share some cute romantic moments and finally Amit picks her up in her arms. He makes her lie on the bed and kisses her cheek and forehead. Rest the candle dies out (so the consummation has happened finally <3). Precap: Fallu rings up Amit. Where are you both? Ammu is not even picking her phone you both left from there or not? Amit tells her they are on their way home only but will come after going to Patel House first. Fallu is confused. Amit and Amita reach Patel House just when Kajal opens the door (I guess some trouble is brewing up) with Varsha & Hemant in tow.

Update Credit to: pooja

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