Amita Ka Amit 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 17th January 2013 Written Update

Amita is still confused whether she should go alone or not.
Suraj comes and asks her when her friends are gonna come. Amita is like they will be late . Suraj says they should go an dtake key from his friend and then wait for her friends.
Amita is like we both should go alone?
Suraj says they can cancel the plan then to which Amita replies they both can go and there is no need to cancel
Amita is about to sit in backseat of car ,Suraj passes a comment saying so she is going with her driver and heraing it Amita comes to front seat.Amita is busy in her thoughts and bit shy sitting with suraj alone.
Suraj tries to talk with her and Amita looks uncomfortable.
Later they reach beach and talk a bit think of playing tennis and to their surprise Amita forgot her rackets in her dad’s car.
Her dad on other side find the rackets and tells his friend he is going to go and give it to Anita.
Amita and Suraj talk about her friends and are making soil house and Surajs hand comes on her hand unknowingly. Amita goes into her dream land and later Suraj confesses that he love priety which Amita does not hear.
Amita is standing beside her dad who came to return the racket and isnt too happy seeing them alone.
Amita’s dad asks Amita about her friends and later asks her to return home before night and Suraj says he will drop her home Amita’s father leaves.
Suraj asks her whether her father is upset and Amita aks him to drop home.
Suraj and anita drive off . They talk about how they are a bit angry at her friends.
Suraj drops her in preity’s house and Suraj is like lets go inside and Amita explains priety’s dad is a strict kind .Suraj says they should meet again and asks for lunch again with everyone . Amita agrees.
Suraj leaves.

[Precap:Amita goes home and evryone questions her and Amita confesses her feelng for Suraj. Amita’s dad goes to Suraj’s father to talk about her mariage with Suraj, while on the other side Suraj confesses his love for priety to Amita. Amita is broken ]

Update Credit to: najmeen

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