Amita Ka Amit 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 17th December 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with baba pointing out that they had told him their baby was missing from the hospital after his birth then how do you know about the mole. AA go quiet but then Amu says we got to see one glimpse of him and then he went missing. You know a mother’s heart. One look of a child is more than enough. Amit and baba nods along. Amit says (while looking at Kajri) we feel that we will our son with / from one of your devotees only. Baba gets confused. Amit explains that they may not get their own baby but of he gives them some other baby too then they will keep that baby as well. Baba is happy. he looks at Kajri who looks all the more confused now. He assures AA that he will help them. Your baby is very close to you. AA thank him and leave from there.

Baba comes to Kajri.

Amit stops Amu outside. What’s the guarantee that he (baba) will return us our Raunak only? Amu says I know what you are thinking might be right. But I have given him all the hints (mole, etc) now lets see what happens next. Wish Kanha helps us. Amit recalls how baba had looked at Kajri and told AA that he has got a solution for their problem. Now we must start recording Kajri and baba’s talks. Amu nods.

Kajri asks baba about AA. Baba praises himself. He tells her to explain her problem to him. AA start recording everything in their phone. Kajri says I have got my Suryansh after a lot of difficulty. Plus this AA are after me like anything. They even took my husband’s help for that. Luckily I came to know about it or else I would have lost my son. Baba assures her he is with her. She nods. But now I cannot take any risk. I have decided to take my Suryansh very far from here. I have told my uncle’s daughter to reach station in an hour with Suryansh. Our train leaves in an hour. AA are taken aback. I will leave quietly from here so that no one doubts me for anything. Amu starts crying but Amit tells her to control herself. Let us see what baba has to say first. Baba gets upset with Kajri for taking such a big decision without even consulting him. I take every important decision once people become my devotees. Kajri doesn’t understand any of it. He tells her that the baby has not got protection yet. I will have to do another puja for that. If you want to do what’s in your heart then I wont take responsibility of your kid. Kajri doesn’t want to take any risk for her Suryansh. She agrees to cancel her plan. AA are relieved. I wont take my son anywhere without your permission. Baba gets happy. kajri tells him to do something so that AA leave her son alone. He tells her to get the baby asap and in the meanwhile he will do preps for the puja. Kajri leaves.

Amit is sure Kajri will get their baby after which baba will call them. Amu is disgusted by the cheater baba. He assures her once they get Raunak this baba will be in jail.

AA come back home. All Shahs are worried for Raunak. Amu tells them that the baba has fallen in their trap. Now we only have to wait for his call. Baba is having cold drink while he is waiting for Kajri / Savita. Just then he hears Kajri’s voice. She is talking happily to Raunak about seeking baba’s blessings. He hides his cold drink and acts as if he is all lost in prayers / thoughts. Kajri tells him to start the puja. Baba takes him from Kajri. He starts going somewhere and Kajri is worried. He asks her if she doubts him…who has helped her get her son back? He wants to keep Raunak with him for the night. I will put all the powers of protection in him. he sends her off rudely when she declines or acts worried. She leaves reluctantly.

Baba looks at Raunak and exclaims that you are the key to my treasure. You will make me rich.

Amu is worried as she has still not heard from baba yet. Amu wonders if they did something wrong by mistake. Amit too is tensed thinking they shouldn’t have come back from that place. Baa and Nani suggest intimating police. Amit denies. It can go against our plan. They are sad thinking what to do. Right then they get a call from baba. Amu agrees to reach there asap. She tells everyone that Raunak is with baba. They are all relieved now. AA leave.

AA are very excited as they head to baba’s place to meet their Raunak. Baba tells him disciple to take care of the kid. Kutch couple is going to make us so wealthy that we don’t have to do all this now. He makes all the plans and decides to withdraw all the money from his account. We will leave afterwards. He is going out when he spots Kajri sitting outside. He gets angry. She tells him to take all the time that he wants to do the puja but till then she will stay here only. I will go with Suryansh only. Baba tells him to take her son right away. I don’t want to do anything. I wont do anything for you. Go and take your son with you. She apologizes to him. Being a mother I feel very uneasy today. I will go and come back in the morning only. You please do the necessary prayers. He agrees and sends her off.

Amu collides with Kajri. Her money falls down but she covers her face well in time. AA bend down to pick the money which astonishes Kajri. She recalls Amu’s words and baba praising himself. Amit apologizes to her and so does Amu. They leave after collecting all the bundle of notes.

AA come to baba. He says you came very late. Your son is waiting for you since a long time. AA are relieved. They want to meet their kid. Baba tells his disciple to bring the kid. Baba asks for the money / offering. AA get emotional while looking at their Raunak in baba’s disciple’s hands. Baba is about to hand him over to Amu when Kajri takes Raunak from baba. All three of them are shocked. Luckily Kajri hasn’t recognised AA.

Kajri asks baba how he could give her son to someone else. Baba declines AA that this kid isn’t hers. He calls Kajri mad. This isn’t your kid. Kajri asks him if he is in her senses. He gets angry. She reminds him he only told her that this kid is my son Suryansh’s rebirth. Give him to me. kajri denies. She asks AA to help them. He wants to snatch my kid and give him to you both. He cannot do this. I put my life on stake to fulfil your demands. I sold off my jewels; troubled AA’s family; lost my husband and today you want to separate me from my son for some rupees? I wont give my son to anyone. Baba claps and some men come there. AA and Kajri are taken aback to see all this.

Precap: Amu begs Kajri not to do anything to her son. He is not your Suryansh. Please give my son back to me. Kajri declines. I will kill him (while pointing a knife at his neck) if any of you take even one step further.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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