Amita Ka Amit 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 16th October 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with the continuation of Yesterday’s .
Amit laughs waving his phone at her.
Amita shouts at him is this his plaN???
Amit accepts that not only you even I know how to make fool. Amita shouts back , if the innocent kids get scared??
Amit replies that the game was started by amita & the kids only, he just continued it further.. and also says, not to think that he gets scared of amita and kids.
Amita says angrily , ” I Know why you doing all this.. Your plan will not work out”
Amit nods head funnily ..
All kids run inside room and surround Amita. They are too scared of the voice played by Amit. Kids start to nag that they cant stay in ashram further. Amita convinces them that there is no ghost nothing

and nothing will happen to them.
Amit to amita, “See for whom you are fighting they themselves doesn’t want to stay here”
Amita “how much you fall down to get things done as you want.. ”
Kids nag they doesn’t want to stay there anymore and will move from there and leave the room.
Amita shouts at amit, asks amit to say there is no ghost nothing and its all a play by amit.
Amit , ” why will I say??? If want you can say them. Go and pack things to leave place.”
Amita warns amit , to say truth to the kids.
Next Morning,
Amit getting ready in the room. Amita enters ,Her dupatta falls down. A Square feel shy and turns back. Amit asks Amita to go out as he has to get ready.
Amita teases amit, that he is talking like he never changed infront of her and why is so shying today. And says she will leave place within few minutes after informing the decision she has taken.
Amit asks , “what is the matter”
Amita says, ” I have thought a lot yesterday. Your are right. What will happen due to fighting. Myself and Kids have decided to leave the ASHRAM”.
Amit says he feels happy , and aks amita that where will they go all of sudden.
Amita, ” don’t worry about that, We will search for any sheleter.
Amita gets cough.. Amit gets so worried and brings water.. and continues to say that I should be happy with your decision .. but im not infact. I should not have scare kids like that and turns this side. He gets disappointed to see that Amita left room alread.
Amit wears shirt, he feel itching all over the body and starts to scratch so much rubbing all over.
Amita sees his situation and laughs loudly. Amit comes out and asks her why is she laughing like anything.
Amita replies, I get laugh seeing ur situation.
Amita asks, is this all your plan. And continues to scratch .
Amita shows Amit a powder and says this all her plan only. Then warns Amit seriously to reveal the truth that Ghost and all a fake.
Amit denies to do so.
Amita, “By the way I have one more powder with that your itching goes off. But I will give you when you accept my conditon”
Amit refuses and leaves the place.
Amita goes to kids and convinces them that Ghosh doesn’t come in day time and not worry about anythng.. There is no ghost at all. Kids seem doesn’t get convinced.
Amit still scractching his back, Kids see Amit from the window and calls Amita … Kids and Amita follows Amit where ever he goes and starts to make fun of Amit.

Amit’s mother calls him to ask about electricity bill. Amit complaints his mother about Amita.
Amit’s home. Amit’s mother is angry .
Amita in phone with her mother.. laughs uncontrolably . She says them they too will laugh if they were here. Amita unable to control the laugh cuts the phone .
Amit searching in amita’s room for the powder she told about earlier. Amita comes there and asks what are you doing there.
Amit gets up in thump .
Amit requests amita to give the powder to get rid of itching. Amita says to tell truth to kids then only he gets powder. Asks him to accept the deal and anyway she has decided to leave the ashram but before that he has to tell truth to the kids.
Amit & amita comes to kids and father.
Amita says, :”amita wants to say something”
Amit denies to say. But seeing upon the powder box in amita’s hand he says , “Kids you need not go anywhere.. Mor over you guyz are the big ghosts. Its all my plan to scare you all. ”
Kids gets shockd.
Father and kids starts questioning Amit. Amit leaves the place silently.
Amits’s home.
Phalguni is angry on amita and says she will not call to Amita.
Phalguni gets call frm Varsha .
Varsha requests her that all shall go and bring back A square.. Finally Phalguni gets convinced and accepts to go Ashram to bring back A square. All are happy at both houses.
Amita comes out of room wiping her wet hair. Amit is staring at her… Long and deep eye lock between A square Embarrassed. Screen freezes

AMITA ASKS Amit for Bathroom keys and in return he can take anything. Amit shows her legal papers containing that amita and kids will vacate ashram withint a week and asks her to sign on papers.

Update Credit to: amul_kn

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