Amita Ka Amit 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 16th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Amu shouting that she is in love and Preethi will tell her to keep quit. What will people think?

Preethi tells that Amit was going to USA. She tells yes he is going but there is time. All these days she was thinking with her brain from today she will think from her heart.

They show Riya is asking Tina what to wear for the Garba. Tina who is painting a nails will tell why are you bothered about the down market people. Riya will be cribbing about how Amita has become a laddli in the house saving Baa. Amit is also highly praised by his in-laws.

Then she realizes that Tina has planned something big. Then Tina tells the plan that they will make Amit fall from the in laws eyes and also his parents. Rohan will tell that they will create such a havoc in the

market that Amit will have heavy losses.

Amu is getting ready and thinking of Amit. Varsha calls her and she gets ready fast. She goes to the function and She sees Amit from far and they will be exchanging smiles. Kajal will ask her why she is looking so pretty for her function and nit to stand next to her.

Hemanth Bhai will tell lets start the Dance. Then Amit comes up to Amu and asks why she was so late. She tell Bhaat hi Aiya Thi mujhe abhi samaj aayi aur my kaise bhatoon. Then the music starts abd they dance. She is looking at each other in the eyes and Amu misses some steps and Amit tells her is she making mistakes. Then again they dance. Amit once again asks here where is she dreaming. She tells him she herself does not know and she will do well from now on. She dances beautifully and everyone clap and appreciate her. Amit is very happy. Riya us annoyed. Amu is looking at Amit over he shoulders of Naani.

Then Hemanth Bhai will tell that it is the time for the Pheras. Then Amit and Sanjay are with Atul. Atul calls Amit Tu and gets a scolding from Baapuji. Daadi will tell him not to shout at Atul as he is going to get married. Babuji will tell I can call a Buddu a Buddu only. They share some jokes. Then Amit tells Atul to concentrate on the Pheras and she will concentrate on the Jhoote.

On the Mandap Kajal is having a time of her life and will tell Atul to be only looking at her.

The ceremony is going on. Jigna tells Amu to help them steal the Jhoote from Amit. Amu tells that she is on the boys side but they try to persuade her. Preethi and Jigna will be teasing Amu has become Amit’s. Then they will ask Amu when she will tell Amit her feelings. Then Amu tells that time has not come. Daadi tells Amu to look after the guests. Jigna is thinking about how to steal the Jhoote.

Amit is with the Jhoote in his hand and a small boy pulls it. Then He asks the boy what he wants the boy informs him that Amita Chachi has fallen down. A panic sticken Amit ask where and he goes in search of Amita.

Then he finds her and asks her why cant she be careful and whether she got hurt badly. Then she shows her hand and he asks is it in the hand or leg. He examines the hand. Then a very happy Amu tells that she is fine and who told him that. He remembers the little boy and connects with the Jhoote.

Then Amu tells him not to worry and she knows Preethi and Jigna very well. Amit is very happy and they share a eye lock.

The marriage takes place. Then Atul asks for Ten thousand for the Jhoote. Then Kajal and Atul fight cutely. Then Atul agrees to give 5000. Then Amu comes and fights with her friends saying that she had already stolen the Jhoote and shows it.

At Bidaai time they ask Kajal to cry and they tell her to cry and she tells that why should she cry as she is going to her own house. Riya points out that Atul is crying. They ask why he is crying and he tells because he lost his Aazadi.

Then Kajal’s father thanks Amit and Amit will ask him why is he thanking he was doing his Farz,. Amu will be smiling and wondering how can she tell her mann ki bhaat that she lives Amit to him.

PRECAP: Rohan announces that Amit has got his US Visa and in 20 days he will be going to USA. This sends Phallu, Amu and Amit into Shock

Update Credit to: anurao

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