Amita Ka Amit 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 15th October 2013 Written Update

All the kids run towards their Amu didi. They excitedly tell her that khadus uncle has left. He is nowhere to be seen. His luggage isn’t there too. We have checked everywhere he isn’t here. Amu becomes happy. See we won. The kids thank her for being with them. We are your strong kids. Now we will stay here only….all of us together. Amu nods. We will stay here only. Go and sit in the hall you all must be hungry.

Amu comes in the guestroom calling out for Amit but the whole room, cupboard is all empty. She gets happy thinking he left. She is about to go out but then spots something on the floor. She picks it up and it is a picture of AA together. She is immediately lost in the flashback and caresses the pic. She gets emotional and recalls their happy moments together. She

caresses the bed and hugs the pillow sadly reliving some of the past moments.

Amu calls Varsha. Amu asks her to tell honestly if she dint make a mistake by coming here. Varsha asks her if she is all right. Has anyone said anything to you? Amu clarifies that no one said anything but the thought crossed her mind so she’s asking. Varsha replies at times differentiating between right and wrong gets tough. You did what you thought was right at that time. Forget everything that has happened. Now there is no point thinking about that. But yes, if you feel like you should come back then you may be right. Amu hears the noise of a car coming and starts wondering who came. She ends the call.

Amu and the kids gather outside to see a tempo loaded with stuff. They wonder who it belongs to. Amit replies it is mine. Amu has a slight smile on her face as Amit tells them that he will stay here only till the time he doesn’t throw them out of here. Amu’s smile disappears. Amit asks them if they thought Amit went back home and you and your orphanage was safe right. But maybe you (Amu) forgot that I am a businessman and I never give up. Amit leaves. The kids are almost ready to attack him but Amu stops him. We must use our minds not strength.

Amu and the kids are thinking hard of ways to scare Amit so that he leaves from here. They finally suggest something to Amu in her ears but she declines. No one would do that. She leaves after telling them to go to sleep as it is late. But the kids are all set to put their plan in action. Amu comes back to check on the kids but they are nowhere to be seen. She hears some noise from outside and goes to check through the window but it is the kids wearing scary masks and she is instantly scared. She tells them all to stop it. They ask her if this plan would work or not. You knew yet you got scared now think will it work on that uncle? She reminds them she told them not to use this plan then why. They have no time to think of another one now. We think this might be the perfect one to scare him.

Amit is sleeping in his room when he feels something eerie and wakes up to check. He gets up to check. The lights of the room start flickering; shouts of someone; a kid crying somewhere, etc. he tries to open the door of his room but it doesn’t open. He is super scared and starts shouting but then someone (Father) comes to his rescue.


Amit shares what he just experienced. He is really scared and all nerves. Father tells him to calm down. Next he calls out for the kids and Amu. They come there pretending to be sleepy. He tells them to apologize to Amit. They feign ignorance but he insists. Amu declines. We all were sleeping in our rooms. Father is clear that what this entire uncle heard and saw cannot be done by anyone other than you all. Amu puts it on Amit. He must have dreamt of money. He wouldn’t be able to sleep well; the window must have closed in its own due to wind so he would have felt that ways. We were sleeping. Amit agrees with her. He apologizes to Father for troubling him so late at night. Amu tells the kids to go to sleep. They all leave after wishing Amit a good night. Amit vows to get even.

The kids are all excited that their plan worked. Amu still cannot believe he could be scared of something like that. It dint seem like he would be scared of something like ghosts. Awesome plan! They tell her this plan isn’t complete yet. We need to carry it for 2-3 days more then only will he go. Amit comes there just then and picks up one of the masks.


Amit deduces that it was all their plan. I saved you in front of Father but I know who the real ghost is. Don’t so something like this again or I would have gotten heart attack. Amu tries saying something that refers to their times but then stops herself. Are you scared of ghosts? He says I too dint used to but now I do….after I have heard and read stuff I do believe. Everyone gets serious as Amit continues. Ghosts do exist. Don’t make this joke with anyone else either. The kids want to know what he has read about ghosts. They insist so Amit relents.

He begins telling them a story about a kid who fell off a nearby cliff whose ghost still haunts the place. By the end of the story everyone is really scared and they ask Amu to sleep with them only. She too is scared but tries her best to assure them she is here only. Uncle it just taking his revenge. Nothing like that will happen.

While everyone is asleep, a kid’s duvet gets pulled off him twice or thrice. He loudly screams out for ghost and tells it to Amu. Everyone gets scared. Amu assures them there is nothing to worry. They lie down to sleep once again but wake up shouting and screaming once again as they hear someone’s plea for help. They are shocked to find a doll hanging mid-air outside their window. She sends them out telling them not to bother Father.

She rushes to Amit’s room. He is sitting with his back towards her. He gets up and waves his phone at her. He smiles as he plays the voice from his phone.

Precap: Amu tells the kids to keep the stuff aside and lie down to sleep. They tell her they wont as things will be gone by the morning. We don’t even know if we will get the beds tomorrow to sleep on. Amu decides she wont let this happen. I will have to think overnight only. Next morning Amit is feeling itchy all over his neck and body. Amu tells him they both have very less time. The kids will leave anytime from this place. Tell them the truth and I will give you medicine.

Update Credit to: pooja

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