Amita Ka Amit 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 15th May 2013 Written Update

IT WAS A SUPER DUPER CUTE EPI TODAY…MUST WATCH FOR ALL AKA FANS (I too feel like jumping up and down like Ammu ). Ammu gets up late. She comes out looking for Amit. Hemant is speaking to the florist while dada ji is instructing the maid to clean properly.
She comes to Varsha and apologizes for getting up so late. Varsha says what if she wasn’t here, Amit Kumar was. He is helping them since morning. Ammu asks about him. Her mom tells her he must be with Atul. She rushes out. Dadi and Varsha wonder what has happened to her. They smile.

Atul is scolding his assistant not to sell his sweets at a lower rate. Ammu comes asking for Amit. He tells her that Amit has gone to meet the caterer to finalize the menu and rates. Ammu gets little hyper. He tells her not to over react for he

hasn’t gone to honeymoon leaving her all alone. Just then a bell rings. Ammu smiles broadly… must be him.

Ammu opens the door with a broad smile on her face. But her smile disappears as soon as she sees its Jigna and Preeti. Jigna asks Preeti why her smile disappeared. Our Ammu doesn’t do so. Ammu smiles and apologizes to them. She tells them she is always happy when they come but today she was waiting for someone else. They both ask who when Amit walks in and wishes them. Ammu becomes super happy. He goes inside.

He tells Hemant about the caterer asking for Rs. 450 per plate. Ammu comes saying listen to me please. Her dad asks her to say it. She says nothing. Hemant and Amit go from there.

Hemant calculates the cost and finds it too expensive. Amit suggests one caterer who is asking for less money. If he wants, he can speak to him. Amit notices Amita lurking around them (with a naughty smile on her face) and asks her what happened to her. She tells them that Amit is right. She asks if she can help them in any way. Hemant suggests her to make tea for Amit. She brightens up and goes to make ginger tea for Amit. Hemant wonders what has happened to her. Both are equally clueless.

Preeti asks Ammu what she is doing. Ammu says she is making tea. Jigna says not that, what has happened to you. Why are you behaving so differently / weirdly? Ammu declines. Preeti and Jigna ask her to leave it and help them in the preps. She declines and leaves with the tray. Both friends smile.

Ammu comes to where Amit is busy decoration the doorway. She continues looking at him with sweet expressions. She asks him to drink tea but he tells her to keep it on the table. He will have it later. She very cutely replies you do your work I will wait for you to finish it (awww….!). He too finds her weird but then continues doing his work. She is about to speak to him when Hemant interrupts them. He goes away after confirming something with Amit. Next comes Amita’s dada ji who asks her if she is a red light, and if not, then move aside. Amit smiles ( ).

Amit gets down the stool but is about to stumble so holds on to Amita for support. Mera mann song plays in the background as both share an eye lock. Amit notices his hand and removes it. He feels a bit awkward so looks here and there while Ammu looks at her nonstop. He tells her to add some sugar to the tea as his hands are dirty.
And she starts adding up spoon after spoon while looking at Amit. She hands him the cup. She says she wanted to speak about yesterday when Amit (after taking a sip) asks her how much sugar has she added. She asks him to give it so that she can take it out (dear amita, please explain the process to me too ). He gets confused. She corrects herself. I will make another cup of tea for you BUT he says let it be. This isn’t too bad and drinks it. She looks at him lovingly while a sweet tune starts playing in in the background.

Ammu comes in the kitchen, picks the cup in her hand and stares at it (with a broad smile). His words echo in her head. I will make another cup of tea for you BUT he says let it be. This isn’t too bad. She recalls seeing him drinking it. Varsha comes and calls out to her but she doesn’t listen. She shakes her a bit (out of her dream). She tells her to get ready asap and check with Shah family as to when they will be coming. Ammu nods.

Shah family come to Patel House. Ammu takes everyone’s blessings. Kirath goes to help Atul in tying the pagdi and teases him too. Fallu comments (to Varsha) looking at Amit it looks like this is his home only. Varsha smilingly agrees with her. Amita’s nani directs them to the mehendiwala.
Ammu is looking at Amit and is smiling continuously. Dadi asks the girls to sing, dance and enjoy. She comes with a paper to give to Kajal. She tries to take it but Ammu snatches it from her.
Ammu says it must be a love letter written by Atul. She starts reading it. My dear fuljhadi. Everyone starts smiling. Atul comes after her to take the letter from her but Amit holds him. Ammu starts reading again. (its too cute <3). My dear fuljhadi, Please don't speak to those bees (male friends of Kajal). Why do you take the mohanthaal from your friends when you know that our love started because of mohanthaal only. (Ammu teases Atul). How can anyone else do the same for you? Especially that Bhavesh? You know I don't like him. Tumhara fuljhada! Everyone starts laughing including Amit. Kajal says to Atul, stupid he calls me sister. Atul tells her he dint knew it. He wrote what he felt. All smile except Amit’s nani. Ammu notices her wiping her tears. She goes to her and asks her about the same. Nani says this jovial atmosphere reminded me of Amit’s nana ji. Kajal asks her if she too got a letter like this. Nani tells their love never needed words to describe what they felt. We dint even knew we loved each other but we always felt incomplete without each other. Jigna asks her if she felt something which made her realise that he is the one. Fallu too asks her to share. Nani says it was after many years that they were married. She made besan (gram flour) ke pakore. He loved them. But besan was less so only 5 pakoras were made. We both had 2 each but one was left. We both wanted the other to have it. Both were adamant not to eat it. Ammu asks her about the last pakora. She shares that they fed it to the cow. All say awww in chorus (awww me too!). She says it was a small things but small things amount to great feeling. Ammu glances towards Amit who is smiling listening to his nani. -Break- Atul comments listening to this story has made him yearn for pakoras ( ). Kajal taunts him if he got only that from this romantic incident. (I agree with you). Ammu gets up to cook pakoras for everyone. As soon as she reaches the entrance of the kitchen, the light goes out. She stops in her tracks. Amit calls out to her. Stop wherever you are, I am coming right away. He goes and holds both her hands in his. Mera mann starts playing in the background as they both share a long eye lock (dreamy). She dreams of dancing with him. She smiles and looks at him with so much love. Light comes (tada!! ). Everyone says awwwwwwwww looking at them. Nani says she was speaking about this love only. As soon as the lights went off Amit first thought about Amita. Amit denies being thus. He says if she would have got hurt then she wouldn’t have been able to dance. Ammu again starts looking at him (they are standing holding hands throughout). -Break- Jigna says jiju, you can let go of the hands now. Light has come. Rest your wish. He wonders what she is saying but then notices his hands. He takes his hands off and goes back to stand with Atul. Ammu smiles. She keeps looking at him nonstop. She recalls Nani’s words. She was speaking about this love only. As soon as the lights went off Amit first thought about Amita. She becomes emotional. She walks in a trance. Amit is tying Atul’s pagdi. Fallu and Varsha are dancing and Amit enjoys seeing them dancing. Everyone is very happy. preeti notices Ammu looking distracted and asks her if someone has pressed pause button in her life. She replies something like that has happened only. Preeti doesn't understand. Ammu takes her with her. She closes the door of her room. Ammu says, it has happened. Preeti stands confused. Ammu tells her that only which she has prayed for since she was of 14 years. Preeti asks her if she lost weight (lol). Ammu shushes her. she is feeling the same feeling which everyone experiences in movies like DDLJ, Kaho Na Pyar Hai, etc. How they sing songs for each other. She too feels like singing one right now. Preeti is all the more puzzled and asks her if she is about to sing just now? Ammu very sweetly hugs a pillow. How I wish I could do that. But this doesn't happen in real life. The feeling is so much similar. I have fallen in love. She happily swings Preeti around shouting I have fallen in love. preeti asks her with whom (at times why friends ask such questions…dumb but sweet nonetheless). Ammu questions her whom? You are stupid. She picks up a photo of her and Amit. She says I have fallen in love with him. I have fallen in love with Amit. Preeti gets happy. Episode ends on Amita’s excited face. Precap: Amit asks Amita why she took so much time to come out. She replies the point is such that she couldn’t. Amit stands perplexed and asks for an explanation. She says how I tell you something which only I understood with so much difficulty. Amit stands confused while Ammu smiles.

Update Credit to: pooja

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