Amita Ka Amit 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 15th July 2013 Written Update

Tina and Ria join everyone in the hall area. Tina tells them how Ria had planned to meet her friends today at a 5-star hotel before when Rohan was working. We cant understand how (hinting at money). Baa tells her not to worry. Amit will send it as soon as he reaches office. Fallu points out looking at Amit I don’t know when he will go. Nani nods telling him to get ready. He smiles and leaves from there.

In his room, Amit is sitting wearing his towel and tee when Ammu walks in. He looks super tensed. Where are my clothes? If I get late then you would be responsible for it. She asks him what he cannot find. Everything is here. He lists out everything – shoes, shirt, socks, handkerchief etc etc. She gets everything for him. Things were exactly where they used to be. Tell me what wasn’t

at its place? He gets up saying – you! (awww so romantic <3 ). You weren’t at your place. She asks him about her place. He (all the more romantically) says, with me. She feels shy but then asks for an explanation. Amit again lists out what all she does for everyone in the family including the servants and drivers. I know everyone is important for you but you should take some time for me too. It seems you only care for family’s happiness. She gets surprised. So you think I try to be a favourite daughter-in-law of our family. He nods back. Every Indian daughter-in-law’s sole mission is to keep her in-laws happy and become their favourite. What about taking care of the husband? Ammu points out that he is saying too much now. I like taking care of them as it is important for me. He wonders about his importance. She tells him how everyone, Baa, Nani, mummy ji, etc., are more important for me than you. He thanks her for helping him. She turns to leave while he keeps muttering to himself. He asks for his trousers. She denies knowing about it. He shares how he is unable to even though he has tried so much. She tells him to find it all by himself and if not, then should go to office without wearing trousers. She leaves while he keeps trying to stop her. Amit comes out ready to go for office. Nani tells Ammu to give tiffin box to Amit. He takes it but she isn't letting go of it. He tells her to give as he is getting late. She asks him to thank her first. Amit in turn tells Nani about it. She gives it with an angry pout while everyone is amused seeing this. Baa asks him if he is still in school to complaint to a teacher about something like this (bulls eye! I was thinking the same). Ammu smiles. Amit turn by turn bids bye to everyone except Amita which amuses Fallu. Earlier we couldn’t keep track of your coming and going now you are bidding bye to everyone. Baa jokes if she must call someone else to whom he can say bye. He leaves smiling all to himself. Nani tells Ammu how Amit dint wish her before leaving. She pouts again. I don't care. All look on surprised. Ria tells someone on phone that she is waiting for driver. She rues how she never thought they will have to wait for Amit’s money because of that Amita. tina assure her that everything will be fine soon. Ria doesn't trust her. Rohan is not even speaking with anyone and is not also doing anything. Till when we will live on Amit’s money. Tina tries to assure her but by then Fallu knocks on the door. She hands over some money to Ria. I don't know when Amit will send it so you must take this in the meanwhile. Ria takes it though Tina is super miffed but somehow controls herself. Ria leaves. Tina thanks Fallu for helping them. Cannot tell you how ashamed I am. Fallu tells her not to think like that. You must take care of Rohan who will soon resume his work too. Tina fakes a smile. Ammu is cleaning the kitchen area and Fallu is helping her. Ammu’s phone rings. Fallu hands out the phone to her. It is Amit’s call. Ammu smiles but then thinks against picking it. Now I have no time to talk to you will talk later. She disconnects the call. Fallu gets confused. Why dint you pick it? Ammu reasons will call him after I am done with my work. Fallu nods. Amit comments how Amita Shah is not picking up his call now. Just then he gets a call from Batuk. How are you Lover Shah? Amit tells fatty to be quiet. Ammu is acting all coy. Batuk smiles. It happens when in love. It is just a way of getting attention. amit is lost. How to do this? I cannot keep shouting Amita all the time neither can I hang an I Love You board around my neck. Batuk suggests buying a gift. Amit likes the idea. Yesterday only I had seen an ad about a machine for weight loss I will buy that (WHAT?? Hilarious Idea OMG I cannot stop laughing 😛 ). Batuk bangs his hand against his head. You will remain an idiot only. You should buy that kind of gifts. Amit gets all the more confused. Batuk suggests him to go to Sweet Dreams (a shop) and see for himself. Amit comes to the shop and gets embarrassed seeing all the lacey nightie around him. He rings up Batuk and reprimands him for suggesting a place like this. It was a mistake to call you. Batuk points out how he was only helping him. amit shouts at him. It was wrong to seek your help. The helper offers helping Amit. What are you looking for? amit replies bedspread and towels (bahahaha! 😀 😛 ). Amit tries to excuse himself saying he came in the wrong shop. The helper senses Amit’s awkwardness. Is it your first time? I will help you buy one. Amit doesn't want to but the helper drags him along. He shows him all the stuff. Amit denies needing any. Right then he gets a call from Ammu. She apologizes for not being able to pick his call. Actually I was busy making my in-laws happy and trying to become their favourite. Why did you call? He starts speaking random things. She laughs. He asks her which nightie would she like – lacey or other stuff. She wonders why he is buying one. He explains just like she tries to be his family’s favourite he too is trying to be her favourite (how sweet 🙂 ). Sorry if you don't like then I wont buy it. She tells him not to be sorry. I will like whatever you will get for me. He thanks her. I thought you might think it as cheap. They disconnect the call. Ammu smiles shyly. -Break- Amit notices too many slippers outside the main door of his home. He questions Ammu about it who just smiles back telling him to look himself. He comes inside hiding the gift behind his back. Fallu tells him to sit for the discourse by Swami ji. They were supposed to stay somewhere else but dint so I asked them to stay overnight. Amit compliments her for her idea (though he is upset). Ammu smiles at him. amit takes blessings from Swami ji (all the while hiding the gift behind his back). He sits to hear it out with his family. amit and Amit keep stealing glances at each other and exchange smiles. Swami ji says – you must stay away from the people you like so as to reduce the inkling. Amit speaks out. But the inkling only increases when you stay far from someone. Everyone is amazed. He apologizes looking at everyone’s reactions. Fallu tells him to keep quiet. Swami ji explains the whole point though Amit and Amita are lost looking at each other. -Break- Ammu comes with baskets of some things and instructs the servant to keep them in their room. Amit sends off the servant. I cannot find my git. I brought it home and I had kept it next to me only while we were sitting outside. Ammu scares him all the more. What if anyone sees it? What will they think about it? By the way, I forgot to tell you one thing. She starts speaking word by word thereby increasing the suspense. In the end she tells him that the nightie is with her (very cute scene). He is amazed. Couldn’t you tell earlier? Your fun would have nearly killed me. she teases him. if it was so then why did you brought it? He replies in his style. I felt like bringing something so I brought what I liked. Try it once. She tells him she already did. It is looking very nice. He gets happy. can you try one more time for me? she nods but then points out how so many people are at home. He tries to say something when Fallu calls her. she leaves from there. A disappointed Amit sits on the couch. He notices Amita behind the door wearing that nightie. She comes to him and romantically caresses his cheek. They get into an eye lock. Amit is smiling to himself when Fallu breaks his trance. She tells him that Swami ji’s male disciples will be sleeping with him the guestroom while the females ones will sleep here with Amita. amit nods. Fallu leaves from there. Amit sarcastically praises the situation. Amit cannot sleep. Everyone around him is snoring. He wonders where he got struck. I will have to meet Amita somehow. He is about to get up when the guy next to him puts his arm around his waist. Amit pushes him the other side. Next someone coughs and finally when he gets up, he is about to land atop someone and holds himself somehow. Precap: Fallu looks out of the door wondering about Ammu. Who has switched on this light and where is she? She is about to go when she notices Amit and Amita sleeping with her head on his chest outside in the balcony (I just loved this scene 🙂 ).

Update Credit to: pooja

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