Amita Ka Amit 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 15th January 2013 Written Update

Continuing from yesterdays part Amita is shocked hearing that Suraj called.Amita goes to her room starts her dieting process(after calling and asking her friends about it)She exercises continuously on the cycle. Later spills something on her dress and then washes it and dries it with her hair drier .

She exercises through out night and her mom comes in the morning to find her sleeping on the cycle. She says suraj(sun) has come and amita is like where is ‘suraj’.Her mom tells her she used to tell her ‘suraj has come’ when Amita was small. Amita asks her to say that from now onwards

Later her mom tells her she has grown dark circles. Amita is tensed. She goes to kitchen and keeps cucumber pieces on her eyes.Atul tells her her friends have come and she is happy

Friends are seen getting Amita ready .The dress fits in perfectly everyone is happy .

Amita gets out from home by lying to her mom she is going to jigna’s (her pregnant friends )home

Amita goes to the place where she is about to meet Suraj .Her friends turn up there and hide behind a tree and discuss if Suraj will turn up or not.

Suraj comes .They get seated ,Amita goes on blabbering and then she asks sorry since she was going on talking to which Suraj replies he likes people who talk a lot.Suraj goes to bring the ordered stuff.

Amita gets call from her friends .She does not pick up.They plan to go sit behind the duo so that they can hear the conversation.

Suraj brings up their ordered stuff and Amita goes on adding sugar to her mochachino and later stops seeing Suraj staring . Suraj laughs and says he likes people who eat sweet things a lot.

Suraj says he had to gain so much of courage to come here and tell her this . He asks her whether she remembers her cousins wedding two year back.

Amita goes into her a memory flashback ,remembering how she and preity and jigna were dancing to ‘gore gore chore’ song and Suraj kept on smiling and staring.

She asks him whether he noticed her tio which Suraj rpelies he did and he also remember that she was wearing yellow outfit and her friend wore red. he says he fell in love at that moment.

Update Credit to: najmeen

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