Amita Ka Amit 15th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 15th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 15th February 2013 Written Update

Aarti is at Amita’s place. She tells him that Amit is a perfect guy for him otherwise why would Amit and Amita would meet up like this all the time. Amita says I meet to milkman everyday too, does that mean he’s Mr. Perfect for me? Aarti says idea is not bad and laughs. Amita asks her to stay quiet and asks about Preeti. Right then, Preeti comes there. Amita gets excited and asks her if she liked Sanjay. Preeti says that she likes Sanjay. Amita gets even more excited but then tells Preeti that she met Sanjay only once. Preeti says some people are that special that only in one meeting you start liking them, you can share anything with them. Amita gets lost in some thoughts. Aarti asks Amita what happened. Amita replies nothing. Amita then tells Preeti that she is very happy for her.


is talking with his mother and Tina comes there. She asks Amit if he is not going to some party with Riya and Rohan. Amit says no. Tina then says couples are going that’s you’re feeling embarrassed right? She says you should go, who knows you may find a girl there. Amit’s mother tells Tina that Amit is not type of guy who would start singing with different girls in different parties. Right then, Amit receives a call from Sanjay. Sanjal tells him that he likes Preeti. She is perfect. Amit says, great. Sanjay says, it will be great when you find a girl as well and then we will marry together.

After Sanjay, Amit receives a call from Snehal Sarabhai. She apologizes to him for cancelling yesterday’s meeting. Amit says, not a problem, I also give first priority to work. She now asks to meet up today. Amit pretends to be busy and says that he will check his schedule. After few seconds, he tells her that he’s free today.

On the other side, Preeti still cannot believe that her rishta is finalized. Aarti asks Preeti if his cute cousin will come to her marriage or no. Preeti says, he should. Amita asks Aarti, why are you telling cute? You always keep fighting with him. Aarti says, fight is the beginning of love. Just look at you and Amit. Right now you two are fighting but who knows what happens in future. Amita hits Aarti with a pillow. Preeti asks them to stop fighting. She says that she has to do so many preparations. She has to get her visa ready. Girls get emotional as Preeti will be leaving them to go to London after their marriage. Amita says to Preeti, but why are you getting tensed from now? We have to do party for now.

Amit is going to office. His mother asks don’t you have to go to meet Snehal? He says, I have to go in evening. His father teases him because Amit wore special watch. Amit’s mother gives him a necklace to give to Snehal. At first, Amit doesn’t take it saying what if he doesn’t like her. Amit’s mother tells him Snehal is the girl that Amit is searching for. He then takes it and leaves. Amit’s mother tells his father that she feels this time Amit will like this girl. Amit’s father says, you said same thing last time when he went to meet Amita. He suggests her to give break to her thoughts. Amit’s mother gets angry and leaves.

Amita seems sad and sitting alone in a park. Aarti comes there and tells her how will Preeti feel if she sees you like this. Amita says that is why I am sitting here. She says, this is a big problem that girls have to leave their friends. She says that girls should never make best friends so at least they don’t feel bad. Amita then lies that she is not sitting alone in park for that reason. Aarti says, don’t try to lie.. we can tell what’s going on in your mind just by looking at your face. You feel that one by one we all will get married and leave you alone, right? Aarti says, you’re fool.. you didn’t like 1 guy, doesn’t mean that you won’t find anyone else. Amita says, just watch even Amit will find a girl. Aarti says, he’s trying to find a girl so he will get one. But what are you doing? Saying no to meet guys. Amita says whatever happened after with Amit, I feel very bad.. so I don’t want to meet anyone for few days. Thanks to Preeti’s wedding, I will be busy in that for few days. Aarti cheers her up saying, you will find a very handsome guy. Amita says, handsome, cute, understanding, and romantic. They both laugh and hug.

Amit is in the office. One of his staffs asks him if he can check some presentation so they can give presentation tomorrow. Amit says, I have a very important meeting tonight, so will check later.

Amita’s dadu’s friend has came to Amita’s house to show a rishta for Amita. He tells her family that Amita is a very blessed girl. Whichever home she goes to, will make that home a heaven. Amita comes there now and asks if her friend called. Dadu introduces her to his friend. Amita gets shocked when she finds out that dadu’s friend has came to show a rishta for her. Everyone stares at her, but then her mother tells her that her friend called and she said she will come in the evening. Amita leaves then.

After she leaves, dadu’s friend says seems like girl doesn’t want to get married. Her mother says, no it’s not like that.. you can show guys to us. He then shows guys photos to Amita’s family. First guy’s photo that he shows turns out to be Amit. He says that Amit is a very good guy. Amita’s family gets shocked. Dadu’s friend asks them if they know Amit. Amita’s mother says no and asks to another guy.

Amit is leaving the office. He’s in the car and ready to drive. Right then, Rohan comes there. He tells him that he should change his hair style, clothe etc.. Amit is not interested. Rohan asks so you will go like this to meet her? She is a stylish lady. Amit says, nothing wrong in this type of clothes.

Amit now comes to the restaurant. A lady comes to him and says, madam is waiting for you on other table. Amit goes to Snehal now.

He goes to her and says, Hi. Snehal says, sorry I didn’t see you coming. She then formally introduces herself to him. She offers her hand for the handshake, but when Amit tries to shake hand, she pulls it back. They sit down on a table now. Amit apologizes for coming late. Snehal says, you’re not late.. you’re on time. read updates daily only at desi Actually I have habit of coming early as I don’t like to waste a single minute. Amit talks with her in formal language saying “aap”. Snehal says, you talk too formal.. call me “tum”. Amit says, fine as you say so. Snehal asks him what are your hobbies? Amit answers asking her question, what are your hobbies? Snehal says, I love to travel, I like poetry, I love watching movies. She keeps talking and Amit just smiles looking at her talking.

But then manager comes to their table now. It’s same manager on whom Amit & Amita got angry other day for no reason. Amit tries to hide himself, but manager notices him and asks, you’re here? Snehal asks Amit if he comes to this restaurant regularly. Before Amit answers, manager says, he came yesterday and madam, who was with him, lost her phone… that’s how I remember. Manager goes on, they kept searching whole restaurant, and in end mobile was in madam’s bag. Snehal laughs. Amit feels embarrassing. After that manager gives an earring to Amit and says, when madam (Amita) was searching for her phone, she lost her earring. Since then I have kept it in my pocket, otherwise you would remind me of my responsibility again. Snehal says, nice earring and stares at Amit.

Next episode: Preeti tells Amita that Amit is not coming to a wedding party.
At wedding party, Amita is spraying perfume on everyone. Amit comes and she sprays perfume on him. Amit sneezes (seems like he has an allergy). Aarti tells Amita it’s Amit only.

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