Amita Ka Amit 14th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 14th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 14th October 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Amu warning him to leave from here in 2 days then it will be very good because people like you shouldn’t be here at all. I don’t want you here or to make any impression on anyone here. I will do everything which I have to do to stop him. He too retorts back saying you have already done what you wanted to. Now its my turn. I will get this place at any cost. Amu leaves from there in a huff. Amit angrily walks inside his room picking up a glass to throw it on floor but stops himself. He keeps it back on the side drawer table in irritation.

All the kids are celebrating a girl’s (Chinky) birthday. Amit’s sleep gets disturbed due to the noise. The kids are enjoying themselves. They shriek all the more loudly outside the window of his room. Amit is really pissed

off due to all the noise. He shouts at the kids to keep quiet. Who has a birthday in the morning? The kid’s retort we too dint knew earlier but we checked her records and got to know she was born in the morning. He calls them ill mannered and walks back inside his room. He goes to take bath but the mirror has a slogan written on it for him; shaving cream in the toothpaste tube instead; some shoe polish in the towel. He screams loudly. Amu and the kids enjoy themselves. The kids praise Amu’s planning. They also ask her how come she knew that uncle wakes up at this hour. Do you know him somehow? Amu declines. But I have done such planning a lot many times so I know. A servant brings tea for Amit. Amu notices this and gets mischievous. The kids sweetly ask that guy if he can help them.

Amit is getting ready when the servant brings tea for him. He spits out the tea as soon as he takes a sip. That guy also gave Amit a letter which he reads now. It reads – Khadus Uncle, this is just the beginning. If you don’t give up the idea of throwing us out then wait and watch what all is going to happen. Take our advice and leave from here or you will be in trouble. Amit crumples it in anger. Now even the kids are threatening me. They don’t know me. I will teach them a lesson. He storms outside and is met with the kids. Each kid holds up a bat, hocked stick or something to scare him up in their hands. Amu is standing right next to them. The kids say we are very dangerous. You will be safe only if you leave from here. Amit remarks it is you all who must go from here, not me…to some good place as looking at you I feel like you haven’t been taught manners by anyone. The kids drop their heads sadly. Amit softens down a little. Leave all these naughtiness and try to learn something nice. Think about your future, your career. Most importantly, try to be good people. Amu interrupts him. I don’t think you should lecture these kids about being nice. In fact, I think you shouldn’t lecture them on anything. You don’t have any right whatsoever. Who are you to say they are not taught rightly here? He counter questioningly asks her where was he wrong. She replies according to me you should look at yourself too. They aren’t doing anything wrong to you but rather you are doing it wrong. Plus, whatever is happening is all because of you. He says it looks like it isn’t mine but your mistake. You have taught them all this mischief. She says it might be. You told me to mind my work and you will do yours. I am doing that only. Is there some problem in that? He goes quiet and leaves from there.

Amit coincidentally meets Father. I am sorry but your kids are in the wrong hands. He tells him to calm down. What is it? Amit says that girl is telling them all the wrong things. If I would have been at your place I would have thrown her out. Father asks him if he is talking about Amu. Amit nods. Father assures him he will talk to her. No one will misbehave with you from now onwards. Amit leaves after thanking him.

Father asks Amu why she is behaving that ways with a guest. Amu comments he is here to throw us out. Who do you trust more? Me or that stone-hearted man who is only worried about his business and profit! We are only trying to be friends with him. But if you still think we are at fault then its ok. I am to be blamed and I am ready for the punishment also. He tells her to calm down. No one should behave that ways with him plus I shouldn’t get any complaints. She agrees. Amu comes out and Amit is waiting for her. It was a good attempt but not good enough. Your planning failed. She leaves from there. Amit stands there pissed.


Amu is sitting with all the kids quietly. The kids are sad that Amit complained to Father and now we cannot do anything. They suggest leaving cockroaches in his room but Amu declines. Amit is allergic to them. He gets ill. She was smiling recalling it all but then stops herself. Let us think of something else. A kid asks her how she knows so much about uncle. Amu has flashbacks of all their happier times. She replies just like I know you all. She gets up and stands next to the black board on the ground (to hide her tears from them). They wonder if there is no option left. One girl says If we get separate then I will miss you a lot. Amu turns to hug her reiterating the same. This is the reason we all should be together. We shouldn’t give up. Plus God will show us some way. All the kids get up to give her a big hug together. Amit comes there right then and sees them. He coughs a little to gain Amu’s attention. He waves at the kids and tries to participate with them. Amu slightly shakes her head towards the confused kids. He calls her aside as he wants to talk to her. Amu obliges.

Amu compliments the way he just spoke with the kids just now. They might become friends with you. He likes it as this makes him less bad. He next reminds her of her words that his planning was good but he still failed. I thought to tell you that however hard you try or plan it will all go to waste. My lawyer had come to meet me. He gave me court orders. She is confused. He hands her those papers. She is taken aback as she reads them.


Amit tells her it is a legal notice. It is clearly written here that if you don’t vacate this place in the coming 2 weeks then court will do it forcefully. Amu is shocked. How can someone do something like that? You cannot use your money and power like this. I will appeal the court. You are not doing it right. He replies I don’t have to do anything. I am the owner of this place I can do anything. I am telling you this that my attempt turned out to be successful. You have 2 weeks. Think! She leaves from there holding the papers.

Amu has come to the police station to seek help but the inspector clearly tells her they cannot do anything. She tries to make him see her point of view but he stays put. The deal is right that’s why the court is favouring them. She asks him if there can be any way out. He tells her that there is one way out for sure….if the owner of this land is ready to lease it to you once again then things can be in your favour. She says this is the very reason I came here to talk to you. He advices her to hire a lawyer in that case…but it can go on for years and can prove out to be very expensive. I don’t think you stand a chance though.

Amit is on call with his dad. Kirath tells him to not stay put in Lonavala over that land. I know a few people very well who can get it for us. Amit is thinking as he disconnects the call.

Amu comes back to the orphanage. She looks at the building and recalls her happy moments with the kids. She walks inside and sits on the steps near the cross. She recalls Amit’s words about the legal notice and that they have only 2 weeks’ time.

Precap: Amit is asleep but he wakes up with a start as he hears a child crying. The room seems like a haunted thingie and Amit gives out a loud scream as he is getting scared.

Update Credit to: pooja

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