Amita Ka Amit 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 14th January 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 14th January 2013 Written Update

Amita meets up her friends who are waiting for her in mall. She has got a makeover.3 of her friends are complementing her on how good she looks .She says she met with her crush ‘Suraj’. She later comes back home and her dad is clicking pics of her in phone .Her dad asks her mom to smile and stand beside amita and he clicks and pic and says that turned out to be a good picture as whenever amita’s mom smiles the whole room seems to light up.Amita’s parents complements her and Amita’s bro comes into the room and asks his parents to ask where she got the makeup from . Amita is like she got the make up from RR mall for free. he further taunts her asking was it fully free. Amita some how escapes from getting caught.
Later Amita conferences with her 3 friends and she discusses whether she should take number of Suraj from atul(her brother) .the friends suggests her to go ahead and ask her to utilize chance since amita has to return some money to Suraj. They tell her different ways to say hello .

Amita goes to Atul’s room he will be too busy with his talks on phone. Amita will be like she just came to say goodnight and he will be like even when a cockroach comes in her room she texts so it isnt possible she came just to say goodnight. Later she asks him Suraj’s number. He gives her number after a bit of teasing , Later he asks her whether she is into suraj . she will be like no way though she is thrilled.
She goes to her room and starts picking chits whetehr she should call or not . It always the chit “dont call Suraj “turns up so she plans not to call and is about to sleep. She gets a call from Suraj and shes too drumstruck to respond . Later he asks for a coffee with her the day after next day . She agrees.

She is too excited ,she doesnt get sleep. She plans on what to wear for the coffee date. She searches for her black bday dress . She doesnt find it in her cupboard . She goes to washing room and searches for it in washing machine. Her mom comes and tells her that dress was given for dry washing along with atul’s clothes. She then asks her what shes doing at 3 am in morning then Amita makes us some excuse.

Next day her friends turn up at home , she explains to them what all happened the previous night. Then she tells them she is confused as what to wear to the date.Her friends suggest her a dress and she tries it and its a bit tight .

They google how to loose weight , They get the tip that lemon and honey will reduce weight so her friends are like you will try it and not cheat by eating any sweet .

Later Amita goes to toilet and she keeps her phonr just above the flush box and she goes to change her dress and Suraj calls and she is about to pick that the phone falls into the european closet .

They take teh phone to service center where they are informed it will take around 2 days.

Amita calls up Atul and asks wheteher she got any call to which he says no.Amita feels Suraj wont call and she returns home depressed.

Her mom says her dad has sent sweet for her which she thinks she wont consume and later she ends up eating them as she think Suraj wont call. Atul comes in and have one sweet and tells her Suraj had called asking to pass the message to her about meeting him at 3 next day. Amita is shocked

Precap: Amita’s frnds advice her to let Suraj hold hands if he tries to. They wait for him .Later he turns up and says he have got something to saya nd Amita blushes.

Update Credit to: najmeen

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