Amita Ka Amit 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 14th February 2013 Written Update

The episode was very good and a light hearted one . I really loved the way the family of both Amita ad Amit were teasing both of them. A thoroughly enjoyable episode indeed and I loved it.


It starts of with Amit giving Amita a lift back to the restaurant so that she can pick up her phone. Again he reminds her that he has urgent work and to get into the car. She gets into the car and both are very uncomfortable.


They reach the restaurant and she goes to the table they where sitting in. A couple has occupied the table and Amita disturbs them and searches for the phone while they are eating. She as usual is clumsy and drops things down. The couple is very angry and the Manager has to intervene. Meanwhile the Manager shows the

agitated couple another table.

A very embarrassed Amita tells the manager that she left the phone behind sometime back and has come to search for it. She will be searching the table. An upset Amita tells the manager that her father had presented her the phone. Amit feeling sorry for her tells the Manager that we had just left the table sometime back and to ask the cleaning staff whether they saw it. The Manager is furious and tells are you accusing my staff of theft. Amit explains that he just wanted to check and he was not accusing anyone.

The Manager leaves to find out. The kindhearted Amit tells her to remember where she saw her phone the last time.
Amit gives his phone to Amita and asks her to call so that her phone will ring and they can locate it. She calls on the phone and then she suddenly remembers it is on Vibration mode and so she can’t hear it even if she calls.But by then she would have given the call. The Manager tells them that he staff have not seen the phone. Suddenly she finds something vibrating in her bag and she puts her hand in and finds the phone.
The Manager is wild and Amit and Amita are very embarrassed. The next scene is an very embarrassed Amita given an explanation for the mistake and irritating Amit even more. To give him credit he just forgets what happened and they reach her house. She is still in a daydream when he calls her and then tells I am late for a meting so please get down. She gets out of the car and before she finishes telling him thanks, he drives away.


She tells her mother about the incident and her mother teases her. She asks her whether she knows the truth and Amita tells she knows. Both of them have misunderstood each other. Amu’s mother she has found out that Amit rejected her. But Amita thinks about something else.

She tells her mother that he is not as bad as he seems and he helped her find her phone and even dropped her home. But they are so different from each other two opposite poles, so they can never marry. She prays to God for it.


Amit reaches home looking very tired and met by his mother. She asks him why he is looking so tired. He very tired and irritated tells he was driving the whole day and meeting people whom he does not know and one he never wants to know. She tells him okay Dil Chota Mat kar. Then she asks about Sanjay and his match. He tells her I think it would be fixed. Then she again says Dil Chota Mat kar. She asks about Snehal and he informs her he did not get a call from him. She repeats the dialogue and he tells her that dialogue is very irritating. She informs him that Snehal’s Bio-data and snaps are in his room.


Amita will be talking with her brother and he as usual will be teasing her about that phone matter. Then she checks her phone to prove to him that she made a few calls. While checking the call log she finds the missed call. The absent minded Amita thinks she received a call and she will call Amit.


Amit’s mother picks up the phone and thinking it is Snehal gives the phone to Amit. Amit answer the phone and realizes its Amita. Amita realizes that its Amit and starts apologizing again. He then puts the phone down only to be teased by his Mother, Daadi and Naani.

He goes to his room and finds Rohan going through Snehal’s Bio-data. He snatches the papers and reads it. She is good in studies and extra curricular activities. She is also going to launch an IPO.

Rohan asks him to come out with him and Riya but he refuses saying he has work. Now its Rohan’s time to tease him saying that he knows he is waiting for Snehal’s call.

Naani comes and tells him to call Snehal. He tells lets wait till tomorrow. She has already postponed the meeting today.

PRECAP: Amit going to the Restaurant and meeting Snehal. But the scene freezes before they can show her face..

Update Credit to: Anu

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