Amita Ka Amit 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 13th May 2013 Written Update

Amita gives medicine to Baa who happily takes it and gulps it down. Kirath tells her to leave for her home now as Baa is alright. She denies. I will leave only after giving the medicines for whole day to Baa. Nani says if Amit would have been here now then he would be so proud of her. She thinks I wish he was here. Since he has left I’m thinking this only.

Fallu comes there calling out to Baa. She shoots all her questions at once. Kirath asks her to calm down and look at Baa first. She does and Baa asks if she is a Taj Mahal that he told you to look at me and you are doing so. Fallu says Baa you are fine then why did Ria. She says I too felt I had a heart attack for the pain was immense but Ammu understood that it is gas. Fallu looks at her and asks you are here?
Kirath answers

for her. Where else would she be? She is here since Baa has fallen ill. Fallu recalls Ria’s words. Amita has gone to her parent’s house. Fallu asks she left Baa in such state? Ria tells her she was here only when Baa started feeling ill but then she left. Fallu is annoyed. She says Ria, remember next time don’t make a call to me without full knowledge. Ria apologizes to her. Tina is angry and supports Ria by putting a hand on her shoulder.
Nani says you needn’t come back. Your responsible daughter-in-law is here. You dint have to do so. Fallu looks at Ammu lovingly and thanks her. ammu asks her if Amit has gone to Surat. Fallu denies. An excited Ammu is about to rush out when Fallu stops her. she recalls what she had said to Amit. I am going inside. You go right now and get her back here from her parent’s house. She left Baa in this condition. I know that she was needed there but she must understand her priorities. She tells her that he had some urgent work outside. Ammu nods.

Kajal’s dad does Atul’s aarti and next Varsha does Kajal’s. She makes her wear the chain selected by Ammu. Kajal rues the one who selected the chain isn’t here herself.
Just then door bell rings. Hemant gets up to check if Ammu has come. He is surprised to find Amit. How come you came all of a sudden? You were to leave for Surat? He asks him to come in and Amit enters inside. He tells them that he was on his way to head to Surat only but had to return. He asks about Amita. Kajal replies this you will tell. He asks Hemant who too denies. They all deny that she dint pick no one’s phone. Amit’s phone rings and he excuses himself.

Amit asks her about Baa’s condition. Fallu replies that she is perfectly fine now. amit says Ammu is…Fallu completes for him. She isn’t there I know. It was my fault only. She is here since morning. Actually Baa had gas which everyone guessed to be a heart attack. But Ammu took care of her by using a home remedy. Amit, I dint tell her that you have gone to her parent’s house. You too don’t tell her. He agrees not to. After disconnecting the call, he is happy. She took so much care of Baa. He goes back and sits with everyone again.

Varsha asks him if everything is fine. He replies yes they don’t have to worry about anything till Ammu is there. Actually Ammu couldn’t come because Baa suddenly fell ill. She is taking care of her.
All smile hearing this and feel relieved too. Hemant asks about Baa’s health. Amit assures him that she is fine now. ammu is coming too.
Hemant tells Varsha, see I told you there must be some reason why she hasn’t come. She smiles back. Amit in an assuring way puts a hand at Hemant’s shoulder. No issue, at least one of us could make it. Hemant notices the gesture and smiles happily. He says let us continue with the rituals and preps now. Amit asks if they have some work for him. Kajal sweetly says they do. She cant find her father. All laugh. He gets up to find him.

Amit is searching every room to find Kajal’s dad. Finally he finds him talking on phone. I have submitted all my papers to you 2 months back only. I have completed all procedures everything. But my medi-claim has still not been cleared. How can you do this to me? It is my daughter’s wedding you please try to understand this. The customer care person disconnects the phone. He speaks to himself in worry. How will Kajal’s marriage happen? What do I do now?
Amit comes up to him. Kajal’s dad immediately hides his worries and smiles up to him. Amit says I have heard everything. Please share your problem with me. Amita’s dad is just like my dad and you too are equal in status. Maybe I can help you in some way. I request you. Kajal’s dad shares that he had saved money for Kajal’s wedding but when he fell ill, he had to use all that money back then. His medi-claim hasn’t been cleared either. I cant understand what I do now. Amit questions him why dint you share all this with me earlier? Kajal’s dad replies how and what. I want you to promise me that what I have shared with you, you wont share it with anyone else. Amit promises him. But he asks for a promise from him too. Whenever you need anything call me. He shares his card and phone number with him. Kajal’s dad thanks him.

Ammu gives chaach (buttermilk) to Baa. Fallu and Nani smiles seeing her taking care of Baa so much. Baa compliments her that your mother-in-law was giving me tea in this heat. You did right. You are very intelligent. Nani too commends her. ammu says she dint make it. She brought it from outside. She doesn’t know how to make it.
All 3 of them smile seeing Ammu;s innocence. Nani says no problem. It was a good idea. Fallu says now we are here you can go to your parent’s house. Hemchand Jewellers will come in your way. Get something from there as a shagun for Kajal. I will pay them later. Ammu smiles happily and leaves from there. Nani says someone is liking her daughter-in-law. Fallu dismisses her point. She is our daughter-in-law how she can go empty handed.


Ammu comes to Patel House. Hemant was going out but she stops him. She asks him to come inside with her and he obliges happily.
Atul taunts her you got free now. She replies she was about to come but. Varsha interrupts her. We were waiting for you. Even Kajal’s dad left. She wonders. All try to hide their smile.
Varsha says you dint tell us. Here we were waiting for you and there you were taking care of Baa. Ammu doesn’t realise first what her mum said and apologizes. As soon as she realises, she asks how you know about it. Did mummy ji or papa ji called you up? Atul says aakashvaani hui (message / announcement / sound came from the sky). Varsha tells her no, Amit Kumar came. She shows him to her. He is speaking to someone on phone. She smiles broadly.
Varsha tells her daughter couldn’t came but son-in-law did. He spent his whole afternoon here. She turns to look at him and the sweet background music breaks in in the background. She is all smiles seeing him. She goes after him but before she can reach him, he goes inside.

Kajal sees a bag in Ammu hands. She is excited as it must be a gift for her. She asks Ammu to show it who denies. She says I will show it to Amit first and her later. Kajal asks Varsha to see what Ammu is doing. Varsha sweetly replies she is looking very beautiful. Everyone breaks in to smile. Hemant gives her a flying kiss. She goes in to show the gift to Amit.
She calls out to him but he gestures her to wait. She doesn’t listen and continue speaking. See, what I have got. He asks the caller to hold and then says to Ammu, I am on a call. What are you doing? She tries to show it to him but he walks out from there. She is disappointed.


Varsha is happy that everyone has come together for the wedding. Atul jokes that then he should get married 4-5 times. Kajal tells him try it once.
Varsha and Ammu’s dada ji asks for Amit. Everyone wonders when and where he has gone. He dint even inform anyone. Ammu manages saying she forgot to tell that he got an urgent call from office so had to leave. Ammu rings Amit but he disconnects her call.

Amit has gone to meet Kajal’s dad. He says you dint keep your promise. Kajal’s dad says you are the son-in-law of the house where my daughter is going. You came here to meet me that is more than enough. Its ok now.
Amit says nothing is fine. I came to know that you are selling off your shares at low prices. Why? He doesn’t listen to him and signs a cheque for him. Amit says you can return me the money once your medi-claim comes. Hemant had entered Kajal’s house by then and hides to listen to their convo.
Kajal’s dad tries to decline but in vain. Amit says now Kajal is a part of our family too. If my small help can create happiness in your life then I would be more than happy. If you don’t take this cheque then I will think you don’t consider me your son. You must take it for me. I want the wedding to be the way you wanted to. He gets up to leave. Hemant exits before he can see him. Amit leaves and doesn’t notice Amita’s dad. Hemant has flashback of Ammu’s words. I am getting to learn his qualities one by one. The more we will get to know each other the more sooner things will be fine. He smiles. You were right Ammu. He is a great human being. Now I don’t have to worry about you anymore.

Precap: Amita says you don’t understand how tough it is to hide the truth. Amit tries to say something but she doesn’t let him speak. Do you even realise how difficult it is to pretend or lie in front of your own family? He is annoyed and replies I too am tired to put up this drama but things will be fine once he leaves for the US.

Update Credit to: pooja

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