Amita Ka Amit 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 13th February 2013 Written Update

Amit comes outside to talk on the phone. Amita sees him and quickly gets in the car and hides herself. She prays Amit leaves from there soon. Amit finishes with his call and then looks at the open door of the car. He doesn’t bother to go and check and leaves from there. Preeti calls Amita and asks her to come fast. Amita gets worried seeing Amit going to same place. But as she got call from Preeti, she has no choice, but to go. She comes to the table where Amit, Sanjay, Preeti, and Aarti are sitting already. Preeti first introduces Sanjay to Amita. Amita then tells her friends, do you know whom I saw here? Then she looks beside her and finds Amit sitting there. Sanjay introduces Amit to Amita. Amita’s friends then realize it’s same Amit with whom Amita’s marriage

talks were going on. Amit and Amita awkwardly look to each other. Sanjay asks Amit if he knows Amita already. Amit ignores the question.

Sanjay then asks Preeti to go somewhere with him as he wants to talk alone with her. They leave. Amita was also leaving, but Aarti, her friend, pulls her hand asks her to sit down. Aarti then asks Amit, wouldn’t you order anything? Both Amit and Amita call a waiter on the same time. After that, both put their hand together on the menu. Aarti is having fun with them two. Amit then tells Amita, it’s okay, ou can order. Amita just flips pages, but is lost in some thoughts. Aarti then tells Amita, menu card is other way around. Aarti now gets an urgent call so she also leaves. Amit and Amita are left alone.

Amita starts the conversation. She apologizes to him for rejecting him, but Amit was busy on call and he didn’t listen anything. He asks her if she said anything. Amita says nothing. Amit then says, I think we should order something now. Waitress asks Amita what she will eat. Amita replies, “Don’t know”. Amit whispers, there is no “don’t know” in menu here. Amita asks him if he said anything. Amita says no. Amita then orders Kulfi Faluda. Waitress then asks Amit what he will eat. Before Amit answers, Amita cuts him in a middle and tells waitress, actually no..Kulfi Faluda would be little heavy at this time, right? Amit asks Amita, you’re asking that to waitress? Amita says, yes.. they serve food to everyone all the time so they should know what we should at this time. Waitress says there are a lot of things to eat, what do you want to eat? Amita says, ice-tea or masala tea. Amit again talks with himself, ice-tea is a cold and masala tea hot.. she doesn’t even know whether she wants to drink hot or cold drink. Amita asks him if he said anything. Amit again says, nothing. He has got very irritated and looks at Sanjay’s table, but he’s busy talking with Preeti.

Aarti gives this news to one of her friends. Her friend tells her not to go back for a while and allow Amit and Amita to talk.

Amita is still not sure what to order. She asks waitress to come back later. Amit stops waitress and tells Amita at least to order something for her friend. Amita says, yes Preeti cares a lot about what she eats. She only eats healthy food. Amit orders salad. Amita says, no. Amit says, you just said she eats healthy food. Amita says, yes and that is why she don’t eat fruits that are cut hours before. Amit is getting irritated. He then says, I will order milk then. Amita laughs and asks, milk at this age? Only mumma’s boys drink milk. Amit proudly says, I do drink milk. Amita stops laughing now. She changes topic and says, Aarti will eat anything, let us order for her. read updates daily only at desi Amit orders coffee for him and Aarti and tells waitress to take order from Preeti’s table. Amita asks what about me? Amit gives her two options, cold coffee or coffee. Amita asks what kind of option is that? What if I don’t like coffee? Amit then orders 1 coffee and 1 tea. Waitress leaves.

Amita asks Amit, when did I decide what I want? Amit says, if you don’t like coffee then drink tea. That way time will be saved too. Amita looks irritated now. Amit hides his face behind a newspaper and pretends to be reading it, but in real he is looking at Amita. Amita takes a tissue and pretends to be writing.

Preeti asks Sanjay, girls in London must be very pretty, right? Sanjay says, yes, but not as pretty as Indian girls. Preeti feels shy. Sanjay says, I didn’t know Indian girls still shy. Preeti first says she wasn’t shying, but then accepts it.

A kid comes near Amit’s table and tries to look at his face. Amita notices the kid and remembers what happened other day when they met. She quickly pulls the kid back and kid falls down and starts crying. His mother runs to Amit’s table.

Amit asks Amita what she was trying to do. Amita says, I was just trying to save poor kid. Amit asks, but from whom? Amita points at Amita, but doesn’t say his name. Kid’s mother tells Amita, What my kid did that you scared him this much? He was just trying to look at his face. If you really have to hide your husband’s face, then you should have left him as home. Amit asks, me and husband? Kid’s mother continues, today’s girls have any type of mother’s love.. when you will have your own kids, you will know. Amit returns purse to the lady saying aunty. Kid’s mother asks him with attitude, who you called aunty to? She (Amita) is like an aunty. Lady leaves with her kid. Amit asks Amita to sit down. Amita tells him, that aunty was thinking that we are.. Amit asks, “we”?

Aarti finally returns. Amita asks, “urgent call” takes this long? Aarti says, you’re getting angry as if I left you here alone. Amit was here to give you company, right? Amita is annoyed but controls herself.

Aarti asks Amit what he does in his free time. Amit says, I plan my day so there is no free time. Amita gets shocked. Aarti asks Amit, that means you work whole day? Amit says, no.. I have simple hobbies too such as reading newspaper, watching action movies, watching news, clearing mail box, etc etc. Amita whispers to herself, “so boring”. Aarti laughs and also says, very interesting. Amita looks at Aarti with an angry look. Waitress comes with the coffee. Aarti asks Amita, wow how did you know that I wanted to have coffee? And what is this? You’re drinking tea? That too without samosa? Amita again looks at with angry look. Sanjay and Preeti come back.

Amit asks Sanjay, if you are done, then can we leave? I have some work. Amita also says that her mum would be waiting for her. Aarti then says that she has to go somewhere near here. Preeti says that she will drop Aarti, but Aarti tells her, you must be going with Sanjay, right? Sanjay tells Preeti, sure.. if you can drop me to my home, then I don’t have any problem. He gives his car key to Amit and tells him to drop Amita at her home. Amita says, no, I will take an auto. But Sanjay says, Amit has kept his whole day free for me, he wouldn’t mind dropping you. Amit doesn’t want to drop Amita, but has no choice but to agree for Sanjay.

Amit is already sitting in the car. Amita is still standing outside. He tells her, you will at least have to sit in the car to go home, right? Amita sits down. Amit tries to turn on the car, but it doesn’t start. Amita says, if there’s any problem in car, then I will take an auto. Right then, car starts.

In car, they are feeling awkward with each other. Amita adjusts side mirror to see her face. Amit cannot see things properly now. He asks her what are you doing? Please change the mirror like how it was.

Amit asks whether to take right or left from where they are. Amita asks you don’t know directions to my house? Amit says, it is your house. Amita says, I only know one direction and it’s not this. She tells him to stop the car and she will ask her dad. Amit stops the car and whispers to himself, seems like today is never going to end. Amita cannot find her phone. She tells Amit, I forgot my phone in the restaurant.. we will have to go back. Amit says, but I have a meeting. Amita says, I will take an auto and she gets off the car. She’s searching for an auto, but cannot find one. Amit looks her sad face from his car mirror, and decides to go back to her. He asks her to sit in the car. Amita is thinking what to do and episode ends.

Next episode: Amita calls on Amit’s number and Amit’s mother picks it up. Amita says, I got a miscall from this number so thought to call on it. Amit’s mother says, it’s my son Amit’s number. Amita right away says, sorry by mistake I called back. Amit’s mother thinks it’s Snehal and asks Amita to hold. She calls Amit. Amit then talks with Amita.

Update Credit to: Bhumi

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