Amita Ka Amit 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 12th February 2013 Written Update

It begins with Preeti and Aarti coming to Amita’s house. When they enter, they see Amita’s brother, Atul, and they tease him. Atul gets annoyed and tells them Amita is in her room and he leaves. Right then, Amita’s dadu comes there in an angry mood. He tells them your friendship has spoiled Amita’s life, and everything is going wrong with Amita. He leaves in anger.

In Amita’s room, she apologizes to her friends for dadu’s behavior. She says Dadu was angry at me and scolded you both. Aarti tells Amita no matter what Dadu says, don’t say yes for Amit. Preeti tells Aarti this is the reason Dadu said that Amita got spoiled because of our friendship. Preeti and Aarti start arguing, but Amita says Amit’s chapter is done now so stop arguing.

Amita then asks why they are at her house so early. Preeti says Sanjay and me are meeting tomorrow and I want you both to come with me. Amita gets excited as if it’s her marriage talkings.

Amita’s father is at his sweets’ shop. Amit comes there to buy sweets. They feel awkward talking with each other. Amit says I came to buy sweets here as someone told me this shop sells good sweets. He’s leaving, but Amita’s father stops him and gives him some sweets to taste. Amit likes and Amita’s father tells shop worker to pack 2 k.g for him. They are talking with each other and Atul (Amita’s brother) comes there. Amita’s father introduce Atul to Amit. Amit says to Atul, oh you pay the mobile bill. Atul gets surprised and goes, WHAT! Amit then says, nothing. Amita’s father sends Atul inside to see whether sweets are packed or no.

Atul goes inside and right away calls Amita and asks, why do you have to tell everyone that I pay your mobile bill? Amita says, it’s good thing it means you’re my good brother, and by the way whom did I say about mobile bills? She then realizes that she told this to Amit. She gets shocked. Atul tells her Amit is at our shop. Amita loudly says, what Amit is doing there? Her friends hear her conversation and after the call, they start teasing her. Amita’s friends ask her what is he doing at your shop? There are so many shops out there. Amita says that she doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know either. Her decision is final of not marrying to Amit.

Amit returns home with the sweets. Sanjay and his grandma are there already and eating lunch with Amit’s family. Rhea comes out with pasta. Amit is getting irritated with Rhea and Tina’s way of talking and greeting to each other. Sanjay’s grandma is impressed with Rhea and tells Tina, your daughter-in-law is so good. She goes to club, cooks good.. she knows everything. Sanjay asks Amit to go with him to see Preeti as Preeti’s two friends are also going with her. Amit’s mother says he is busy because he has to go to meet Snehal. Amit tells Sanjay that he would have definitely went but timing came wrong. Tina suggests Amit can meet Snehal after meeting Preeti. Now Amit’s mother starts praising Snehal and says, she’s a business woman, she must be busy. Amit gets lost in Snehal’s thoughts and cannot stop smiling.

Amita is with her grandma. Amita receives a phone call. Her hands are dirty so she puts phone on the speaker. It’s Aarti, but she talks in a man’s voice, pretending to be Amit. She says, I am Amit and I went to your shop to ask your hand from your father. I cannot marry anyone else. Amita is confused and surprised, but soon she finds out it’s Aarti, her friend. Aarti asks Amita you got scared right? Amita says, obviously Amit’s call is nothing less than a nightmare. Aarti reminds her to be at Preeti’s house on time tomorrow.

On next morning, one side Amit is getting ready, and other side Amita is getting ready. As usual Amita is getting late. She is not finding her earrings. Her mother tells her, guy is coming to see Preeti, not you. Amita says, oh yeah and leaves.

Amit is polishing his shoes. His grandma tells him girl is coming to see you, not your shoes. Amit’s mother and nani are too excited and helping him in getting ready. When Amit is about to leave, his mother says Snehal’s mother called and said that Snehal won’t be able to meet you today as she got some urgent work. Amit is all disappointed. He says destiny wants me to go with Sanjay today.

Preeti, Aarti, Amita are going to a restaurant to see Sanjay. Aarti and Preeti are making fun of Amita how she got scored yesterday thinking it was Amit’s call in real. Preeti says she is very nervous. Whereas Amita says she is very exicted.

Other side, Sanjay is also nervous and asking Amit how to impress Preeti. Amit tells him there is a natural charm inside you, just use that. Amit then laughs saying, look at your face.. natural charm? Sanjay tells him, you’re so funny. I wish I was funny like you, then I could impress Preeti like that. They reach the restaurant now.

Preeti and her friends also arrive. Preeti gets a call from Sanjay. Preeti tells him that they are here too. Aarti then says that she forgot her phone inside car. Amita tells Aarti to go with Preeti as Sanjay is waiting already and she will bring her phone.

Amit receives an urgent call from the office. He goes outside to talk.

When Amita is returning, she sees Amit and wonders what he is doing there. She doesn’t want him to see her so she tries to hide.

Next episode: Amita is hiding in the car and hoping Amit leaves from there soon. Amit finishes with his call and then looks closely at the car in which Amita is hiding.

Update Credit to: Bhumi

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