Amita Ka Amit 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 12th December 2013 Written Update

Kajri brings tea to Amit and he throws it away. Everyone is shocked. Amit tells Kajri not to act in front of him as he knows all truth about her. Family members ask what’s happening and what truth. Amit says he will tell everything, but before that he asks Amita to get Raunak from the room. Amita is going, but Kajri stops her and says she won’t find Raunak there. Everyone gets shocked. Amita starts crying and begs Kajri to give Raunak to her. Amit tells Amita that she doesn’t need to beg to her. Family members are still confused. Amit tells Kajri’s truth to everyone and says Amita was always right. His mother gets mad and slaps Kajri. This has no effect on Kajri. She instead says someone slapped after long time and she enjoyed it. Amita tells Kajri, I had explained

to you everything right, then why again? Please tell where Raunak is. I can’t live without him. Kajri screams at her, if you can’t live without him, then how can I? I am his real mother. She tells everyone not to follow her or call police, else it won’t be good for Raunak. If Suryansh/Raunak cannot be hers, then he can’t be anyone else’s either. She leaves. Amita cries. Amit tells her it’s not time to cry, you brought her truth to everyone, now we have to find Raunak. Amita says she clearly said not to follow her else she will harm Raunak. Amit says they don’t have any other option. Amita says there is. They can take Kajri’s husband’s help.

Amit and Amita come to Kajri’s husband. They explain everything to him. He says he is very sorry for what happened to them, but he can’t help them. Amita requests him. He says after their child died, Kajri gone mad and mental by listening to tantriks. Amita tells him if he can’t help them, then there is no need to show sympathy either. She blames him and says he is also responsible for Kajri’s act. If he hadn’t thrown her out of the house, and instead tried to explain to her and took care of her, then Kajri wouldn’t have kidnapped Raunak. She says he still can correct his mistake. Kajri’s husband gets ready to help them and ask what he will have to do. Amit and Amita are very happy. Amita tells him their plan.

Kajri’s husband meets her. Kajri says she never expected he would call her to meet after how he thrown her out of the house. He keeps Kajri busy in talking while Amit and Amita search for Raunak. They show Raunak’s photo to everyone, but no one knows anything about Raunak. Kajri’s husband is talking with her, but is looking elsewhere and Kajri doubts him.

Precap: Amit and Amita back to their house. Amita stops family members from going against Kajri and doing anything silly. She says Kajri has risked her life many times for Raunak. Amit’s mum asks how she can say all this with so much confidence. Amita says she is a mother who has lost her child and can do anything to get him back. Later, Amit and Amita (in disguise) come to the same tantrik whom Kajri used to meet.

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