Amita Ka Amit 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 11th July 2013 Written Update

Amit and Amita are standing under the mattress AND IT IS RAINING (wow what an idea sir ji ). She repeats that she had told him before about the rains. He is pissed off. How would I know if you are saying for real? She stays put with her words. You always watch news yet you dint see the weather forecast today. he asks her then what is the need to stand here lets go down. She denies. I don’t want to eat at home today. He tells her to listen before saying anything. I was talking abut going out only. She nods. We will watch a movie too. He opts for action movie. She declines. We will watch a romantic movie. They both fight over action or romantic. In romantic movies, hero heroine are busy singing around the trees (they are not monkeys to remind you Mr. Amit Shah). She explains her stance of

action. One hero kills all the villains that too in one go. Plus when he gets hit by a bullet, he doesn’t murmur a single ouch but when the heroine starts applying ointment to his wounds then he acts all delicate (lol….I too used to wonder this. Mard ko dard nahi hota comes with a conditions apply sort of package I guess ). He offers to watch both making her all the more excited. Do you know where are we going? She nods in a yes – first for a movie then for lunch. He tells her that it would be their first date. She smiles happily. They both get lost looking at each other and are shown coming closer for a kiss! JUST WHEN, FALLU CALLS OUT TO AMITA (what a way to spoil the moment I tell you ). Ammu replies coming mummy ji. Amit too repeats her words. Coming mummy ji (though a bit pissed off…we can understand your emotions lover boy!).

They close the door of the terrace. Amit tells her not to waste too much time in dressing up. Fallu again calls out for Ammu. See, who is here. Ammu looks over and notices her parents. She is overjoyed. She runs and hugs both of them while Amit too follows her. They all exchange greetings. Amit comments about their coming as surprise (I know, first rain, then mummy ji and now your mummy ji and papa ji awwww). Hemant replies that it was actually he who surprised them by not going to US. Ammu smiles. Tina comes there. She comments that it is the time of surprises some are good and some are…(bad). Everyone goes quiet. You would have known by now how Rohan has embarrassed me. fallu diverts the topic. She suggests Ammu to take her parents her room. So, ammu leaves with her parents for her room.

Hemant and Varsha share their happiness over Amit staying back in India. I am so happy that you stopped him from going to US. Well, I knew would after all you are my daughter (proud papa ). I never used to let your mother go to her parents place as well. I always used to make some excuse for her to stay back. Ammu doesn’t take credit for stopping Amit. He got to know about Rohan so he stopped. Her mother says, I am your mother and can tell what’s in your heart by looking in your eyes. Now tell us everything. Ammu blushes. All the misunderstandings between me and Amit are over now. Her parents are super happy. varsha tells her that this is just the beginning. It will be a very long journey so they both would have to work very hard towards making it successful (my mum never gave me such advice….oh! silly me, m not married yet…this short term memory loss is very annoying -sob- ).

Amit is heading towards his room (stop missing your wife when she is away for 5 minutes mr.lover boy ) when Fallu (mummmmyyy jiiiii) stops him. Are you going to your room? Let Ammu talk with her parent’s for some time. Amit tells her that he is just going to wish Jai Shree Krishna to them (my elbow slipped off from the sofa ). Fallu is confused. You just wished them. He very cutely replies that she has only taught him to greet elders (what a time to follow what your mother says, ha ha!). fallu is surprised. What has happened to you? He turns to go again but Fallu announces that Ammu’s parents are coming over.

Everyone insist them to have food with them. They decline but on everyone’s insistence they stay back. When they agree, Amit lets out a shocked reaction but then controls himself. Ammu sweetly apologizes to him.
At the dining table, Amit sends an sms to Amita. she doesn’t look at her phone and continues serving food. Amit tells her to look at the phone. She tells she will check later but checks when Amit insists. She checks and smiles reading the message. Fallu asks for the sender. Ammu at first tells it is some stalker but then says that it was just a message announcing sales and talk time recharges. Fallu smiles. I too get them. Ammu smiles while Amit is disappointed.
Amit and amita are serving ice cream to everyone. Hemant thanks them for the food and dessert. We should leave now or else we will keep talking till it is dinner time. Amit thinks of something. We are going out only we will drop you. Hemant declines. We are just heading to offer prayers in the temple. Amit nods. He goes out after telling Ammu to come fast. Fallu tells them to come back early. amit gets upset. I haven’t even left yet and you are asking about returning. Ammu calmly replies that they will come on time.

Amit is waiting outside for Ammu. By now, we would have been back. Ammu comes back apologizing profusely for the delay. I couldn’t let mummy ji do all the kitchen work all alone. I will tell my parents to call before coming next time. Amit denies. They are your parents from birth (WHAT? Do you change parents occasionally or what? Hilarious ) while I am your new hubby (anyone has an old one…I cant control my laughter and no smilies can help). Ammu bursts out laughing. Parents from birth? Where should we be going now? he thinks of somthing but doesn’t tell her…surprise!!

They reach some place. She gets excited. This is your college? He nods back. You look like one of those studious kids on the block who would even prefer to study on a Sunday. Its all written over your face. She hides a smile while he looks away trying to look cool to his wife (aww cute attempt). He comments that if he wanted to impress her then he would have showed her his mark sheet. She gets happy. So I was right about you being studious. He goes quiet.
They approach the guard introducing himself as an ex-student. The guard denies admittance as it is a holiday. Amit tries to request him but he permit them so they go from there.
Amita shares her disappointment on not being able to see his college. I wanted to see your favourite spots where you would be sitting studying Accounts or Maths. He offers to show her through a secret back entry (which goes from a school). She gets excited. They finally reach his college past all the swings and slides. They are enjoying their time together looking around when the guard comes yelling at them. They run off with the guard following them. They hide under a slide while the guard goes to look for them in some other direction. They suddenly realise they are standing too close to each other. They come closer for another (oops, forgot the first one dint happen) kiss when the guard calls out to them. They finally make an exit from the same back door entry.

They stop after all the running and smile happily. ammu shares how she never had thought in her dreams that she would be running with him. it was so much fun. Amit realises that he forgot to lock his car. Ammu comments that no one would be sitting inside or would have stolen it (indicating the coming of Pratik and Amyra from Issaq movie). They come back to where their car is parked. Amit sighs relieved. They sit in the car when the movie actors appear from the backseat. Amyra says hi to them. They both turn shocked and Ammu lets out a huge scream (I mean continuous aaaaaaaa ). Amit tells them not to shoot a bullet but take all they want and leave them. Ammu shouts again. Pratik denies it being thus. Amit comments means you are thieves like old time who carry knives (rampuri….I have one at my home ). Ammu shouts again. Pratik shouts at her to be quiet. Amit gives him a look but Pratik tells that he had no other option. Please let us hide here for sometime or they will catch us. Amit is puzzled. Who? See, we are very simple people who don’t want to be amidst any trouble. Amyra tells them to help them as they have run away from their home. Now, our love queen turns all smiles (you look adorable). You are lovers! Amit tells her to be quiet. Amyra explains how their families hold an age old enmity. They will separate us or might even kill us if they find us. Ammu offers to help but Amit declines. We don’t want to be in any trouble because of you. Please get off the car. Ammu tells him not to be so stone hearted. These lovers are our guests and one shouldn’t ward off the guests – athithi devo bhava! Pratik tells them how they have no place to go. We will be boarding the train tomorrow. ammu offers them to stay with them at their home in their room. Our room and our hearts are very big (we know sweetie ). Amit is appalled. They cannot stay with us. This is my last decision. I will drop you at taxi stand. Ammu looks at him pleadingly, sweetly….please please please! He agrees finally. She gets excited.

Fallu is taking Baa to her room just when Amit and Amita are coming back. Fallu asks about their whereabouts. Why were you not picking the phone? Amit immediately denies doing anything (so sweet just like a 5 year old does after doing something and doesn’t want to tell anyone <3). Fallu is confused while he says he did the right thing. he diverts her to cook something for him. but Ammu reminds him that he needs to work on a presentation before having food. He nods realising about their secret guests. Fallu tells them how Nani is putting a new mattress in their room for he had wet the last one (lol….he spilled a glass of water dint wet it stop teasing him ). He tells his mom not to say so as it sounds so weird. All smile. He realises that Nani has just gone to their room and makes Ammu notice it. They both run from there while Fallu and Baa watch them surprised. Nani is guiding the servant how to put the mattress when she hears some noise coming from the bathroom. She tries to cross check with the servant but he denies hearing anything. She gets up to check. The door is locked from inside. She wonders if there is a thief inside. The servant starts shouting but she stops him telling him to check first. As he tries to open the door, Amit and Ammu come running there. He denies anyone being inside. She doesn't agree with him. is it some ghost inside then? The door seems to be locked from inside. He offers to open it even though Ammu signals him not to. Precap: Amit and Amita are with the Pratik and Amyra in their own room. Ammu is super excited. What are your names? Pratik says Rahul while Amyra says, Bacchi and we are from Benaras. Amit comments to Ammu, she doesn’t look like one (Bacchi) [ sir ji don’t even go about how our parents name us when we are small…all the unique but cute names ]. Bacchi explains that it is her name only. Ammu comments that their story is so filmy just like Romeo and Juliet. Pratik says why not as hum inse ISSAQ (name of the movie) jo karte hain – I love her.

Update Credit to: pooja

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