Amita Ka Amit 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 11th February 2013 Written Update

Amita comes to Preeti’s house and she tells them what a research they did (for guy). Preeti apologizes to Amita. Amita tells her not to apologize. Amita’s friends then ask her how did her meeting go with Amit. Amita says he is so strange.. he’s so boring. He was also fighting with kid, so I rejected his rishta. Her friends get shocked. Amita says I don’t know I just didn’t like him and my parents told me that I can say no. She asks them, I did right thing, right? Her friends say yes, you did right thing for the first time and they hug.

Amit’s friend (Sanjay) is asking him whether his family will like the girl or no. Someone named Parekhji is showing girls pictures to Sanjay’s family. Amit’s mother and nani are helping Sanjay’s dadi/nani in finding girl. Amit’s

nani asks him to come and find girl as well and who knows he may like one girl. Amit goes and starts checking out pictures. He sees one of the girl’s photo and keeps staring at it and keeps smiling at it. When his mother asks him to show it to her, he says nothing and drops it on the table. Amit’s mother quietly picks it up and puts it in her purse. Sanjay finally comes to check the pictures and he sees Preeti’s photo and likes her.

On the other hand, Amita, Preeti and her friend are gossiping about marriage. Amita says we always talk about my wedding. When will you start searching for the guy? Preeti says, it will happen when time comes. Preeti tells Amita if she’s not getting late as they don’t want to discuss marriage stuff. Amita is leaving and at the same time phone rings. Preeti asks Amita to pick up. Amita picks it up and it’s Parekhji’s call. Amita calls Preeti’s mum out saying it’s some Parekh uncle’s phone. Preeti and her friend also rushes out hearing Parekhji’s name. As Preeti’s mum hands are dirty, Amita puts phone on the speaker. Parekhji congratulates Preeti’s mum and says that he found a perfect guy for Preeti. Amita finally finds out about Preeti’s marriage and is shocked and surprised. Parekhji goes on that guy loved Preeti’s photo. Preeti’s mum asks for the guy’s name. Parekhji replies, Amit Shah. Amita, Preeti are shocked. Parekhji then corrects himself and says, not Amit. His name is Sanjay and he is from London. Preeti’s mum gets excited and takes phone from Amita’s hands and goes inside to continue her talking with Parekhji. Preeti apologizes to Amita for hiding the truth.

Amit and his mother, nani return to their home. His mum asks him why he was looking at that girl’s photo. She takes out the photo and gives it to Amit. Amit asks how did you get this? Nani says, magic. His mother asks him whether he likes that girl. Amit says, she’s okay. Nani asks him to tell the truth that something is happening in his heart (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai). Amit says how can a photograph tell how the girl is. Amit’s mother says to him dont worry we will talk with her family and if everything seem fine, then we will move forward. Amit agrees and his mother leaves to talk with Parekhji. Nani teases him again asking if Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

Amita is angry with her friends as they hid the truth from her. Her friends say we decided that we will tell you after everything is confirmed and we were also scared thinking how would you feel finding out that Preeti’s marriage will happen before you. Amita says why would I feel bad? This is not the race. She now asks Preeti if she likes the guy and if the guy likes her. Preeti says that she saw the photo and liked him. Amita gets excited.

Rohan and Amit are talking with each other. Rohan’s mother comes there and tells them Rhea is coming tomorrow. Rohan is not excited hearing this news. Rohan’s mother tells Amit, Rohan is married already.. at least you learn what kind of reactions girls expect. She goes on that she worries so much for Amit’s wedding. Right then, Amit’s mother and Nani come there and tell Tina (Rohan’s mother) that she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. Nani tells Amit that they found out name of the girl that he likes. Rohan asks what you mean the one that he likes? Nani says, Snehal Sarabhai. Amit says did you check the background. Amit’s mother says that I did. She is very beautiful. She’s interior designer and runs her own business. She cooks very good and she’s from a nice family. Tina asks how are you so sure? Amit’s mother replies, because Snehal is my friend’s daughter. She says we can go and meet them tomorrow. Amit agrees right away. Rohan gets shocked as just while ago Amit told him that he doesn’t have any time tomorrow. Amit tells Rohan yes but now I am free. I will manage. Tina says I hope everything goes good. 2nd bahu of this house can’t be like Rhea but seems like she’ll be very alike Rhea. Tina and Amit’s mother then argue whose daughter-in-law would be better. Nani tells Amit to go to Preeti’s house with Sanjay. But Amit’s mother says he’ll go to see Snehal or go with Sanjay? She then tells him that Sanjay and his nani are coming to their house tomorrow for dinner and asks him to bring sweets. Rohan teases Amit saying tomorrow he will bring sweets for whole area, not just their house. Amit feels shy.

Amita returns to her home in excitement. She gives Preeti’s rishta news to her mother. Her mother says that’s very good. When you go tomorrow there, take sweets for Sanjay. Her mother then says I will call and congratulate to Preeti’s mother. Amita says not now as she feels like eating kheer right now. She tells her mother to make kheer for her and she will give this news to other family members.

While she’s going, her grandpa comes in her way who tells her to always be happy in others’ right decisions because the kind of decision Amita takes, he doesn’t feel that happiness will come in Amita’s life. He leaves and Amita has tears in her eyes.

Next episode: Preeti asks Amita and her other friend to go out with her as Sanjay is also coming with his cousin. Amita says obviously we will come with you.
In a car, Sanjay is asking Amit how to impress Preeti.
Preeti, Amita, and their friend are also driving to some place and Preeti says that she’s feeling nervous while Amita says that she’s too excited.

Update Credit to: Bhumi

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