Amita Ka Amit 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Amita Ka Amit 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 10th October 2013 Written Update

The kid gets real scared and calls out for didi. Amit tells him to call anyone but he wont leave him come what may. Amu hears it and runs inside wondering if something happened to the kid. Amu comes in shouting at him if this is a way to talk to the kids. Amit notices her first and goes speechless. Amu embraces the kids first and goes quiet as she looks at him. They continue staring at each other for a long time. The kids tell Amu to get the ball from khadus uncle. Amit holds out the ball on his own for the kids. Amu takes it. They both continue staring at each other for a long time. The kids leave from there. Father coughs and they both break the momentum.

Father asks them if they both know each other from before. They both are quiet for a second then Amit answers. We meet a

lot of people in life…walk with us then choose their own paths. Maybe we too might have met before and walked together. But when someone leaves then…he stops. Father is confused. Amit denies knowing Amu. Amu quietly leaves from there. Amit is upset too.

All the kids are busy playing games with each other. Amu calls out to all of them so that they can do coloring. The kids get excited. Amu recalls coming face to face with Amit; the look on his face and what he told Father about knowing her. She decides to teach them how to draw faces. All the kids sit around her excitedly only too eager to learn from her. Meanwhile she is lost recalling the happy moments that she had spent with Amit. She is drawing absent mindedly. One of the girls point out that she has colored the face all green. She realizes her mistake. She tells them to continue coloring. I have an important work I will be back once I am done with that. She leaves from there.

Amit is on call with Mr. Lakhani who asks him if he has read the papers. Amit says he has. I will do it asap. He starts reading the papers but then he recalls his romantic moments with Amu. He is unable to concentrate so he keeps the file aside. Amit says I will have to talk to her anyways. They both are heading towards each other and meet midway. Both get uncomfortable as they come face to face again. They cross each other but then stop and turn towards each other. They both say at once….we need to talk….but not here….can we go out somewhere? She nods.


AA are outside near a tea / coffee stall. They both recall their happy moments again. Amit thinks of breaking the silence. He asks the vendor for a special masala tea for Amu whereas she orders a coffee for him. He asks for extra sugar. She suggests eating less sugar as papa ji has sugar problems. It would be good if you too take care of yourself. He tells her not to worry about him. I will eat / drink whatever I like. She turns her face the other side. Sensing her mood, he says ok, if you insist then I wont but she cuts him mid sentence. You can do whatever you want. She tells the vendor to add all the sugar he has. She mutters….do whatever you want what do I do. He asks her if she said something. She declines. What’s left to say? She orders for a black tea without sugar. He points out that her taste has changed according to the place. She says if you will continue taunting like this then how will we talk. He goes quiet. She asks about Shah Family. He replies it sounds a little weird to hear someone who has left the house worrying over the people living in that home. She agrees she was wrong in doing what she did. But I also know that I cannot give them any happiness. He is taken aback. You left because of them? She nods. Did you not think of me even once? She doesn’t reply. They are served their tea / coffee. She thinks…I keep thinking of you always. He says if you would have thought about me you would have come back maybe. Do you get happiness here in this ashram living your life away from all of us? She just smiles. I don’t know about happiness but I feel at peace here with these kids. My life has got a motive. He asks her if she is happy. She replies maybe. They get into a small eye lock but she looks away. She tells him there is one problem. There is one guy staying in your room…rather call him a monster. She doesn’t remember the name exactly. Meanwhile, Amit gets a call from Mr. Lakhani. She is shocked knowing Amit knows him. How do you know him? He tells her he is his business partner. She asks him if he is the one who wants to take away this orphanage. He nods. What’s the problem in that? I have got such a good deal for this property that I am going to launch a housing project here. She gets up from there. He asks her to listen to him. She remarks he has to stop…don’t throw these kids out from here please. What will they do where will they go? Mr. Lakhani wont understand my point but you can. He replies there was a time when we could understand everything while only looking at each other. Now that I see you I don’t understand at all what you want to tell me. This ashram, kids they are all your lives. You take care of them but I do business. You do your work and let me do mine. Business is my only work. She retorts, I used to wonder if I dint make any mistake by leaving that house but now I feel light. Now I feel that I did the right thing by leaving your house. She leaves. He stands there miffed with her.


Amu is on her way back to the orphanage when he gets a call from Father. He asks her if her work is done then they can go to check out a few properties he has shortlisted….where they can shift the orphanage. She agrees to accompany him. We must go away from the new owner of our land very soon. She disconnects the call and recalls the convo she just had with Amit.

Amu and Father meet the real estate agents but in vain. The rates that they are quoting are too high. Father cannot pay that much. We will have to close it now.

Amit opens the file. He recalls Amu’s harsh words. He signs the papers. Someone knocks on the door. He thinks it is Mr. Lakhani and thanks him heartily for coming. I don’t want to delay this deal anymore. He opens the door only to find Amu standing outside. She has come to meet businessman Amit Shah. This orphanage is the home for all these kids. Where will they stay once you acquire this land? He says they can get another shelter but I wont get another deal. She objects that they wont. I and Father have been talking with property agents today but to no avail. He offers to help. She taunts him. This is a nice habit. First you break home and then want to give another home to someone! He retorts….there are some kinds of people who first set up a home and then break it. She cannot believe he is the same Amit Shah who married her. He replies you dint come to meet that Amit Shah here. You have come to meet businessman Amit Shah here and he is here. She warns him this that orphanage will stay put. No one can do that. He too is adamant to get this place at any cost. I have given you a month’s time. If you don’t leave in that much time then I will have to do it with force. Understood? She retorts this place belongs to them not to him. If you leave from here in 2 days then it will be very good because people like you shouldn’t be here at all.

Precap: Amu says she will do everything which she has to do to stop him. He says you have already done what you wanted to. Now its my turn. I will get this place at any cost.

Update Credit to: pooja

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