Amita Ka Amit 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 10th July 2013 Written Update

Ammu is serving food to everyone along with Fallu. Kirath tells her to sit too. Amit happily holds the edge of the seat next to him signalling her to come. She nods in an understanding way smiling at him shyly. Amit smiles happily but the very next moment Ammu asks Baa if she can sit next to her. amit makes faces while she smiles at his misery (very bad girl…it’s how we girls love teasing our guys right ). Before she can sit, Amit gulps down the dal from his bowl. He asks her for a refill. She goes to serve him dal. They share a cute eye lock and the dal overflows from the cup. Everyone else notice this except them ( ). Kirath calls out to her bringing her back to reality. He asks for some dal. Ammu looks in the bowl and sees what she has done. All laugh at this as she smiles shyly.

Amit looks away embarrassed.

Ria and Rohan are upset with tina. You were about to throw us out from this house. Did you give it a thought where we would go from here? Tina tells them to be quiet. I did all this for both of you only. Rohan is puzzled. By sending us out? She explains (why is every vamp’s son dumb and not as devilish as his mom :O ) but they dint send you right. Its all because of that drama I did (they both get surprised, drama? What else do you expect from your wicked mommy you super intelligent people?). Everyone took my son to be wrong. If they would have got to know that we all are together in this then we would have been thrown out of this home for forever. Rohan cannot believe his kaka threw him out of their family business just like that (knock knck, he threw Amit out too though he dint do anything as outrageous as you did!). tina tells him to hold his pain for some days. We will pay back Amita with interest at the right time. He is doubtful if anybody would trust them again. Tina replies that they will forget it in some time as they have a problem. They do not think by their minds but hearts.

Downstairs, Ammu is concerned for Ria and Tina (you’re sweet but you know they too are involved in this think practically with weirdo’s). They haven’t come out for dinner. Fallu tells her to relax. Give them some time. They wouldn’t be able to face us anyways because of what Rohan has done. And you don’t worry as you did the right thing. She smiles back at her mummy ji.
Amit is standing behind Fallu and tries to call out to Amita (dude where is your volume button ). He signals to Ammu towards his watch. She openly asks him what happened (omg I fell out of my chair like Amit ). Fallu asks him if he needs anything. He denies. I was only saying….. Amita speaks up. Don’t know mummy ji. He was signalling towards the watch. Is it not working anymore? Amit fumbles no it is. I was just saying you both should rest now as you are working since so long you must be tired. Fallu is surprised to see her son talking about rest. What else to do if not work? Ammu asks him to tell (how much will you tease our poor Amit Shah). Fallu asks him if he is ok. He nods in agreement and leaves from there bidding them goodnight. He leaves before signalling Ammu making cute faces. She smiles. Fallu is finding his behaviour very different since a few days. Ammu who is lost in her thoughts comments, it happens when this (love) happens. Fallu is confused. Ammu brushes it off. You go and rest. I will do the rest of the work. She goes away happily (mummy ji, just now your son told you to rest why dint you go then letting the lovebirds enjoy some lovey dovey time ).

This scene is super cute <3 Amit in the room is muttering to himself. I was trying to show her the time and she was thinking about my watch. Think of something Amit Shah. He opens the cupboard, takes out some flowers and that heart shaped pillow. He very sweetly lays them on the bed decorating it (aww lovely ). He puts perfume in the room, dims lights and smiles happily. This is so sweet and romantic. Amit’s inner soul appears. That would be only in your mind. For you it may seem romantic but it looks cheap. Ammu has been given great values by her parents. She wont like it. Think of something different. Before Amit can say anything, his Xerox copy disappears. Amit takes off the flowers and pillow. He puts them back in the cupboard. He sits on the couch next thinking for an idea (for him it would be more tough them preparing a business plan for his client I guess ). His inner soul appears asking if he would be sleeping on the couch today as well. Amit denies. I will say it directly that we both should sleep together on the bed (hilarious…no comments ). His Xerox again dismisses the idea calling it as a cheap one. You will say this to her? He again disappears before Amit can say anything. You should have gone before suggesting me something at least. He then smiles to himself thinking of something. He spills a glass of water on bed. He rehearses his speech. Sorry it spilled by mistake. Come let us sleep together on the couch. He smiles contentedly. Ammu enters just then. They share a shy silence. Amit goes to change his clothes. Ammu wonders the same thing. Will he be sleeping on the couch again today? She looks at the couch angrily. I cannot understand what the need to have a couch in bedroom is. I just hate it. I wont let him sleep on the couch today but what to do. Yes, I should tell him to sleep on the bed. No, it would look very cheap. But I must think what to do. She too notices the water jug and smiles to herself (no, no, no please check your bed before spilling water on the couch…I cannot control my laughter anymore). She has changed into her nightdress and is waiting for Amit. As he comes out she pretends to be checking something in the cupboard. Amit sits on the couch. He immediately jumps as it is wet. Ammu pretends to be ignorant (next turn is yours dear ). She too jumps startled as soon as she sits on the bed. Amit too denies knowing anything. I dint do anything. Both smile secretively seeing their plan working. Amit sits on the sofa chair while Ammu takes out a bed sheet from the cupboard. She spreads it on the floor for them. He continues smiling happily. -Break- Ammu sits on the spread sheet. She notices the flowers while taking the quilt. She is all smiles. Amit is standing holding a pillow in his hand. He keeps looking at her happily. ammu hides the flowers away. amit comes and sits next to her on bed. He asks her to say something. She tells him to say something. He tries to come close to her but looks away as soon as she turns to look at him. She smiles at his actions. As soon as she looks away, he moves a little closer to her. they both aren’t sleepy. Ammu thinks about what to do. Amit is coming closer for a kiss WHEN AMMU SAYS, IDEA (man, you ruined the moment look at our poor Amit ). Ammu goes somewhere and comes back holding some photo albums. He doesn't like looking at his photos. She tells him to look at her then. He asks about one pic. She says, its of Preeti’s gaurdhana where you had come with your Snehal. He is amused. How can I forget! She taunts yes, as you had come holding Sheetal’s arm. He talks about the incident where her friends had made fun of him. They get into a cute scuffle where he confesses that he dint knew he would fell in love with her. She smiles making him smile eventually. They both look at each other sweetly. -Break- Next morning, they both are sleeping peacefully. Ammu has her head on AMit’s shoulder. Someone knocks at the door. Ammu opens the door. Fallu reprimands them for sleeping till so late. She notices the bed spread. Why were you sleeping on floor? Ammu turns to Amit for answer. He fumbles….because…because it had rained on the mattress (I mean like really, it dint rain here please send some rain here as well ). Ammu smiles but then realises what he has said. Fallu is confused. Ammu says, he wet the bed (as in what sense…lol m not writing anything about it ). Amit denies. She is lying. Fallu tells them to come for breakfast. Amit comes to have breakfast. You all are up so early today? Baa comments that rather they are late today. she asks for Ammu. Fallu sees her coming (she is looking beautiful). Amit looks towards her happily. ammu apologizes for coming late. She asks Amit how she is looking. He says (in her ears), like you look every day. She looks upset. He holds her hand under the table while she tries to take her hand off his. Say Sorry. She tells him to let go off her hand. He doesn’t. You were so happy when you were saying about the mattress. He enjoys his food while she glares at him. Kirath suggests him to take an off today. amit gets over excited for real? (getting to see new avatars of him these days ). Everyone is confused seeing his reaction. He controls his excitement somehow. For real? Ammu tells him not to take an off. Fallu supports Amit. He too needs rest. Amit fakes to be upset. Ok, I will go. Anyways the work would have been hampered owing to my going to US. Ammu now tells him to take an off. She looks at him expectantly. He nods finally. If you all want then I will (how generous of you). Fallu and Ammu hold their chins sweetly. Fallu reminds of the work that needs to be done by him – put the mattress on terrace to dry. Ammu smiles sweetly. Amit asks her if she would help him in doing that. She tells him that it is about to rain. He insists so she agrees to it. Ends on her happy face. Precap: Amit and Amita are standing under the mattress AND IT IS RAINING (wow what an idea sir ji ). She says, you always watch news yet you dint see the weather forecast today. he asks her then what is the need to stand here lets go down. She denies. I don’t want to. I want to stay here only. He suggests going while holding the mattress. She nods. We will watch a movie too. He opts for action movie. She declines. We will watch a romantic movie. He offers to watch both making her all the more excited. Do you know where are we going? She nods in a yes – first for a movie then for lunch. He tells her that it would be their first date. She smiles happily. they are shown coming closer for a kiss!

Update Credit to: pooja

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