Ambaraan barasya paani.. mitti di khusboo (Part 6)

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6th part

No. She has not fallen in love with him. This shouldn’t happen. If he comes to know she is the bride, he is going to reject her again..


She has already bore that pain. She doesn’t wanted it more and more. If he is going to reject, it should be her who rejects him first..!!


But, the truth is, may be she is really loving him and she knows very well that he is loving her. yes..!! this is correct time for her revenge.

Ragini takes her phone. Dials his number. Laksh lifts the call…

Laksh: Ragini..?? why did you cut the call suddenly..? what happened..???

RAgini locks the love Taj mahal with her stubbornness. Ragini puts a huge china wall around her heart.. Ragini decides to keep 5 oceans distance between her and him.

Ragini brings her all courage out. Now thoughts should over come feelings. Mind should overcome heart. Her revenge should overcome this love..!


Ragini opens her mouth.
“I hate you..!”
She says.

“what..?” Laksh asks laughing.

“I don’t love you Laksh.”

“Jokes apart Ragini..”

Ragini now shouts in frustration,

“why can’t you understand..??? I don’t like you. I don’t have any feelings for you..!! I don’t want this engagement. I don’t want marriage with you..!! I hate you..!!!!”

Laksh may be shocked with her continuous verbal war. He was silent for a while,

“Umm, Ragini.. is everything all right..?”

Ragini: Laksh, everything is alright. It will be more alright if this marriage won’t happen.

Laksh: this marriage will happen Ragini..!!

Ragini: why are you so stubborn when I’m saying no..??

Laksh: bcz, your ‘no’ is coming from mouth. Not from heart..!!

Ragini: oh.. you can understand me that much..??? then why did you…

(Ragini is about to burst out that she was the girl whom once he rejected.. but, before that only Laksh says..)

Laksh: that’s why I have come back for you Ragini…!!! I have searched and just came for you again..!!!

Ragini becomes dumbstruck. She is speechless.

Laksh: I know that you are the same Ragini. You are my friend in our college days. The girl who proposed me on the last day…

Ragini is still speechless.

Laksh continues saying,

“Ragini, I have rejected you on that day. I thought your love was just infatuation. But, when I had my higher studies, and when I has my job… I came across different girls who has proposed me. I never accepted any one. Bcz… there is only one reason.. and, that’s you Ragini..!”

Ragini looks on holding the phone.

“I have not seen genuine in their eyes, which I have seen in your eyes. Your eyes have spoke what was in your heart. Those all girls proposed me from tongue, but Ragini it was only you who has did it with heart.. whenever I receive a new proposal, I just remembered you Ragini..! your truth in those eyes..!!”

Ragini is still silent who is shocked by now and who is feeling happy too.

“I understood your value then Ragini. I understood this is not infatuation, but it’s your true love..!” Laksh keeps saying.

Ragini controls her tears.

“I wanted you back in my life, but you have already blocked me in Fb, you have changed number, I understood your anger on me went to peaks. But, this what shows that you love me still..! but, I even understood that you are hurt..! at last, I came to know that you are staying in this city. I have shifted all my family here just for you Ragini..!!”

Now, Ragini amazes.

“What not I have done to get you back..! I have made our both familes to agree this alliance and I wanted to surprise you that day. But you ran away looking at me.. I know very well that you have seen me…” laksh says in smile.

Ragini smiles in herself wiping her tears.

“Then I understood this madam is still angry on me..! so, I at least wanted to meet you next day. I wanted to tell you then only all these things. But, Ragini.. you were not in mood to listen to me. I wanted to wait. I wanted to show you that I love you for true. That’s why, I have talked in phone all these days and I have agreed to your conditions.” Laksh stops saying.

Ragini was still silent holding the phone.

“Ragini, now I’m telling. I love you so much..!!”

Ragini opens her eyes wide.

“Which you wanted to listen four years back, which you wanted then, which you wanted to see… I’m telling now… Ragini, I love you. Will you be my wife..??”

Ragini starts crying with silent voice. As she can’t tolerate this much happiness..

“what..? he has waited for her..? searched her..? he actually loves her..? and he was just teasing her all these days…!!”
Ragini keeps amazing.

Laksh can clearly hear her sobbing. He understood that she is happy. He smiles.

He waits patiently for her to talk again.

Ragini clears her throat and says,

Laksh: now tell me Ragini, do you hate me..? you don’t want life with me..?
“if you don’t want life with me.. I don’t want this life..!!”

With that last lines, Ragini gets tears again. She just wanted to run and hug Laksh and never break it.

Ragini: laksh… plz stop…

Laksh: Ragini..(he says emotionally)

Ragini: I still remembered that line you said Laksh,
“Infatuation is just like rain, which passes away as rain stops and till attraction lasts infatuation is there. Once attraction is gone.. infatuation is also gone..!”

Laksh remains silent.

Ragini in crying tone,
“I wanted to say you then Laksh. This is not infatuation, but I love you for true. But, you don’t have any interest on me… then what is use by telling this..?”

Laksh: Ragini.. plz don’t cry…

Ragini: Laksh.. I want to hug you…

Laksh smiles and cuts the call. Ragini wipes her tears and runs down to the entrance. Within 5 minutes Laksh has come.

Daadi and Janaki looks what is Ragini is going to do..?

Laksh gets down from bike. And both share an emotional eye lock. Laksh keeps walking towards Ragini and Ragini runs and hugs him tightly. Laksh too hugs her back.

Daadi and Janaki keeps hands on their mouths.

Daadi: I never even looked at my husband before marriage.

Jaanaki: I never even touched my husband b4 marriage..!

Daadi: generation..! this generation is like this..! hey ram..!!

Janaki: now what shall we do maa..?

Dadi: don’t say this to anyone.

Janaki laughs. Both looks at Raglak in smile. They blesses them.

Ragini breaks hug, Laksh looks at her. Ragini turns other side bending her head.

“opps, we aren’t supposed to look each other b4 marriage right..!”

“leave it Ragini, we have already seen each other b4.”

Now Ragini turns back and looks angrily at Laksh.

Laksh: now, what happened..??

Ragini: so, you were cheating me all these days hiding truth..?

Laksh: cheating..?? don’t use such big words Ragini… bcz, your lips are so small..
He says and about to touch her lips,

“Don’t talk with me.”
Ragini says and pushes his hand. And she keeps coming back into house. But, she was smiling and laughing.

Laksh: hey Ragini… girls shouldn’t be this much stubborn. This is not good for health. Are you listening to me..? Ragini….

Laksh keeps shouting, but Ragini goes into house laughing.

Precap: engagement… marriage… and… (hehe, I need not tell)
Tomorrow is last part..


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