Ambaraan barasya paani.. mitti di khusboo (Part 4)

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Part 4

Ragini and Laksh shocks looking at each other.

“Ragini…” Laskh amazes.

“Hey Ragini..!! how are you..??” with his simple question Ragini comes out of the shock.

Ragini: am.. am… fime…

Laksh: btw, what are you doing here..?

Ragini amazes, ‘didn’t he recognize me?’

Laksh: let’s go, sit and talk.
Ragni keeps amazing and starts walking back of him. They both sit near a table.

Lak: so, what’s up Ragini..? how are you? Your studies.. etc…
Rag: laksh, you remembered me..?

Lak: come on..? why I will forget you..? we were best friends in our college. Of course, I’m in contact with all our batch mates. Only you are missing.

Ragini turns her eyes away, ‘oh he remembered me just as a friend..!’ she thinks.

Laksh: what are you thinking ragu..? it’s you who un friended from my fb, you changed your number..! why..??

Ragini: actually…

Lak: hey, are you really angry that I rejected you that day..???

Of course she is angry..! that’s why she never talked with him again. But, accidentally they met again..! it’s fate da… it’s fate…!!

Rag: no..! I forgot it that day itself. I just deleted my fb account. That’s it. (it’s a lie)
Lak: thank god. I thought you were angry on me.

Ragini smiles.
Rag: haaa, what are you doing here..?

Laksh: actually my parents have seen me a match. So, I came to meet her. you know, we have a tradition. I shouldn’t look at bride till the marriage..!!

Ragini as if she don’t know:: oh..! I see..! it’s so variety..!

Laksh: yes, I know.
Ragni: ok, I will go. If I stay here, if your fiancé sees us like this.. she will misunderstand.

Ragini is about to get up, but Laksh holds her hand, ‘hey Ragini. Stop.”

Ragini shocks and looks at him.
Laksh: plz sit yar. We met after four years..! see, you are going away again. Let’s talk for some time. Let me introduce you to her too…

Ragini sits as she also wanted to talk with him.

Laksh: those were beautiful days. I could never forget.
Ragini: yes they are..! we used to bunk classes.
Laksh: comment lecturers from back bench..

Rag: I used to tease girls along with you..
Lak: you used to rob chocolates from your friends..

Rag: the home works we did together.
Lak: the assignments and projects..

Rag: once you were booked near lecturer while copying..
Lak: and you saved me..!

Rag: and once a boy teased me..
Lak: poor guy, I hit him like hell..!

They both laughs remembering all their college days. Their laughs fills in that restaurant and people look at them smiling imagining them as real couple.

They laughs and their eyes have drops as they laughed a lot.

Laksh: so, when did you come to this city?
Ragini: last year, daddy happened to transfer so..!
Laksh: ok, tell me your phone number..
Ragini is about to tell her number, but she looks at her phone near Laksh.

Rag: is that your phone..?
Lak: no..! my fiancé’s. she ran away looking at me. Shy girl you know..!
Ragini: didn’t you see her still..?
Lak: no yar. My parents are not even showing her photo. I asked her to meet me here. See, still she didn’t come.

Rag: laksh, is you see her. and if you come to know she is not beautiful or you didn’t like her, what are you going to do…?

Laksh remains silent for a while. Ragini keeps looking at him for answer.

Laksh: I will marry her at any cost whoever it is. It’s my parent’s choice. I’m never against to them.

Rag: but, don’t you have your own choice..?
Lak: yes I have..! It’s my parent’s choice. Their choice is my choice.

Ragini keeps her hand on head, ‘ancient man in modern world’ she gives him name. laksh laughs.

Ragini: but laksh, didn’t you love any girl still now..?

Laksh: yes. I’m in love with a girl..!

Ragini: who..?

Laksh: that girl who is going to marry me..!

Ragini stands, ‘omg..! I will get mad if I stay here more time. Bye, I will go.’
Laksh: hey, at least give your number and go.

Ragini: give me your number. I will call you.
Laksh gives his number, ‘are you sure you are going to call me..? I don’t want to miss you again Ragini..!’

Ragini looks at him suddenly with his words, she amazes the way he is looking at her.
Rag: what do you mean Laksh..?
Laksh shaking his head: I mean, I don’t want to miss your friendship.

Rag: let’s see..! if time makes us together again..?

Ragini turns back.. she keeps going away. Laksh looks on..

Laksh turns back and looks on table and the phone which belongs to Ragini(his imaginative girl) is missing.
‘who robbed the phone..?’ laksh shocks.

Ragini who is going in auto looks at the phone. ‘at last, I got my phone. Thank god, there is finger print lock for this. he didn’t see anything.’ She thinks.


Laksh phone rings.
Lak: hello..?

Other side a girl: hello…
Lak: Ragini..?

Rag: hmm, you recognized me..!

Lak: I thought you will never call me again. I thought, I will miss you again after meeting this morning.

Rag: meeting..? we didn’t meet right..!

Lak: are you Ragini, the gadodiya..
Rag: yes, and whom you are talking about..?

Lak: haha, I happened to meet my college friend this morning. So, I thought she.

Rag: oh..! so you were busy with other girl..!

Lak: hey, I met her after 4 years..! you tell me, she was my best friend. How can I sit without talking to her?

Rag: oh..! so, she became important to you..! talk with her only. And marry her only..! bye.! Don’t call me again..!! I hate you..!!

She cuts the call. Laksh shocks.

Ragini in her room throws her phone aside.
She plays a song,
“Mere saiyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya….
Mere saiyyan ji se aaj
Maine breakup kar liya..”

Ragini was dancing happily and madly with that song. Daadi who just came looks her and shocks, ‘hey bhagvaan..!’
Daadi runs down.

Ragini phone rings. It’s Laksh’s number.
‘ignore..!’ she says and cuts. ‘hehe’ she laughs as kid and dances again.

She stands on bed and keeps dancing throwing chunnis aside and her hair is all over her face.
‘breakup karliya…!!!’ she sings.
She gets phone call again and she cuts, ‘ignore..!!’

She laughs and suddenly,

She feels someone bet her with leaves. Ragini shocks and turns back.

Daadi is standing with neem leaves. And Janaki is standing with sambrani dhoop.

Daadi: see re janaki, a devil has possessed your daughter.

Ragini shocks: what..???

Janaki: haa maa, plz do something..!

Daadi starts beating Ragini with neems, ‘bhoot..! go away..!”

Ragini: hey you old woman. It’s not bhoot. It’s me..!

Janaki is spreading smoke on her. ragini sneezes.

Ragini: what maa..? you also behaving old like daadi..!
Daadi: wait laado..! I will send away ghost from you..!

Ragini is jumping here and there and they both are trying to catch her.

“excuse me..!” they hear a voice from down.

Daadi: who’s that..?

Daadi and Janaki goes into hall and amazes. laksh shocks looking at them with neem leaves.
“Laksh beta, you here..?”

Ragini is hell shocked. “Laksh..??????”

Laksh: haa daadi maa and aunty. Actually, I’m not supposed to come but, can I talk with Ragini once..? because, I want to drive away small misunderstanding from her mind.

Daadi: we have to drive away ghost first..!

Laksh: what..?

Janaki: nothing beta. Ragini is not feeling well now. moreover, you are not supposed to talk with her naa..!

Laksh: that’s why maa, make her stand behind anything and I will just talk with her and go. She need not talk anything with me.

Daadi and Janaki looks at each other confused as they are thinking Ragini is not in good condition.

“is she up..?” laksh says and starts going.

“oh no..! is he mad..?” Ragini shocks. “if he sees me..?”

Daadi and Janaki remains calm as it wouldn’t be good if they stop him further as he is to be son in law.

Laksh comes to the door, Ragini hides behind the door. Laskh turns other side and about to speak out…

Ragini looks at a centipede
(yaaakkkkk….! Guys, I’m hell afraid of it and Ragini also..!)

“aahhhh..!!!” Ragini shouts and runs out. Laksh turns back as she shouted and suddenly one girl has hugged him and he didn’t see her face.

Laksh shocks. Ragini has hugged him tight. Daadi and Janaki placed their hands on mouth as she hugged him before marriage.

Laksh slowly drops his eyes down to look at her……..

Later what happens…????

I will tell in next update…. Haha…..!! bye tata…

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  1. Sindhura

    Again she will give some lame excuses

    1. Astra

      haha, yes she may…

  2. Dharani

    Hahaha lol ragini is possessed by a ghost omg!!! Dadi and janaki are hilarious dadi beat ragini with neem stem and janaki with doop that scene us awesome???

    1. Astra

      hahaha, thanks a lot dear..

  3. Akshata

    Hahahaha lol hilarious update. Ragini is way too awesome. Omg my both favourite girls afraid of centepede. Dont worry ragu n astru i am there for u i am nit afraid of anyone not even kankhajua, u dont know what is kankhajua right its centipede only. In hindi its kankhajua n in marathi it kaanety. Aaj ka gyan khatam.
    Awesome, update soon.

    1. Akshata

      Hi i am back ‘r’ is missing yaar, its kankhajura, ok

    2. Astra

      hehe, but i’m afraid of it a lot.. that one, kankhajua, hehe… you help her in place of me… thank you dear..

  4. Asw

    Amazing anyways laksh shocks in last ragini rocks too good when dadi,her maa bet ragini ? keep going

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      haha, thank you so much dear..

  5. AimRagLak

    Nooooo Astra.You can’t do this.You have to make Laksh know that his ex friend Ragini is his fiance in next epi.I want to see Laksh’s reaction.Pleaseeeeeeeeeee ????And then Ragini will finally take her revenge & will reject him hahaha? and don’t be late please!!!

    1. Astra

      i said know aim dear, something which you didn’t expect will happen… but i won’t disappoint you… i will try to be soon…

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