Ambaraan barasya paani.. mitti di khusboo (Part 3)

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Ragini shouts raising her voice to peaks. The trio comes in a run to hall.

Shekar: what happened Ragini..?
Janaki: what happened Ragu..?
Daadi: kya huva Laddoo..?

Ragini starts her dramatic dialogues,
“what should happen, all that have happened..! I don’t want this marriage..!”

The trio shocks and ask at once, “why..??”

Ragini: bcz..! I don’t like that boy.

Daadi: what..?? did you see the boy..!!! hey katushyam ji,..! why this new generation…

Ragini: daadi maa, plz don’t start your class now. I didn’t see the boy.

Shekar: then, why don’t you want to get married to him..?

Ragini scratches her head, what to say. Then Shekar’s phone rings.
Other side in girl tone, “hello uncle, can I talk to Ragini..?”

Shekar: see, your friend Laxmi again. Why don’t you give your number..?

Ragini knows who’s that Laxmi is. It is none other than Laksh. Then she remembers his name.

Ragini: no..! I don’t talk with her.

Shekar: stop your drama and talk. I have many works.

Shekar gives phone to Ragini and all goes away.

Ragini: hello..?
Laksh: this is not fair Ragini. You came, but ran away without meeting me..?
Ragini: what…?? Did you see me..??

Laksh: when did I got chance..? you ran away..!

Ragini takes her breath.

Laksh: so, did you see me..? am I handsome..?

Ragini nodding her head negatively, “no..! no..! I didn’t see you. Mere daadi ke kasam..! I didn’t see you..!!”

(there her daadi slips and falls. Shekar wakes her)

Daadi: I think, your daughter is making false promise on me again..!!
Shekar laughs.

Laksh: ok,ok cool. Then, when shall we meet again..?

Ragini: no meeting nothing. Good bye…!

Ragini about to cut the call, but she remembers, how Laksh said her ‘no’ four years back.
(Red light falls on Ragini’s face: imagine she turned evil)

Ragini: ok, let’s meet again..!! (she says in a devilish tone)
Laksh: what happened to you suddenly..?

Ragini becomes normal, “ya ok..! let’s meet tomorrow. At 10’O clock, in xxx restaurant. Order chicken biryani until I come..!”

Laksh: do you eat non veg..?
Ragini: I do many things not knowing to my daadi. Any problem.

She hears Laksh’s laugh from other side then. She becomes silent listening to that laugh. She closes her eyes, imagining his lips too close to her ears. She blushes. Then suddenly, she shudders her head.

“you are a crazy girl. But, I don’t have non veg habit. But, I will do order for you. Then, what will be dress code this time..? I will say, yellow..!” says Laksh.

Ragini: yellow..?
Laksh: yes..! for new start of love..!
Ragini: love..?
Laksh: yes, I love you Ragini..!

Ragini becomes dumb struck. Suddenly, tears start forming in her eyes. She would have felt very happy, if she heard those words four years back..!

Ragini: but, you didn’t see me still. You don’t even know anything about me.

Laksh: Ragini, I always wanted to follow my parents choice. As soon as they said ‘Ragini will be your wife’ I just then fixed you in my heart. But, the thing is… I want to see you before the marriage..!!

Ragini is silent. She is not understanding to be happy or not. But, she thinks, is he see her he surly reject her again.

Ragini: but… I’m…

Laksh: we are meeting that’s it. I will be waiting for you.
He cuts the call.
“very stubborn piece..!” thinks Ragini.

On other hand, Laksh looks at Ragini’s phone(however he can’t open it).
“aww, mera bacha..! when are we going to meet..?” he kisses the phone.

There Ragini touches her check feeling he kissed her.

“So, he loves me..! without knowing about me..! now, I got you Laksh. It’s my revenge time..!! the same way you rejected me, I will reject you tomorrow..! and, you will feel the pain in love…!! Hahahahhahahahah…!!!!”
Ragini laughs violently.
Daadi comes and beats on her head.

Next morning,
Laksh takes fresh bath under the shower. He will be singing, ‘amabran barasya paani… oww..!!’
He will be very active that he is going to meet his strange lady love..!

He slides from the railings of the steps to come down.

Ap: beta, eat and go..
Laksh: no maa. Going to meet a friend in restaurant.
Ap smiles.
Laksh will be rolling is keychain on his finger with a open smile and gets into his car.

Here Ragini sadly stands before the mirror holding a yellow dress.
“oh no..! I have to meet him..??”
She remembers his words, ‘yellow.. for start of love’ she blushes. But suddenly slaps herself.

“No Ragini be strong..!!don’t bend to his words. yellow for the start of love and black for the end of love..!!’
Haha..! she laughs again and takes black dress from cupboard.

She looks at yellow dress again. She holds both dress in both hands and looks into mirror. She smirks.

At last, she is wearing, a black jeans with yellow top.
“most stupid combination ever. He will run away looking at me..!! hehe” she thinks and tries making different hair styles.

She keeps her hair aside, “I hate you..!” she says. And again she keeps all hair on her face, “hate you..!!” Ragini moves her hair aside with her both hands slowly, she says in horror, “I hate you..!!’

There Laksh happens to reach restaurant and also he orders one chiken biryani for her. and some lite veg food for him.

Here Ragini is coming out in her black yellow dress and lose hair. She will be murmuring, “hate you. Hate you..!”

Daadi: what..? will you go like this..?
Ragini shouts: hate you..!

Daadi: what happened to her this morning..?

Ragini is walking out, “chiken biryani..? I never ate non veg. but, I said so that he will hate me. But, first..! I have to say hate you..!!”

Ragini is walking very furiously. She reaches restaurant. She closes her eyes to take breath.

“Hai Ragini..!” she hears a male voice from back making her breath struck in her neck. She unknowingly turns back suddenly.

Laksh is standing in front of her in yellow t shirt and blue jeans. Laksh’s smile narrows as soon as he looked Ragini and Ragini’s eyes become as big as they could.

Only Astra knows what happens next..! so, she will not say now. wait for next update.!! Bye bye..

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    I think she won’t reject him..b creful Ragu in a hurry don’t say I lov u instead of hate you…hehe!!waiting for the next update…

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