Ambaraan barasya paani.. mitti di khusboo (Part 2)

Ambaran barasya paani.. means, the sky has showered water…
Mitti di khusboo… means, the mud/land has given fragrance.
So, we experience the aroma of wet sand when it rains. So, the meaning is this. It is an album song, the poet meant here, the new hopes of his love has arose. So, i used this title.. which is near to this story. And, i love this song..

Read, if you have missed…
1st part: Part 1

Now 2nd part:

After 4 years..

Ragini’s peaceful sleep is disturbed by the rain. She opens her eyes. She Stretches her hands and looks at the rain in smile.
Ragini opens windows and small drops fall on her face making her smile and then, suddenly she remembers Laksh’s face and his smile. She opens her eyes.


It was on their college function day, Laksh who was their class representative, was giving the speech…
Ragini is just a classmate. She knows him as her classmate and vice versa. But, that day she felt Laksh as different. The way he was giving speech. The confidence in his eyes, the strength in his words, whole college gave him great applause. Ragini felt a little attraction for him, but ignored her feelings thinking it was only her infatuation.

But, is it the game of cupid..? Whenever she crosses him she used to feel an extravagant warmness in her heart.. her lips would stretch into a wide smile.. and her heart beats become abnormal. Laksh has same following from many girls in college, but no girl ever dared to propose him just because, he is a sincere, studious, hard working guy who hates all other stuff other than studies and students welfare.

But Ragini’s feelings are somewhat different from all others. She used to even imagine how would her life will be when she is married to him. Is she crazy..? Why is she thinking about a boy like that..?

The final exam day, Ragini felt very depressed that she is going to miss him. Him.. who is very close to heart. She is not even clear, why do she love him in this way..? She took a brave step. An adventure which no girl in her college did still. Proposing him. She was afraid, how may he react? Will he be angry..? Will he cut their friendship..? But, however.. she dared. She said what she wanted to tell which she suppressed from a year.

But, in turn she got a polite rejection, but still a friendly hand. But, she got upset on him. Un friended from her social sites. Deleted his number. Threw his photos. But..? Still, he was in her heart. Even his face was registered in her eyes that she couldn’t forget him..

She came out of that fb…

“What Ragini, your infatuation is this strong..?? Haha, he is an idiot who missed a Queen like you. I guess, he would marry some meddlesome or crack girl.. don’t bother..!!”

Ragini goes into washroom and comes out in a red anarkali.

“Now, I have to meet that guy.” She thinks.

Ragini goes down stairs with her hand bag.

Dadi: where are you going laadoo..?

Ragini hesitating: daadi maa, my friends…

Dadi: meet your friends. But, don’t meet the groom. In our tradition groom and bride shouldn’t see each other b4 marriage. So…

Ragini murmurs: I didn’t even see his photo. That’s why, we are meeting out..

Dadi: What..!?

Ragini: hehe, i know daadi. I’m sanskari Ragini…

Dadi nods head. Ragini rushes out.

Ragini is speaking in herself,

“Why these old people rub their old traditions on me..?? I can’t marry a guy without at least having a look at him..!! I’m in 21st century..! But, he is also somewhat with modern thoughts, that’s why, he asked me to meet out. We even don’t know each other’s phone numbers, he called to dad and pretended as a girl and talked with me. Hehe, here this unknown guy is struggling to meet this Queen, but that idiot Laksh has simply rejected me..! Hmm, why about him now..?? But, this guy name is… hmm, wait I forgot his name again..!!”

Ragini reaches a park place. She sees all pairs around. She gets angry.

“How can he call me to such a place..? He could have called me to restaurant. Happily, I would have ate. But, if mom dad knows i came like this..??”

She imagines her mom and daadi beating her chasing. “Hehe, why that will happen..?” She thinks scratching her head.

Then she looks at some guys around.

“A white over coat, blue jeans, red shoes.. anc car number.. xxxx,… this is what he said right..! Ok…”

Then she looks at some car, where a guy is talking in phone turning towards car. Ragini goes near and hides behind a tree. She keeps looking at him. She gets hesitated to meet him.

“Turn man, I want to see you.” She thinks. That guy is wearing same accessories which he said and same car number.

He cuts the phone and turns back.

Ragini shocks and leaves mobile in her hands. She makes her eyes big as she could.

She rubs her eyes, “Ragini.. see again..!” She thinks and looks.

Yes…! Her vision is clear. It’s him..!! It’s only him…!!!

“Laksh…!!” She shocks.

Laksh sets his hair and keep coming with flower bouquet.

As Laksh is about to look at her, Ragini hides behind the tree.

“He shouldn’t see me..!!” She thinks.

Laksh’s eyes fall on the red chudidar girl hiding behind the tree,

“Red chudidar” he remembers her dress code.

Ragini wipes her sweat and runs. Laksh follows, “why is she running…??”

Ragini covers her face in dupatta, and gets into auto..

“Hey…” Laksh is about to call… but, the auto leaves. He takes a sigh.

“Why…?? Again and again…??” Ragini thinks controlling her unknown emotions.

Laksh takes her mobile into hand, which she left. That mobile is locked with finger print, so he can’t open it. At least, her pic is not there on screen saver to see her.
“just missed the chance to see her. How can i meet her again..?” he thinks looking at mobile.

To be continued…

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