Ambar-Dhara (The unique Love Story) Part 1

RECAP: Introduction of the characters. Ambar-Dhara meeting and rehearsals for the concert
PRECAP: Showtime. Amber- who is he?
Finally the day of event came. The RAINBOWS were very excited for their performance as it was a large scale concert and all the great musicians, singers and many famous personalities would be present in the concert. Their performance was third so they had enough time. They performed the song ‘TERI DEEWANI’, Dhara was singing so beautifully that the audience was completely moved with her voice. The song finished with a huge round of applause and again Dhara saw him. This time she didn’t make any effort to see him rather she ignored him.
As the show was hit, the RAINBOWS decided to celebrate, they were in party mood and so they went to club. Soon, they were rocking the dance floor.
Dhara went to get a drink, but she saw a familiar face at the bar counter, this time she managed to see his face.
Ambar: One coke please.
Dhara: (Thinking, wow he’s so handsome and how cute. His eyes make me go crazy, plz tell me what you want to say and plz talk to me)Hi, you were the one adjusting lights during rehearsals and you were there in the concert too. I’m Dhara. Tell me how the concert was, did you like my song???
He saw her as if she was his biggest enemy and afterwards paying no heed to her talks,he simply went away.
Dhara: Hey,I asked you something, atleast answer. Well if you don’t want to, nevermind (she said all this to herself). She thought he was rude and showing so much of attitude.
But oblivious to her, he turned back, saw her this time with sorts of affection, gave a light smile thought to himself that she is same and went away.
Then Arohi came there, saw Dhara lost in thoughts so she shook her and Dhara came into senses.
Arohi: Dhara, what are you doing here, see its our favourite song playing, come lets dance and we have to leave in mins else we’ll be late.
Dhara: What? Yes, I’m coming. (Noticed the time) Oh! Its already 11, listen Arohi I have to leave, mom must be worried for me. Ok see you tomorrow.
Arohi: Dhara, what’s wrong with you, we are here for the success party for our concert, you have already informed your mom about this, she knows you’ll be late. Come now the dance floor is waiting for us.

The next moment, all of them were on the dance floor, dancing on thesong, ABHI TOH PARTY SHURU HUI HAI.
But Dhara, she wanted to know about that boy, who is he, why is he so sad, why does he always confront me, what does he want to tell me, why do I feel sad for him????? So many questions in her mind.
Anaita: Dhara, Abhimanyu will answer your questions.
Dhara: Annie, what are you talking about? I din get it.
Anaita: Dhara, now days you are behaving strange… That boy, I am talking about him, Google will get info about him. (Google was the name for Abhimanyu as he had information of everything, here everything actually means every damn thing)
Dhara: But I don’t want to know about him? (Trying not to look desperate about boys, as she had an image of person hating relationships and the love thing was out of her dictionary)
Anaita: OK. I won’t tell anyone and won’t even call you desperate. But, if you don’t wanna know, I am not gonna force you. (In a teasing tone) And she acted to leave.
Dhara: Annie, you are my bestestt friend na… You know everything about me, you are great. Plz tell Abhi to gather info about him and tell me asap.
Anaita: Don’t praise me this much now, as you will have to do this afterwards as I’ve already told hi to do that and you will get your answers till tomorrow.
Dhara: (Teasing) So, why will I praise you, its Abhi who will get the info, so I should praise him instead. Btw praise you or Abhi is same only, it doesn’t matter you are DO DIL EK JAAN…!!!
(As there is a habbit of making pairs in college, all used to tease Anaita and Abhi, but both of them always used to fight only Dhara was the one to know that Abhi liked Annie and fought with her only to make her win and get a smile on her face)
After the party was over, RAINBOWS left to their places.

Dhara could’nt wait about the information and was roaming in her room. She was just thinking about Amber (though she din know her name). At last she felt asleep on the floor itself.

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