Ambar-Dhara (The unique Love Story) Intro

Hey guys, this is the first time I’m writing something so plz comment your views about this and suggest me, accordingly I will change the track.

DHARA – A sweet cute gorgeous bubbly but strong girl who loves to compete with boys in every field, who believes in living fully the each and every moment of life. She lives with her parents Arihant Singh and Avani Singh. She loves music a lot and is a guitarist and singer of her own band. She also likes to write and writes about her full day in her diary. She has 6 friends SIA SHARMA, RAJIV KHANNA, VIVEK MISTRY & ANAITA MISTRY (TWINS), ABHIMANYU SINGH and AROHI RAO. All of them are bff and known as RAINBOW of the college.

AMBAR – Our hero, a tall and handsome guy who is the dream man of any girl. His parents died in an accident and he lives with his grandmother. He likes to be alone and doesn’t talk with anyone much.
Morning at Dhara’s home:
Dhara got up earlier than other days. She had an unusual dream, she saw a boy but could not see his face, all she could see was his eyes. She was having a different feeling, butterflies were flying in her stomach and for no reason she was happy but disturbed at same time. She then freshened and got ready for college. She used to go by bus, so she went to bus-stop. She was constantly thinking about her dream when she heard a familiar voice calling her.
Sia : “DHARA, We are getting late and you are still here, come lets move fast or we will be late for rehearsals”.
They had a concert after 2 days and as previously told Dhara was the lead singer and guitarist. She also had to manage all the stage decoration but she was out of the world, thinking about her dream. Anaita realised that something was wrong with her, so she asked her about the matter.

Dhara : “I don’t know what IS wrong with me, I had a dream last night and I saw a boy, his eyes, god his eyes are troubling me. They had pain, and I am very sad about that I don’t know what to do and I….” she said in a breath.
Anaita : “Stop. First of all have some water. Look I am not expert in all this psychological thins, but I know solution for you. Just leave all this, take your guitar and sing a song. Only music can calm you down”.

Dhara : “Yesss you are right, absolutely right. Thank you so much Anaita. I love you yaar.
Anaita : (Smiling) From where did you learn manners…!!! Now goo….
Dhara started singing song Moh Moh Ke Dhaage…and light rays fell on her as it should fall during the concert. She sang the whole song and the theatre was in a pin drop silence as all were mesmerised with her singing. After the song, the theatre echoed with claps as all thought she was rehearsing for concert, but the RAINBOWS were surprised because, this was not the song they were supposed to sing in the concert so they sensed something wrong. All eyed towards Anaita as they knew Dhara would share everything with her and Anaita gave a will tell you later expression which all understood.
After her song, when Dhara was packing her guitar, she saw a boy operating the stage light she could not see his face as his back was facing her, looked like he was one of the member of sound and light department and the one to make light rays fall on her during her song. She offered help to him as she was expert in all these, she had already done many concerts before so she was aware about everything. The guy didn’t even looked towards her and went away without replying.
Dhara : (To herself) Saddu and Akkdu… How egostic, I was just offering him help, leave him I have many more works to be done (and pouted).

While leaving, the boy looked back at Dhara and even she looked at him, they had eyelock for a minute and then he left,
Dhara : OMG the same eyes I saw in my dream, he is the one, he is troubling me since morning, he is the reason to all this…
She went after him but before she could chase, he left…


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