Amaya and Mantu a Fresh Start


Hi guys i am a big fan of mantu and amaya.this is my first fanfiction on them.

kagana gets cured and thanks amaya.rama comes amaya and says i have got a government job and hugs her. Amaya does not hug me back.he says i want to tell her something special in special way,please come to this resturant today and leaves,amaya is suprised whereas kangana teases her,amaya hopes rama did not fall in love with me because i cannot break his heart but truth is i love only mantu whoever i marry my heart is already given to him as she thinks of mantu ,she imagines him standing there and goes to hug him but he disappears,amaya where have u gone mantu my eyes are pleading his face from 9 months and cries thinking about him.

scene 2:london
a big office a man enters in suite and gives presentation,all are impressed and he gets the deal, someone comes and tells him he is london’s multimillioner and of the most eligble bachleor of london ,if he marries his daughter he will become more rich ,the man smiles and says sorry i cannot marry anyone i love someone because of her i am here her love gave her strength to become what i am in 9months and leaves,he comes to his cabin and take a photo of amaya and says i could stop your marriage because nor had i strength nor power but not this time, i have both and i am coming to u because i know u love ur mantu a lot .just then a man comes sir ur banaras tickets of tomorrow.mantu is happy, i will come soon amaya.

precap:amaya is sad whereas mantu is happily packing his gift for amaya dheere dheere plays

Credit to: Tina

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  1. Gud fiction Tina?

  2. Loved it…please continue

  3. Nice one 🙂

  4. gr8 Tina if the plot of tsm like this then it will be fabulous

  5. cool 🙂

  6. very nice tina

  7. Good job Tina

  8. semma ya

  9. By god yaar tina kya story hai pls cntinu !! I want to rd nxt part !!!
    …… FAB TINA!!!☆☆☆

  10. I too wannna write like tis
    But how nd I want to write for saraswatichandra

    1. Oooh la la really I jus loved dat serial yaar !! Hey sorry yaar I donno bcoz I actuly hv no tym dats y I never tried to no !! But I will wait 4 d story !!!!

  11. OMG Tina u r fab!!!!!!! ?????????I luv it. I luv it………???
    I am so excited about the rest. OMG I have no words to describe the good u did to me.
    plsssss continue.

  12. Thank u so much for writing ur own fiction..
    It’s 100 times better than the actual track… It re ignites our love for manya… loved it..???

  13. super and I also great fan matamaya want them

  14. super and I also great fan matamaya want them and thanks for u

  15. Loved it ..

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