Amaya and Mantu a Fresh Start (Contd.)


Amaya is again lost in mantu’s thoughts and thinking that good that he has left banaras or i could not insult him more by my bitter words,i hope wherever he is he is fine and happy and again becomes sad thinking brain says it is good mantu is away but heart says please come back mantu just one time 4 ur amaya.

scene shifts
to london , mantu is packing his bag with gifts 4 amaya and thinks amaya will be very happy to see me, i know she will be angry with me but even her angriness is a shower of love for me and is london mantu is lost in amaya’s thoughts happily whereas in banaras amaya is lost in mantu’s thought sadily dheere dheere se plays.chiklu enters mantu’s room asks mantu bhaiya ur going leaving ur chiklu ,mantu says yes only for sometime and maybe i will call u to banaras soon and shift my whole business there chiklu is happy to hear that and ask why cannot i come with u now? Mantu says chiklu i have to first build a new office here and a big house and anyway ur exams approaching,i promise once ur exam finishes ,a suprise will be waiting in banaras,chiklu leaves happily,mantu says i fulfill all my promises chiklu but first i have to make what is mine in banaras mine,this time no one can come between me and amaya, i will break every wall between us.

scene shifts to banaras , sumitra comes and says thank u for making kagana completly fine,she is completely my kagana now not kanika, i came to know jaz did that accident but u saved her by taking blame on yourself,ur mom has given u such a good values and i have taken a good decision by making u my rama’s wife , i am so lucky to have a daughter in law like u who never do wrong with anyone,i accept u as my daughter in law by my wish and laughs and hugs her,amaya pushes her and says ur a great mother who snatched her son’s love in his weding day ,sumitra says rama is happy with u now,amaya says 4how days ur son will be happy with a girl who does not love him?whose body is here but heart is given to someone ,how many days?when ur son will know the truth,he will break that his own mother cheated him,sumitra says if u donot love rama why did u help him 4 his exams,amaya says cannot u understand the meaning of love and humanity,duty.i did it because of repenance on my mistake of cheating rama because of u and my family’s respect,i cannot love anyone else i have loved that person so much that i donot need to love anyone, i broke his heart so much because of u , i cannot forgive myself for what i have done for him , i cheated him , i broke his heart such a way even my enimes i could have done and cries uncontrolably , sumitra comes to her and says her whatever happened is past and to forget it amaya says sumitra to kill her sumitra is shocked amaya says still i have life i cannot forget him,he is future and everything,i know i can never met me but this seperation is also love for her.amaya says sumitra to leave her alone,sumitra leaves.amaya cries why my lovestory is incomplete?why?i am scared to leave now?and cries hamari adhuri kahaani plays showing manya moments.mantu is siting in aeroplane seeing amaya’s pictures in laptop and says i am coming to complete our incomplete love story and will complete it.

PRECAP:rama says amaya i love u unknown mantu is watching it but amaya i donot love u rama ,i love somelse.

Credit to: Tina

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  1. Omg tina I jus red ur story iys nice yaar !!
    Hey waitin to c wat will happen to rama wen she said she dosen love him !! Oooo jaldi update d nxt chap !!

  2. Wow v göod story jst love manya

  3. Wow v göod story jst love manya gng good tina

  4. manya’s back at least in ur story. Thank you so much Tina. ??
    I really wish ur same story was the real one. It’s mind blowing. .
    The negatives of serials also well written.and a very good one. Do continue we luv it. It’s for sure worth than the real tsm.

  5. I watch tere seher main because of mantu and amaya .why marry rama.I have stop watching because of tat..

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