Amaya and Mantu a Fresh Start (Chapter 4)


Mantu accuses gc(gajanand chobey) and tells because of him,amaya is living a life worser than hell ,where she is not less than living dead body daily.gc says is amaya alive?mantu says yes,she is alive physically,her soul got buried rama itself,how could u sacrifice ur granddaughter happiness for ur family’s reputation ,respect can be earned back not the happier days amaya could spend nor the pain she felt u could can be revived u have spoilt ur grandaughters life,never meet a grandfather like u,gc says stop it ,how do u know amaya is happy or not?mantu says when we love someone and marry someone,how can someone be happy that person will hate life than deadth ,gc asks did amaya love somelse?mantu replies she loved me,she loves me till me and will love me forever,gc asks how can it happen?who said u amaya loves u,mantu replies love does not need be said,i can understand by her eyes,but leave u will never believe me ,but promise i will make everything correct,i will free amaya from this unwanted relation and fill her life with happiness which she deserved always,gc no u can never do that my family’s respect will be ruined mantu is shocked and tells ur still caring about respect ,first care about family.sneha comes from behind and tells leave mantu ,dad will never understand about family and cares about his respect ,gc is shocked to see sneha here and asks u here,did mantu call u,sneha replies no,when i saw mantu in hospital ,i followed him and wanted to speak with him but when i heard mantu’s conversation with u and came to know ur reality,if i was knowing breaking the wall would pay this price , i could let it happen,gc says rama is good guy will keep amaya happy far better than mantu,sneha says do not justify ur act by saying this,it does not matter rama is good or not,i just know i can never find anyone who will amaya more than mantu,when all of us thought amaya wrong,mantu also misunderstood her for sometime but believed in his love and found the truth,i will bring my daughter’s happiness back.gc says u will spoil ur 2daughter’s life for that.sneha says u do not worry about them,my three daughters are my life,i know to deal with them,i will not sacrifice their happiness for the fake respect of society and leaves with mantu.

scene shifts to amaya waiting for mantu,how much time does mantu will take? As he gone date with sweety,if he is gone i not spare him nor the girl. In hospital,mantu looks at watch and thinks amaya will juice of me,amaya at other hand thinks mantu u have to pay for making miss amaya mathur wait,and opens a rubber toy of lizard in box and thinks of the moment when mantu was scared of it,let him come,i will welcome him in such a style he will never forget in his life.

PRECAP:sneha asks mantu to propse amaya,mantu says will amaya agree,she will agree u propse her today,sneha is about to give her ring when mantu shows the ring which he selected 4 amaya,amaya gets angry waiting 4 him

Credit to: Tina

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