Amaya and Mantu a Fresh Start (Chapter 4 Contd.)


Sneha comes out of hospital with mantu and asks forgiveness from him,and tells amaya rejected ur love because of us,mantu says no aunty it is okay and happy that amaya loves all of u so much,i am lucky to fall in love with her who thinks about others happiness than hers,sneha says what happened is happened,propse amaya today itself mantu says will amaya agree?she will agree after showing some attitude and shedding tears of course after all she is daughter of rishi mathur,she will never agree easily sneha replies,mantu smiles.sneha is about to give her ring to mantu but before that mantu shows her the ring which he bought for amaya ,sneha asks are u roaming with ring 4 when u came to banaras again.mantu says no and tells about his encounter with amaya and date with her today at 10:30,sneha says 10:30pm,mantu replies no AM.sneha is shocked and hurrierly looks at time it is already 11:46am amaya hate people who makes her wait especially boys,i still remember a boy did not reach before amaya for date in paris,amaya had gave all the hotel free treat,mantu says so sweet of her,sneha replies amaya gave free treat and asked the hotel people collect money from that boy and left,mantu says no worry aunty i have booked the full hotel for the date,sneha replies that boy only made amaya wait 4 5minutes that was his condition urs i cannot imagine,go fastly mantu says i am afraid now,sneha says if do not leave now i am afraid she will take durga’s avatar ,mantu leaves hurrierly,sneha says save him from my daughter’s anger and laughs

scene shifts to amaya waiting in resturant ,amaya thinks booked all resturant,arranged everything but look but he is not here,maybe mantu really do not know about me,today’s date i will make more memorable more 4 him ,in life he never make any girl especially amaya mathur wait.she goes to hotel manager and ask can i cook? Manager says sorry mam constumers cannot cook, amaya says please i will pay extra money actually i want to suprise my boyfriend,i had hurted him lot ,the manager says fine mam and takes her to kitchen,she says i need pricacy,the hotel manager takes all his staff away and says ur bf is lucky,amaya thinks in mind he is lucky because he will taste amaya mathur’s gheer and take the taste of waiting me and covers her nose and mouth with cloth and starts cooking,whereas mantu is rushing in car praying to god to save him from amaya’s anger.

scene shifts to rachita ,phone rings rachita picks up and says hello ,how is ur voice?rachita is suprised and says rohan u ,rohan replies u still reconize my voice,rachita tells why not we were besties ,rohan replies why now we are not besties just because i broke my engament ,that does not mean we are not friends,rachita tells a friend is one who help us in difficult times not leave hand and tells him not to call again and ends the call and cries remembering rohan and her moments.

scene shifts to amaya finished her cooking,amaya thinks mantu will taste the world’s best gheer and in life will never ask 4 gheer.meanwhile mantu reaches the resturant.

PRECAP:amaya makes mantu eat gheer mantu eates it and says it is sweet,mantu propses amaya for marriage.

guys i know u want manya scenes i have to focuses little on others , i want to know with whom do u want see rachita’s pairing with rohan or rama because both were wrong and rachita should give second chance whom do u want rachita to be paired?with rohan who left her with father’s forcement and confusion or rama who just did not rebel with his mother 4 rachita and does all work according to his mother and forgot rachita so easily and started loving amaya so easily.

Credit to: Tina

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  1. Come on guys it’s just a drama v can’t take it s’ly ramya doing her best .

    1. Fan fiction is der for each and ever serials written here.. Viewers are creating innovative story line as they prefee.. Then y not for our old TSM.. We need Manya and only Manya.. Tina is actually doing a favour to us.. Hate Ramya to d core.. Still if u dont wanna see Manya scenes better dont read fan fiction page.. Thats easy… Stay away and watch star plus for all that crap Ramya story line

    2. Diya is absolutely right . Manya is the best couple . Manya is much better than Ramya . Seriously , if u want to see Ramya then don’t read fanfiction page and watch star plus for all that crap…

  2. Thanks tina… Love d way u r doing it… If u had been TSM’s writer, the show would reached high trps… But please don’t make us wait so much… At least 2 chapters a day..
    Then about suggestion I prefer Rama and Rachitha.. Better make them pair.. We all wer waiting for Manya and Rara.. So that wud b fine… Then rest all is urs…
    But need Manya scenes more and more.. Reading updates for ur story line… No one need that bakwaas TSM in star plus

  3. I too would prefer rama and rachita.
    As somewhere down the line rama did love rachita. He loved her the way she was not for her riches. While as rohan was only there around till she was rich.
    So prefer rama and rachita..
    I would appreciate the time u give to write these episode for us… its a lot exciting … and I wait for this daily..

  4. Plz upload d next episode asap
    Just loved ur episode more than the actual 1
    1 suggestion plz make the sentences clear to understand as sum plcs a lot a confusion occured to understand
    But i really loved d thinking
    Plz do continue ty

  5. Yeah ur approach of focusing on others is good but I always support manya reunion ramyas good for those who wish to c it as ramya continue with the awese work
    Rachithas pairing let it be upto ur choice .
    Good luck

  6. I would prefer Rohan and Rachita . Bcoz they both love each other . Rohan made a mistake but I think Rachita should give second chance to him .
    I’m not preferring Rama bcoz he does all work according to his mom and forgot Rachita and started loving Amaya very easily… And most important Rachita loves Rohan not Rama …

  7. i like ur all written update… thxxx…

  8. Mrunal pandya

    Great job guys!!!!

  9. I prefer rohan and rachita…

  10. yaar ye episodes kab dikhaya jaye ga plz tell me
    waiting for this to happen
    so excited………………”mantu” is back


  12. Hi let rama d rachaita be tog plse

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