Amaya and Mantu a Fresh Start (Chapter 4 Contd.)


Amaya is siting with gheer and thinks if mantu does not come now,i will make more special dishes,mantu opens the door of resturant and moves towards amaya,amaya senses it and says mantu without even turning back,mantu comes in front of her and asks her how come without seeing back u always realise i am there,amaya is spechless and they share a eyelock,and suddendly a glass falls down breaking the eyelock between them,mantu says sorry amaya i made u wait,amaya replies it is okay and ask him to sit,mantu is shocked and thinks did sneha aunty was telling wrong or is amaya changed or he is daydreaming,and sits .amaya ask him to taste the gheer as she made it with her own hands for him,mantu is happy,amaya thinks mantu is looking happy but after tasting the gheer ,he will never be happy and ask him to have it fastly and before he can eat ,she makes him eat forcefully with her hands,mantu looks at her when she makes him eat with her hand and is happy,amaya ask him how is the gheer? Mantu says it is world’s best gheer and asks her to make him eat more,amaya is shocked and thinks did i make such a nice gheer by mistake and eats it and drinks water and asks mantu howcan he praise such a dish which is so tasteless,is his choice changed after going out of banaras or gone mad,mantu replies u said dish is tasteless but 4 me no gheer or no food is tastier than this,know why because it has love added to it by the person whom i love and my love had me eat me with her hands,4 me this gheer is world’s best gheer and i can eat it 100times if u make me eat and holds amaya’s hand and knees down and tells amaya ur my life,with u my life’s tastless thinks also looks tastier,my life looks completed,i cannot leave without u amaya,please marry me and be mine 4ever,i promise i will love u more than anyone in the world but do not give the punishement without u,i should done this before but now i find deadth better than life without u i love u amaya and takes the ring out of his pocket and holds in his hand will u be mine?,amaya is left with tearful eyes and thinks god i asked mantu 4 me longbefore but i never asked u to make him love me this much and now if i say no mantu will not live happily anytime,what should i do ,i donot have strength to break mantu’s heart and suddendly gets message in her phone by sneha and sees it and is shocked to read it ,it is written that amaya i know everything,as a mother ur happiness is important to me and i know ur happiness is with mantu,just do one last favour to me by saying yes,i promise i will make everything correct,amaya is shocked and sees mantu is still on his knees with the ring and says mantu i donot know this is right or wrong the only thing i know is i love u a lot and even i cannot live without u and yes i was always yours will be yours and noone can separate u from i heart,mantu is happy and makes amaya wear the ring and hugs her and she also hugs him back and thinks god all this time i fulfilled duty towards my family,now i want to fulfill towards love please help me.

scene shifts to rachita,rachita gets call,she recieves it and hello rachita,the voice speak,rohan rachita answers before rachita tells something,see rachita i know i have done lot of wrong things which cannot be forgiven , i have important thing to talk to u,i am coming to banaras and will sms u the adress to meet me,i know u donot want to keep any relationship with me but meet me one last time 4 sake of past friendship and ends the call,rachita thinks what does he need know?.

amaya comes out of the resturant with mantu and sees sneha out.

PRECAP: sneha apolises to amaya and mantu,amaya,sneha plan against sumitra,amaya plans with mantu to take divorce from rama soon after sumitra truth is out.

Credit to: Tina

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  1. Great one!!!
    Just a suggestion..
    Plz be a bit clear… as some sentence are a bit confusing to understand.

  2. Please don’t make the story as of Rohan and rachita together maybe Rohan can be the villain in rachita and ramas life coz anyways now eama and aya r gonna be seperated

  3. Awesome episode wish could visually get to c it amazing …. Keep up the excellent work…

  4. Hey tina its going so simple please add some spice in the story

  5. I have read the whole storyline. You are awesome!!! But please add some spice to the story… We all know with Mantu as the hero there is no villain can harm him… His is the best hero I’ve ever seen!!! He is the SUPERMAN!!! Amaya’s SUPERMAN!!! Please make Mantu more heroic…
    Keep up the good work… You have a very good talent in story telling, keep it up!!! May the blessings of GOD be with you!!!

  6. love it .i wish u give it to the director so dat he also gets some commonsense and doesn’t carry on with his stupid directory .Well done and keep it up:)

  7. V gud if ramya drama may b change this story will b awasome trp will b top ever then any show gud going

  8. Pls publish the upcoming episode soon….

  9. Tina plz publish the next episode.

  10. pls v want fan fic!!! pls do post nd soon

  11. Yes , please send the next fan fic update as soon as posible ,pllllleeeeeaaaaasssseee !!! I love ure update ♡ ♡ ♡

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