Amaya and Mantu a Fresh Start (Chapter 3)


Amaya comes home thinking of mantu.rama stopes her from entering the room,asks her where did she go,she lies of going somewhere,he asks did u go to meet ur aashiqui (lover),amaya is shocked and ask him what!,rama asks her from how many days she is having affair and with how many people?amaya is shocked and tells ur just a cheap person and do not know to respect girl or girl’s decision,rama replies u know u mumbai girls are cheap girls,know only to play with people and their feeling,amaya says if a girl rejects ,it does not mean she is cheap,she is just honest,i never wanted to hurt u,when truth comes out ,u will know my situtation,rama asks what situation?,amaya says with time u will get ur answer and leaves.amaya comes to dinner,and eates little,kangana asks her are u dieting?amaya says nothing,just not hungry. kangana leaves.sumitra comes to amaya and asks amaya why did rama not come?amaya tells when heart breaks this happens,amaya tells rama prospered me and i said the truth,which i said to u.sumitra asks how can break my son’s heart?amaya says as u broke mine and tells soon truth will come out and goes to sleep. scene shifts to mantu arranging for his and amaya’s date,he orders servants to arrange properly and brings his amaya’s and his photos together arranged very beautiful with amaya’s family and smiles.he recieves call and says thank u and thinks so gajanand chobey is out of danger and shifted to normal ward,today i will recieve my answers why amaya married rama?and leaves in his car.

amaya is not able to sleep and goes out of room and does yoga and exercises and thinks to show mantu that she is not so fat,rama sees it and thinks she is mad.

PRECAP:amaya reaches the venue of date and sees everything arranged according to her choice but does not find mantu,meanwhile mantu reaches hopital.

Credit to: Tina

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  1. Great track so far!!!
    Going good!!!

  2. Nice yaar I hope dis should become true

  3. Tina really good job yaar

  4. Tina plsssss atleast u don’t drag much

  5. Very nice story line..please try to update fast yaar…atleast one chapter a day…was waiting for a couple of days

  6. Thank us for this and I love it .I am eagerly waiting for next episode

  7. is it all true or just a story………………is it going to happen in the serial now…………..or not???????????????????????i wanna see mantu and amaya together again in the serial

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