Amaya and Mantu a Fresh Start (Chapter 2)


Amaya sits crying and suddendly gets a message from rama to meet me and she remembers to meet me,and goes to room to change her clothes and sees the clothes which she wore on weding reception which chiklu gave to her,which had many moments of mantu and hers ,she thinks to wear it as she wears it ,she finds mantu near her and feels to wear it,she feels my heart is saying something special will happen tonight,which will fill my life with happiness and colors,do not know it is true or a hope which will never be fulfilled but with which i live everday.

scene shifts to airport mantu steps outside the airport and sees banaras and says banaras i have come tonight 4my love.mantu takes a taxi and ask the taxi driver to drop him in the hotel,the taxi driver ask seeing u are looking tourist sir?mantu laughs and says i am banaras and left it 9months ago for something,the taxi driver ask are u from america?mantu replies i am from london and have big business there and i have come to shift my business here ,taxi driver laughs i am heard people shifting their business india to london,but first time heard a person who wanted to shift his business here,driver asks any special thing in banaras that bought u here after 9months,yes my very precious and important thing leaves in banaras without which he cannot leave second more,the driver says love sir,now i understood why ur happy?i hope u will get ur love soon and stops car near the hotel,mantu gives me more money ,the driver returns the change mantu says please keep it as a token of ur work,the taxi leaves.mantu thinks i should change my dress and leave to meet amaya , i cannot wait a second more to see her. Mantu opens his bag takes his dress and changes it and takes out a gift and thinks to put some perfume,while applying perfume thinks amaya for u i am doing extra makeup,i donot know without seeing u 4 9months this is my condition,if it was exceeding,i could have gone to parlour,mantu takes the gift and leaves the hotel.

scene shifts to amaya leaving and telling kagana to manage as she will be late,kagana complimants her and sends her,just as amaya leaves mantu sees her going in auto and asks the taxi to follow the autorickhaw.amaya reaches the place and goes inside as mantu following her without her notice,amaya sees the place decorated with flowers and wonders if she reached the wrong place,just then rama enters with flowers and says i never thought this would happen and says ”I LOVE U AMAYA”amaya is shocked so is mantu who is hearing this faraway and looks at his gift sadily and is about to leave when he hears amaya telling i am sorry rama,i do not love u ,i love someone ,rama is shocked and ask her if she is joking and if she does not love him by did she helped him in his exams risking her life(in shop)and saved him from embrassement in the mahasotava ,she says she did it as a humanity or friendship and nothing else ,she says she will surely answer why did she marry him soon and leaving from there rama ask whom do u love,amaya leaves from there without answering rama.mantu follows her without her notice and thinks why she is heading to my old house.

PRECAP:mantu sees amaya taking a picture and crying in his old home and notices that all his things are kept in same way and that too his house is clean as if everyday someone cleans it and shifts his attention and he his shocked to see amaya is holding his picture and crying

Credit to: Tina

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  1. Greatttt!!!!! I simply poved it…. Awesome story line with Manyaaa???… Keep going and rock TSM.. Thank u so much for ur story dude

  2. Tina!!!!!!! Good stuff. Little bit far fetched, and things falling into place easily, but who cares. Mantu and Amaya were always meant to be together, whatever way!!!!

  3. NYC story line…. old memories love yaad agya manya ka. …. but pls take it slowly bht fast ho raha h …. thnku for story recreatn k liy

  4. Great work Tina!!!! i am a big fan of manyaa keep writing……..
    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ would love if Tsm has same story!!!

  5. awesome awesom and far better than crap now on air . kaas yeh telecast hota

  6. It’s tough writing like this. Very good work Tina.
    Would much rather read your updates than the actual ones. While you are writing these updates maybe see if you can also tie up the other loose ends- uma dev rachita chiklu gajanand etc

    With the focus being mantu and Amaya of course!

    1. good thinking s

  7. Very good. Loved ur post. Waiting for the Next update.

  8. Excelent tina u proved to be a true fan of tsm what aturn u gave i really like ur efforts

  9. Kash yeh sach ho jaye yr ku Ki yeh ab bhi yeh dikha sakte h agar dhruv phir se vapis aa jaye because there is nothing in tsm without manya
    Tsm without manya is like a body without a soul for tsm

  10. Good storyline but is happening too fast,I. Would suggest slow down a bit, this is only 3rd update and so much has happened.

  11. Oh my god…I jus couldn’t believe dis….I m vry vry happy…I olmost left watching d show….bt seeing evrthng cmng back to nrml….I m feeling great… is in d air….jus loving it

  12. Very touchy yaar tina !! Kip it up !!

  13. Awesome one!!!
    Loving it..
    Eagerly waiting to read your stories than the actual story line…

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