Amaya and Mantu a Fresh Start (Chapter 2 Contd.)


Amaya enters mantu’s house and takes his picture and cries .mantu enters his house and wonders why amaya has come here?and is shocked to see his old house so clean and thinks why house is as clean as it was before and wonders who kept it so neat and all my things are kept as way i kept it and goes near amaya who is crying and sees amaya is holding his pictures and crying,just then he feels someone is entering hides,it is uma,uma comes to amaya and consoles her and says mantu is both lucky and unlucky to amaya .amaya stopes crying asks why?uma says mantu is lucky as someone loves me so much that she comes to his old house in his memory and cleans the place as he is here,amaya says he is always with her and there is not a day in her life without mantu’s memories and whenever she does something to this house ,i feel i did something 4 mantu and i will become little happy.

mantu is very happy to hear that and tears of happiness fall from his eyes.uma says mantu is unlucky that he never will know someone loves him so much,amaya says it is good he never knew otherwise he could never move on,uma says amaya u know what my childhood love 4 mantu is nothing infront of u,i can never love him the way u do,i am leaving banaras tomorrow and hope 2 meet u with mantu next time,amaya says uma please do not go after mantu left u have made me strong and only with u i can share my sorrows ,uma says amaya i should leave as maybe my true love is waiting 4 me somewhere and i will always pray 4 u as u pray 4 mantu.amaya says bye uma and i hope u find ur true love soon.uma leaves,amaya sees mantu’s pictures and says see mantu everyone has left ur amaya alone and cries.mantu comes near her and touches her back ,amaya turns and sees him and is shocked, mantu says amaya whoever leaves u ur mantu will never leave her now and holdes her hand,amaya thinks again a dream and tells i hope u were really there mantu ,mantu is shocked hear that amaya i am really here and hugs her ,amaya hugs me back,dheere meri zindagi mein aana plays,amaya says mantu why did leave me and go and shows angry looks mantu comes closer to amaya and says now i will never leave u and go,just then amaya remembers she is married seeing her manglasutra ,amaya pushes mantu and says i am married to ur best friend ,mantu says by saying this again and again ,u made me 2leave this city,this time i will not leave u.

amaya says mantu i am married,mantu says amaya marriage is a pure realtion where 2 hearts meet and promises are done for each others happiness,amaya where there is no love and if u done 5 marriages also,u can never be happy,marriage should be done by happiness not because of forcement,amaya is shocked to hear that mantu says i know u were forced to do this marriage ,amaya says no i was not forced to do this marriage and tries to hide her emotions mantu comes near her,and says amaya when u cannot lie why do u lie that u me and careses her face and says one time believed ur mouth saying and left u here alone,not again today i will listen to my heart,ur heart and ur eyes where i see so much love 4 me ,amaya says mantu it is nothing like that and says i have to go .mantu holds her hand says amaya u know what i can make u say i love me to me knowitself or can also prove u love me also in 5 minutes by forcement of my love but i will never do it , i will make u say ur feeling 4 me by ur wish,this is my second promise to u,amaya asks what is ur first promise ,mantu says my first promise is that i will complete our incomplete love story and u have become fat start dieting and what will i tell u people tomorrow who will stare at u on our first date,amaya says have my ears are not working properly?

mantu comes near her and says i was talking about our first date that is tomorrow,amaya says never ,mantu says okay fine and gives her dress and with that another gift and tells tomorrow morning if i did not find u here wearing this dress before 10:30,amaya asks what will u do?will u kidnap me,mantu says what a good idea!but sorry amaya i cannot fulfill ur wish of kidnapping u,as i have hire two strong goons to carry u and teases her,amaya gives angry looks to mantu.mantu says if u do not reach,i will go to date with sweety ,amaya ask who is this sweety?mantu says a girl who is crazy on me and thinner than u ,amaya gets irriated and is about to leave when mantu’s mobile rings ,mantu says it is sweety and purposely keeps the phone in speaker ,someone speaks sweetly with mantu,amaya gets jealous and takes the dress and gift and leaves,mantu acts of ignoring amaya. When amaya leaves,mantu laughs ,uma comes and holds his ears and says u irritated her she will never come,mantu says she will come as she cannot see anyone close to me as i cannot see her close to me.

PRECAP:amaya does yoga,excerices and thinks to reduce her weight whereas mantu arranges 4 his date with amaya and thinks to meet gajanand choubey to know the reason behind amaya’s decision to marry rama.

Credit to: Tina

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  1. I wish all this was true :/
    anyways, kudos to you. 🙂 that’s a great story, you have there.

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  4. Great writing. I think Uma’s part is a bit vague. Did she give up her love this easily lol. Brings back good memories………but also reality that the show is in tatters now.

  5. awesome wriiten and far better compare to tsm 2

  6. PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!! Storyline is good but you are going too fast, it’s not adding up?!? If you slow down and add a bit more detail and focus on some other characters in the show that would be much better. I hate to say it but we do need some twists and turns in the show otherwise it’s just boring if it’s all lovey duffy.

  7. It is good that amaya n mantu come near i wish they will made become husband n wife

  8. Great going,keep it up!

  9. Plssss post the next chapter asap… I love reading it than this orginal crap tsm… Keep going… U r doing a great work

  10. Excellent

    I have no words

    Plz continue

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    Keep up the good work awaiting the next release

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