AmarBail <3 The intro


AmarBail means Mistletoe
My story revolves around a tribe situated in isolated Greater Khingan Mountains of china…This tribe has its own king and rules…and people from this tribe don’t know about the civilization of outer world..
She is tall,dark,slim,long black hairs ,light brown eyes… 17 years old..wears their traditional dress ( Basically an elaborate headgear supported by a pair of bands and a brooch, tight-fitted short tunic with skirt part fastened with a broad waist-band using a medallion like clasp, and tight-fitted trousers, necklaces, ear-ornaments.) ( Just like pooja hedge’s dresses in mohenjo dharo movie )
Her name is Bailaakshana …

The male lead is 20 years old…Handsome,fear,jolly,fun loving and flirtatious boy who study and live in china but belongs from india…
His name is Amar Shiv…

Other characters:
Nagabhushaman Chandranaath” The king of the tribe and father of Bailaakshana….Very strict to others rules his tribe wisely owns hundred of wooden ships And loves his daughter more than anything …but can die or kill for his honor …

Ayyappan : King of rival tribe…wanted to marry Bailaakshana’s mother but due to his cruelness she never loved him…

Angarika : Bailaakshana’s late mother looked just like her…

Dev anulomak : well wisher and Rights hand man of Naghabhushaman chandranaath ..Lost his left hand while saving the king and LOve bailaakshana like her own daughter..

SO guys this is it for the introduction..Am really sorry for the bad english and mistakes Ive done it…
This is a love story but with lots of action,sacrifices,romance,super natural kind of things 😛

This story is not coppied from anywhere its my own creative story and i guess its going to be really different from other ff’s ..So if you want me to continue it please do comment and tell me how you liked the introduction ?

Sorry for mistakes again 🙂

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  1. Awesome 🙂

  2. It’s quite Int er eating you could continue it

  3. Siddhi

    Awesome intro

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