AmarBail <3 { Differences of our lives }

The story starts with a voice over saying…

“AmarBail” Which means a beautiful mistletoe or a Parasitic plant But in this story AmarBail will be created when two totally opposite yet completely same persons will meet…

A big cave is shown and 12 healthy men on each side of cave are sitting on big chairs made of woods and animal skin and every chair has an animal head on it…All the men are “SAUDAMAK” tribe’s king;s special men and ahead of all these chairs there is a big throne made up of wood and on top of throne there is a Lion’s head..The one sitting on throne is Saudamak tribe’s king :Nagabhushaman chandranaath and to a little right to the throne there is another chair on which Dev anulomak is sitting..

Naghabhushaman : Kia tumhey poora yaqeen hai k yeh “Ayyappan’ Ka aadmi hai aur agar tumhara shaq ghalat nikla or mere hatho’n kisi begunah ki maut ho gai toh me tumhey bhi zinda nahi chorunga ..( Said nagabhushaman in his heavy voice )

A man from the special 24 counselor says : Ji mahraaj humari baat bilkul sach hai mainey khud iss aadmi ko raajkumari Bailaakshana k mahal mei ghusne ki koshish kartey huve pakra hai…

( nagabhushaman looks at they man and asks ) Do you want to say anything ?

The Prisoner : Yess my lord ..You are the greatest king of the great kings please forgive me..I’m not ayyappan’s man And I did not came here on his saying …

Nagabhushaman : Then why my man caught you going to my daughter;’s palace ?

Prisoner : Because I was going there to get a glimpse of the princess Bailaakshana …I saw her reflection in the water by mistake when her Palanquin was passing by a river…I was madly in love with her beauty I just wanted to see her for once..

( His statement made all the counselors,The king and Ayyappan very angry …They king ordered ayyappan to give him punishment for even taking my daughter Bailaakshana’s name from his mouth …. Just then Ayyapan stood up and took his sword from the chair and Beheaded him in a moment …Then ordered one of the soldiers to take his body and head and swing it in middle of the jungle so everyone can see it and the result of even thinking about The princess Bailaakshana )

The scene moves to a big palace made up of shiny rocks..there are hundred of guards outside the palace and In the palace only girls are to be seen…

Girl 1 ( Servent ) : Paani me phoolo’n ki pankhuriya’n daal di gai ?
Gulaab ka araq mila diya gaya ?
talaab ko charo’n taraf se parda nasheen kar diya gaya ?
Raajkumari k kapre rakh diye gaye ?

girl 2 : Yes everything is done but …
Girl 1 : What but ? and why are you looking upset ?

Girl 2 : Bailaakshana asked me about the guy who was caught last night..
Girl 1 : Let Ambaa handle this .. you just prepare for Bailaakshana’s bath…

A big room is shown middle of the room is a big wooden bed with lots of bail ( Mistletoe ) around the wooden part of the bed …A girl is sitting in the middle of bed wearing white cloth around her body ( Wrapped the cloth for taking bath ) ..Both the hands are on her knees and her face on her hands she is sad…Suddenly a weak but still heavy femmale voice got her attention..

Ambaa : Bailaa

Bailaakshana looked up she was sad but still her face was glowing like a new bride her long black open hairs were adding a top level charm on her simple beauty…

Ambaa : What happened ?

Bailaa : I heard a man was caught last night outside my palace ? She said it in a low yet sweet voice..

Ambaa : Yess so what ? she said in a little strict voice this time…
Bailaa : I just wanted to know what they did to him ?

Ambaa : You will se it yourself when you will go to the Khinghan river for taking a bath in full moonlight as it is the tradition…

Bailaa : You mean to say he got the same punishment as everyone else get…He was also beheaded and hung in the middle of the jungle right ?

Ambaa : Yeh sab sochna tumhara kaam nahi hai tumhara kaam iss waqt jaa kar nahana hai or barkha ( Rain ) tyohaar k liye tayyar hona hai …agle hafte chaand apni poori jawaani par hoga or har jagah uski roshni jab pahilney lagegi toh us roshini ki pehli kiran jiss darya me prti hai ( Khingan river ) Usmey tumhey nahana hai or apni khoobsurti pr chaar chaand laganey hai jesa sadiyo se hota aa raha hai …( Ambaa said this and left her room )

Bailaa to herself : Barso se iss qabeele ki yeh reet hai k har shehzaadi ko sunder banaey k liye chaand ki pehli kiran se use nehlaya jata hai magar wohi khoobsurti ki wajah se kitne begunaho’n ko maar bhi diya jata hai..Kya faida inn sab ka…

( Bailaakshana knew she do not have any other chance so she did what ambaa asked her to )

Scene shifts to a hustle bustle street of china..

A girl is riding bike and a boy is sitting behind her but his back is toward the girl and he is capturing pictures with his camer while the girl is driving …..They boy’s face is show he is AmarShiv

Amarshiv : Tina kya kar rahi hai jaldi bhagaa na woh kung fu kukkarh tofaan mail ki tarha aa raha hai..
Tina : Uss kung fu kukkarh k barey me tab sochna tha jab tu uski behan k sath room me karate khelne me busy tha ( Making out )

Amarshiv : Gyaan baad me bhaga pehle…

After the struggle of 15 minutes they finally reach their hostel..
Amarshiv and tine gets off the bike and looks at each other and give high five for their successful mission…


Precap : Ayyapan plans to kidnap Bailaakshana..
Amarshiv’s principle insults him for making such useless documentry..Tine,Amar and his friend lee all set to go to Khingan Mountains of china for their documentary 😉

Okay guyss finally chapter 1 is here so please be kind enough to forgive all the mistakes done in it and comment below how you liked it ?
I am typing this story at 3:25 in the morning…All exosted and tired but still I wrote 1 chapter for you guys so please comment and let me know how you like my own creative story ? Thanks 🙂

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  1. Zaimal

    interesting and different it very much

    1. Yes the concept is different and difficult…But thank you so much for commenting and reading my story..

  2. Siddhi

    Awesome pls update soon

    1. Thank you so much…I’ll try my best to post next chap as soon as possible…

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