AmarBail <3 { Maha episode Promo


Amar shiv , Tina , Lee reach Khingak Mountains of China…
Ayyapan’s man is hiding under river..
Dev amulok comes to know about ayappan’s plan..
Bailaakshana reaches at the river..
The full moon light is shown..

What will happen next ?
Will amar,tina and lee reach saudamak tribe safely ?
Will ayyapan’s plan ti kidnap Bailaakshana succeed ?
Will dev anulomak be able to save the princess ?
Will Amar shiv and Bailaakshana see each other ??

To know what will happen please stay tuned and comment below your guesses about the Maha episode…

Heyy guys…sorry I did not post the Maha episode yesterday and neither today ….
I am not well right now…So cannot use laptop for too much time…And maha episode will take maybe an hour to type…Because I think of the episode’s story when i type it…
I also don’t know what and how everything will happen in Maha episode 😀 😀 ….
so please give your reviews about my story and be supportive and comment below…

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  1. Siddhi

    Wow amazing promo dear and take care of ur self

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